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PR Trends for 2015: Focus on Visual Storytelling

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PR Trends for 2015: Focus on Visual Storytelling

  1. @PRNewswire
  2. @PRNewswire
  3. Source: PR Newswire analysis of 2013 releases
  4. 1 MINUTE OF VIDEO = 1.8 MILLION WORDS If a picture is worth 1,000 words, then
  5. Visuals reach additional audiences.
  6. Visuals are favored in search.
  7. Visuals drive discovery.
  8. Source: Inc. Magazine, 2013 On Facebook’s top brand pages Videos are shared12 TIMES MORE than text or links 12x
  9. TIP #1 Include video in next year’s budget.
  10. TIP #2 Identify your organization’s barriers to creating more video.
  11. TIP #3 Run a content audit.
  12. Do you have… •Customer training videosthat speak to broader marketplace challenges? •Behind-the-scenes visuals that industry media would love? •Valuable data languishing in your research team’s vaults to turn into a great animated infographic? Audit Your Organization’s Content
  13. TIP #5 Plan the downstream strategy.
  14. Source: “Speed Of Social Video Sharing Almost Doubles In 12 Months,” Unruly 2014
  15. LAST TIP Follow up great content with more of the story.