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Queation Bank of Pharmaceutics-II

  1. 1. Question bank Pharmaceutics-II Mr. Pankaj Kusum Ramdas Khuspe M. Pharm (Pharmaceutics)
  2. 2. Dispersion system: 1. With the help of Gibb’s free energy equation. Explain stability of dispersed system (3) 2. Explain the concept of surface free energy in dispersed system (4) 3. Dispersed system are thermodynamically unstable Comment/Explain (3) 4. Classify dispersed system comment on kinetic stability of dispersed system (4) Suspension 1. Sedimentation studies guide the development of suspension formulation explain. (4) 2. Give significance of following in suspension formulation (4) a. Zeta potential b. Scheulze Hardley rule 3. With the help of layout explain the steps involved in large scale manufacturing of suspension (4) * 4. What are the causes of crystal growth in suspension? How will you overcome the problem of crystal growth in suspension? (4) 5. Justify rheological modifiers and electrolytes play key role in suspension formulation (4) 6. Outline the methods for preparation of suspensions by organic solvent precipitation. (4) 7. What are the pharmaceutical applications of suspensions? (2)* 8. Elaborate on dispersion methods for preparation of suspension (4) 9. Elaborate quality control tests for suspension (4) 10.Explain the phenomenon of Ostwald ripening in suspension (4) 11.Elaborate on precipitation method for preparation of suspension (4)
  3. 3. 12.Rheological studies are essential for development of good suspension explain (4) 13.Elaborate on formulation additives for oral suspension (4) 14.Explain the DLVO theory (4) 15.Explain the following phenomenon in suspension a. Wetting b. Electric double layer. Emulsion 1. Elaborate on the desired features of an emulsion (2) 2. Draw layout for large scale manufacturing of emulsions & write a note Silverson homogenizer. (4) 3. Discuss symptoms of instability of an emulsion. (4) 4. Explain rheological aspects of an emulsion (4) 5. State various advantages and disadvantages of emulsion (2) 6. Give an account of stress testing of emulsion (4) 7. Explain the emulsifier selection by PIT method (4) 8. Use of mixed emulsifier confers the greater stability in emulsion comment (4) 9. Describe various QC tests and stress tests for emulsions. (4) 10.Name the various homogenizers used in the preparation of dispersed system & note on Colloidal mill (4) 11.Write a short note on additive used in preparation of emulsions. (4) 12. Write a short note preservation of emulsions (4)
  4. 4. 13.Mention the various theories of emulsion stabilization & elaborate on any one, (4) 14.Discuss the factors affecting stability of emulsion (4) 15.Classify emulsifying agents explain any one class (4) 16.Explain creaming, cracking, phase inversion in emulsion. (4) 17.What are the pharmaceutical applications of emulsion? (2) 18.Explain the instability symptoms in emulsion (4) 19.Creaming is reversible where as breaking is irreversible. Comment (4) Suppositories 1. Give an account of merits & demerits of theobroma oil as suppository base. (4) 2. Outline the softening time test for suppositories (3) 3. Discuss problem of brittleness in suppository (4) 4. Write a note on packaging of suppository. (4) 5. Explain in-detail various specifications for suppository base (4) ** 6. Outline disintegration test of suppositories (4)* 7. Outline the problem of volume contraction in suppository manufacturing. (3) 8. Write a note on suppository packaging (4) 9. Justify viscosity of melted suppositories mass is important in manufacturing of suppositories. (4) 10.Describe in detail Macrogols suppository base (4) 11.Define displacement value & give its significance (4) 12.Describe liquefaction test for suppositories (3)* 13.What are the polymorphic changes that occur in theobroma oil? Give the measure to overcome it? (4)
  5. 5. 14.Outline the melting range test for suppositories (3) 15.Write a short note on large scale manufacturing of suppositories (4) 16.Elaborate glycero-gelatine suppository bases. (4) 17.Give an account of manufacturing of suppositories by compression molding (4) 18.Discuss the problem of Hygroscopicity & rancidity in suppository bases (4) 19.Give reasons a. Suppositories made from PEG bases must be moistened before insertion. b. Alpha tocopherol is incorporated in suppository containing fatty base. (3) 20.Explain physiological factors affecting rectal drug absorption (3)* 21.What are the ideal attribute of suppositories as dosage form (3) 22.Explain factors affecting rectal drug absorption (3) 23.Write advantages of suppositories () Suture & Ligature 1. Write a short note on silk as suture (3)** 2. Define a. Suture b. Ligature (2) 3. Write examples of natural and synthetic absorbable suture (2) 4. Write a note on polymeric suture (3) 5. What are hardening of suture? Elaborate process (3)* 6. Discuss metallic wires as suture (3) 7. Outline the steps involved in manufacturing of catgut (3) 8. Enlist various non absorbable sutures. Write on non absorbable suture of animal origin (4)
  6. 6. 9. Outline the tensile strength test for catgut. (3/4)* 10.How catgut are sterilized (3) 11.Enlist various quality control tests for ligatures & discuss any one. (3) 12.Enlist the various quality control tests for catgut & discuss any one. (3)