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How to Get a Job as a Product Manager by Airbnb Product Lead

Curious about what companies are looking for when hiring Product Managers? Companies may have different approaches as to what they place more emphasis on. However, there are some fundamental core values & skill sets that are clearly evaluated when talking to prospective candidates. Angeli Jain from Airbnb talked through some core skill sets a Product Manager is evaluated on and how to assess your own skill set to determine company fit.

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How to Get a Job as a Product Manager by Airbnb Product Lead

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  7. 7. Tonight’s Speaker Angeli Jain
  8. 8. Who is Angeli? ● Consultant ● Analyst ● Strategy Manager ● Product Lead ● Daughter ● Sister ● Wife ● Mother
  9. 9. My Path
  10. 10. What do I look for in a PM?
  11. 11. Major buckets of skills ● Vision ● Structured thinking ● Leadership & Collaboration ● Execution & Accountability
  12. 12. Vision “an aspirational description of what an organization would like to achieve or accomplish in the future.” Example questions: If you can redesign [fill in item], how would it work? If you can make [fill in product] better, what would you do? If you were leading [fill in company], what are some big bets you would make? What I’m looking for: ● Creativity ● Long term thinking ● Aspiration ● Communication
  13. 13. Structured Thinking “a process of putting a framework to an unstructured problem” Example questions: How many windows are there in NYC? How do you decide between [Path A] and [Path B]? What metrics would you use to measure success? What I’m looking for: ● Strategy ● Prioritization ● Decision Making ● Analytic skills ● Domain expertise ● Communication
  14. 14. Leadership & Collaboration “the ability of an individual to lead, guide & work with other individuals, teams, or entire organizations” Example questions: Tell me about a time you’ve disagreed with your manager or an executive? Tell me about a failure on one of your projects and how you conveyed that to stakeholders? What I’m looking for: ● Composure ● Ownership ● Storytelling ● Workplace maturity
  15. 15. Execution & Accountability “the carrying out or putting into effect of a plan, order, or course of action” Example questions: Tell me about your role in a recent product launch? How did you measure impact? How do you ensure you’re staying on track to your roadmap? What signals do you use to determine if you’re not on track? What I’m looking for: ● Organization skills ● Stakeholder management ● Responsibility ● Storytelling
  16. 16. Finding the right fit
  17. 17. Small vs Large Company ● Scope ● Control ● Risk vs Reward ● Changing priorities ● Resources
  18. 18. Decision Making Function ● Engineering Led ● Product Led ● Design Led ● Business Led
  19. 19. Questions?
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