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Mobile Experiences and Growth in Today's World by Google Global Product Lead


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Mobile Experiences and Growth in Today's World by Google Global Product Lead

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  5. 5. Proprietary + Confidential Mobile Experiences and Growth in Today’s World Alexandra Whitaker
  6. 6. Proprietary + ConfidentialProprietary + Confidential
  7. 7. Proprietary + ConfidentialProprietary + Confidential Companies that have invested in improving mobile experiences have seen 3-digit growth in mobile conversions Source: Forrester, The Six Steps For Justifying Better UX, Global, 2016
  8. 8. Proprietary + ConfidentialProprietary + Confidential The lines between web and app continue to blur... Source: Google/Verto, U.S. “The Mobile Shopping Journey,” A18+ smartphone users, Oct. 2017.
  9. 9. Proprietary + ConfidentialProprietary + Confidential Users expect brands to anticipate their needs and make it easy for them to get what they want, no matter how they engage
  10. 10. Proprietary + ConfidentialProprietary + Confidential ...we are investing over proportionally in the digital side of the brand … having an understanding of how the consumer is consuming brands today is fundamental to the growth not just in digital, but for the brand overall. Kaspar Rorsted CEO, Adidas Source: diginomica “ ”
  11. 11. Proprietary + ConfidentialProprietary + Confidential 54% increase in day one plays 14% increase in active users 30% of mobile web users download the native app By building a mobile web experience we made Spotify accessible to more users, and have seen sustained growth on both web and app. Matt Rizzo Senior Product Manager at Spotify “ ” Brands see business uplift from investing in both web and app technologies
  12. 12. Proprietary + Confidential Digital Transformation
  13. 13. Proprietary + Confidential [Retail] Trends emerging from COVID-19 43% 60% 70% Of global consumers are shopping online more frequently Of global consumers are likely to make an in-app purchase in an app they downloaded during the pandemic Of mobile sales are led by apps Source: Think with Google May 2020
  14. 14. Proprietary + Confidential [Non-Retail] Trends emerging from COVID-19 +60% +40% +100% Increase in content streamed Surge in fitness downloads Spike in online searches for online learning Source: App Annie 20% growth in average weekly time spent on apps YoY
  15. 15. Proprietary + Confidential At Google, we’ve been working on external posts to help advertisers navigate this digital transformation Mobile Launches New launches to keep consumers at the core of your mobile strategy Online Retail App Helpfulness Tips for your retail online strategy during COVID-19 times How to adapt your app strategy with this shift in consumer behavior
  16. 16. Proprietary + ConfidentialProprietary + Confidential How User-Focused Companies Stay Successful
  17. 17. Proprietary + ConfidentialProprietary + Confidential A great user experience must be supported by the right organizational design and culture
  18. 18. Proprietary + ConfidentialProprietary + Confidential Changing a technology, or changing the paradigm around marketing... is a much easier part of digital transformation than the internal organizational readiness and shifting enterprise thinking. Culture change is much harder, and that’s the strongest muscle that we had to build. “ ” Pawan Verma, CIO Inside Foot Locker’s Shift to Experience-Driven Commerce CMO magazine
  19. 19. Proprietary + ConfidentialProprietary + Confidential CTO/CPO CXO CMO Web PM & Eng Align your organization to your mobile ambitions Ideal state requires cross-functional alignment and decision-making, with clear communication among all key stakeholders Web Marketing Sales teams Web channel App PM & Eng App Marketing Sales teams Apps channel
  20. 20. Proprietary + ConfidentialProprietary + Confidential Source: The business value of design, McKinsey, Oct 2018 Leadership Commitment Analytical leadership No silos Everyone’s responsibility Continuous iteration How User-Focused Companies Stay Successful Measuring & driving design performance with the same rigor as revenues and costs Breaking down internal walls between physical, digital, and service design. Making user-centric design everyone’s responsibility. De-risking development by continually listening, testing, and iterating with end-users.
