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Why Data Is the New UX by LinkedIn Senior Product Manager

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Technology products today collect billions of signals from users, and Product Managers are increasingly responsible for shaping features based on a dynamic flow of data — as opposed to traditional static UI design. How can we most effectively build for the content and data that flow into our products? What is the right way to design machine learning features to jump the expectation gap users experience?

Keren Baruch answered key questions about building products in a data-rich world derived from her experience running growth for Yahoo Mail and leading LinkedIn Salary.

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Why Data Is the New UX by LinkedIn Senior Product Manager

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  7. 7. Keren Baruch
  8. 8. Data is the New UX Keren Baruch, Senior Product Manager at LinkedIn
  9. 9. Hi! I’m Keren @Kerenbe linkedin.com/in/kerenbaruc h
  10. 10. @Kerenbe
  11. 11. @Kerenbe
  12. 12. Provide access to opportunity at scale through data and technology Keren’s WIP Mission Statement @Kerenbe
  13. 13. Marketing —> Product Realized technology was cool Became a leader Ate Kale for the first time Became a data nerd and experimentalist Made it! Solving salary transparency Fell in love with Economics Grew up, tap dancing and playing the cello @Kerenbe
  14. 14. @Kerenbe
  15. 15. Imagine… • First time PM • Solving “Growth” for Yahoo Mail, a mature flagship product that has been around for 16 years • 8 engineers + designer + analyst • Complete autonomy …what do you do first? @Kerenbe
  16. 16. What number are you trying to move? @Kerenbe
  17. 17. How can you set up to fail quickly? @Kerenbe
  18. 18. How can you set up to fail quickly? • Build experimentation infrastructure • Learn great experiment design • Start with hacky designs and UX research • Have a decision making framework • Keep your learnings together @Kerenbe
  19. 19. Doubled experiments every quarter for a year @Kerenbe
  20. 20. What did we test? • Can we get new users to use the product more by having them import their contacts and see cool features? • Can we get existing users to use the product more by showing them the awesome tools we have for writing and organizing email? @Kerenbe
  21. 21. … @Kerenbe
  22. 22. @Kerenbe
  23. 23. Yahoo Mail is not a tool, it’s a content experience @Kerenbe
  24. 24. Let’s break it down @Kerenbe
  25. 25. Medal Counter = Lift in Days Visited, Compose, Send, Read, Reply, and Delete for users who interacted The first test… Olympics medal counter @Kerenbe
  26. 26. Help people add content = Material improvement in new user activation rate, leading to greater retention @Kerenbe
  27. 27. Questions to ask: • What kind of data or content is flowing into the product? • What parts of that content are members already interacting with? • What rhythms to members already have around that data? • How can we create new rhythms for that data to get members to come back @Kerenbe
  28. 28. Need new tools @Kerenbe
  29. 29. Athena: take any number of signals (defined by business) and use them to target members @Kerenbe
  30. 30. Content-centric experimentation platform @Kerenbe
  31. 31. Focus on the number that you are trying to move and the value that is created from it @Kerenbe
  32. 32. What Yahoo Mail Needed • Content-based levers that separate signal from noise • Machine-learning based features that serve content-based recommendations • Content experimentation platform for testing dynamic features versus tool-like static features @Kerenbe
  33. 33. Clip your coupons @Kerenbe
  34. 34. Why LinkedIn Salary? @Kerenbe
  35. 35. Building the worlds largest and most up-to-date compensation data to help LinkedIn members make better decisions @Kerenbe
  36. 36. Approaching the end… @Kerenbe
  37. 37. Questions you should ask yourself • To what extent is a technology product a function of its creator? • How are the products that I use every day underpinned by a flow of data? And how is that data flow being curated for a particular purpose? • How am I, by being here, changing the character of this product or project? @Kerenbe
  38. 38. Sent an email to a relative - opened up a coupon @Kerenbe
  39. 39. Content-centric experimentation platform @Kerenbe
  40. 40. Hi! @Kerenbe linkedin.com/in/kerenbaruc h
  41. 41. A Product Manager leads a technology product or feature working with engineers, designers, analytics, and marketing to design and execute on a product strategy What is a PM? @Kerenbe
  42. 42. Characteristics of a PM • Execution • Product Sense • Leadership • Analytics • Tech @Kerenbe
  43. 43. My favorite PM framework Artist Scientist Politician @Kerenbe
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