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Tribal guarachero

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Super interesting and unique subculture from mexico. A brief description on the topic is mentioned in the ppt

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Tribal guarachero

  1. 1. Trivalguarachero Music and Dance style Subculture, Mexico
  2. 2. Okay! What’sthat?
  3. 3. A music genre resulted of a fusion of electronic/dance with Latin American music genres
  4. 4. A dance style from mexico done in groups or solo (no women involved) wearing the unique mexican pointy boots with skinny jeans and cowboy hats
  5. 5. Theevolution...
  6. 6. The music was introduced in 2009 by 3BallMYT. Soon it started gaining popularity. Mexican pointy boots fashion coincided with it at the local nightclubs in Mexico.
  7. 7. In 2010, tribal guarachero was hailed as a hot new sound and as an instantly recognizable club friendly roller while the boots became a topic of competition
  8. 8. 2011 First album Intentalo was released. The album won Latin GRAMMY!By then boots can be found in many different styles
  9. 9. Whatmadeit popularworldwide?
  10. 10. TheVicedocumentary 4 years ago The Vice published a documentary on YouTube explaining about the Boots and the newly made subculture. The video got lots of criticism from outside community. By Oct,13 the website had half million hits.
  11. 11. David Guetta-Play Hard The video was viewed 4 million times in 4 days after it was launched on internet. While many people in mexico were disappointed and took it as an insult.
  12. 12. TheroleofInternetandsocialmedia • The Internet represents a space in which culture is being created • The artists met online through social media and started their collaboration • Intense and immediate contact between artists and audience was made through internet. • YouTube had been one of the channels exploited by the producers of tribal. • Downloading, sharing, and copying of music posted on the Internet allowed users to explore music which one might not have bought in the first place.
  13. 13. influences
  14. 14. Concludingremarks My Observations Creative subculture in terms of music and boots. Internet and Music when combined can make the culture global Despite of hatred,attention seeker