  21. 21. Proprietary + ConfidentialProprietary + Confidential Breaking organizational silos = success Employees who can reach outside their silos to find colleagues with complementary expertise learn more, sell more, and gain skills faster. Firms with more cross-boundary collaboration achieve greater customer loyalty and higher margins overall. “ ”
  22. 22. Proprietary + ConfidentialProprietary + Confidential goo.gle/2Ox3SIV Want to know more? Read & share this ebook on changing your company culture to mobile-first
  23. 23. Proprietary + ConfidentialProprietary + Confidential Our approach
  24. 24. Proprietary + ConfidentialProprietary + Confidential How does the Product team at Google think about this?
  25. 25. Proprietary + ConfidentialProprietary + Confidential Business ObjectivesMarketing objectives Ad Optimization Optimize Ads, Keywords, Channels, Bids Sees ad Taps ad Mobile Experience Optimization Deliver on user expectations on web & app platforms Enters site/app Converts ● Profit● Revenue● More Conversions● Sales● Leads
  26. 26. Proprietary + ConfidentialProprietary + Confidential Optimize App Performance 3 tips for optimizing mobile app performance (link) Improve User Interface, Design, Flow UI best practices (link) Easy payments (link) Sign-in / Sign-up (link) Implement App CT & Deep Linking Implement GA4F SDK (link) Drive installs w/ App Campaigns (link) Adopt deep linking (link) Do Continuous Optimization A/B testing (link) Personalization (link) Deeplink Depth (Q4) Do you have app deep linking? Do you offer optimized performance? (Are there opportunities to fine-tune apps performance?) Do you offer seamless user interface? (Are basic UI practices applied? Do you use easy payments + sign-in solutions?) Have you adapted a company-wide optimization mindset and performance culture? Native Apps Apps and Sites flows need to be followed in parallel Mobile Solutions: Optimization Flow if yes start here if yes if yes if no if no if no if no Optimize Speed and Performance Improve landing page performance (link) Start fast, stay fast (link) Use Modern Browser Capabilities (checklist here) Installable (link) Push notifications (link) Offline content (link) Improve User Interface, Design, Flow UI best practices (link) Easy payments (link) Sign-in / Sign-up (link) Do Continuous Optimization A/B testing (link) Personalization (link) Performance budgets (link) Do you offer seamless user interface? (Are basic UI practices applied? Do you use easy payments + sign-in solutions?) Do you offer optimized performance? (Is Mobile Speed Score > 8?) Do you leverage modern browser capabilities to progressively improve UX? (Review PWA checklist) Have you adapted a company-wide optimization mindset and performance culture? Mobile Sites if yes start here if yes if yes if no if no if no if no
  27. 27. Proprietary + ConfidentialProprietary + Confidential App maturity curve for hybrid advertisers WEBSITE ONLY FOUNDATIONAL INTERMEDIATE ADVANCED Build an App Implement Firebase or AAP SDK Tag Conversions in GA4F Import Conversions to Google Ads Begin Deep Linking Deferred Deep Linking Run App Campaigns for Engagement Expand Deep Linking App+Web measurement ACi for installs or Max Convs. Run App Campaigns for Installs Do you have an app? Do you have enough installs? Yes No Key benefits of app engagement unlocked! No Yes No Yes No Do you have an SDK? Do you have deep links?
  28. 28. Proprietary + ConfidentialProprietary + Confidential ...when they land First impression matters—get FAST & stay FAST Convert more visitors into customers— Make it SEAMLESS for users to navigate & complete key actions No two users are alike—deliver a PERSONALIZED and relevant experience Give your users a great experience ...when they browse ...when they return Frameworks are key
  29. 29. Proprietary + ConfidentialProprietary + Confidential Help people get what they want, faster
  30. 30. Proprietary + ConfidentialProprietary + Confidential Deliver more engaging and helpful ad experiences Take new app users directly to the products they want to see (with deferred deep linking and Feeds)
  31. 31. Proprietary + ConfidentialProprietary + Confidential Make it easier for your customers to take action Direct users from your web campaigns into the app, with deep linking
  32. 32. Proprietary + ConfidentialProprietary + Confidential A focus on deep linking
  33. 33. Proprietary + ConfidentialProprietary + Confidential App & Web better together Source: Google/Verto, U.S. “The Mobile Shopping Journey,” A18+ smartphone users, Oct. 2017. • 45% of shopping sessions include >1 transition between a site and an app • On average, a mobile shopping session contains at least 6 visits to an app and/or mobile site • Visitors of optimized sites are 3X more likely to download the app
  34. 34. Proprietary + ConfidentialProprietary + Confidential Deliver better ad experiences with deep linking 2x CVR When app users click on mobile Search/Shopping/Display ads and open in the app vs the mobile website (and soon YouTube, Hotel, Gmail and Discovery Ads) As the lines between web and app continue to blur...
  35. 35. Proprietary + Confidential Ozon Moscow, Russia • ozon.ru 54% Boost in conversions 33% Increase in ROI 4x More purchases from shopping, search, display campaigns Ozon boosts performance after enabling App Deep Linking from Shopping, Search, Display campaigns It is a crime to optimize ad campaigns only for purchases on web while share of in-app purchases is growing. “ ”Rinat Nugaev Head of SEM, Ozon
  36. 36. Proprietary + ConfidentialProprietary + Confidential How it works Track Bid Appify Link to drive users to the app. to measure the value of app conversions. to boost performance. App Links Universal Links GA for Firebase AAP Smart Bidding
  37. 37. Proprietary + Confidential ➔ Deliver a more seamless mobile ad experience ➔ Close the loop on mobile conversions ➔ Help improve mobile ROI Proprietary + ConfidentialProprietary + Confidential Key benefits
  38. 38. Proprietary + ConfidentialProprietary + Confidential Required to unlock key features They are required to use: ● Google Ads ● Firebase App Indexing ● Actions on Google ● In-Screen Search ● Google Play Instant Why App Links and Universal Links? Seamless user experience Because it uses the same URL as your web links, users are always gracefully taken to the mSite landing page as a fallback if the app can’t open (no error pages, unlike with Custom Schemes, where error pages can happen). More secure No other app can use your links (unlike with Custom Schemes, where other companies can claim your scheme and use it to send traffic into their own app).
  39. 39. Proprietary + ConfidentialProprietary + Confidential Launch of the Ad Destination Report With the ad destination report, you can see in the “App deep link” row that these ads drive a higher conversion rate at a lower cost per conversion.
  40. 40. Proprietary + ConfidentialProprietary + Confidential 2H’2020 2021 Shopping Ads: Optimize for App Destination ● PLA enhanced Smart Bidding: algorithms bid higher when the app is installed Deep linking expansion ● In addition to Shopping, Search and Display => Consistent App deep linking on YouTube, Hotel, Gmail and Discovery Ads () Deep linking external tools ● Tools to help validate deep links and understand the coverage in the Google Ads frontend Unified Measurement across Web and App ● Cross-web/app conversion tracking ● More features added to App+web properties in Google Analytics Aligning our product roadmap with customer needs
  41. 41. Proprietary + ConfidentialProprietary + Confidential Planning ahead is key Example: Q4 is the most important quarter for Retailer advertisers (Holiday Season) ➔ So the work needs to be done now!
  42. 42. Proprietary + ConfidentialProprietary + Confidential Key takeaways 1 Understand your customers 2 Be nimble and keep testing 3 Watch for trends in marketplace 4 Plan ahead 5 Break organizational silos
  43. 43. Proprietary + ConfidentialProprietary + Confidential Enjoyed this? More content for you to watch
  44. 44. Proprietary + ConfidentialProprietary + Confidential Thanks!
  45. 45. www.pro u ts hool. om Part-time Product Management Training Courses and Corporate Training