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Pc hotel project

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how to pc hotel run his business

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Pc hotel project

  1. 1. Introduction: • Over the year pearl continental hotel has gained reputation of providing variety of foods in different restaurants managing outside caterings. The Pearl Continental Hotel Lahore is a 5 Star Deluxe hotel centrally located in the heart of Lahore and distance of 25 minutes away from Allama Iqbal international Airport. Most of the surrounding hotels lag far behind pearl continental hotel Lahore in standards because it has always been the choice for budget meetings seminars symposium, conventions weddings training courses corporate meetings and conferences.
  2. 2. • Pakistan Services Limited (“PSL”) was incorporated in 1958 as a public Limited company and is quoted on Karachi Stock Exchange since 1964. The primary business of PSL is hospitality. It initially operated under the management of inter Continental Hotel however, when Hashoo Group acquired PSL in 1985 it changed the name of the Hotels to Pearl Continental Hotels and became the largest and oldest five star hotel chain of Pakistan. IN October 1985 all the inter Continental hotels in Karachi, Rawalpindi, Peshawar & Lahore became the Pearl Continental Hotels. Another pearl was added to the chain in 1992 at Bhurban. Pearl Continental Hotels is the first Pakistan chain which has achieved excellent international standards of services, quality and product.
  3. 3. Rawalpindi Lahore Karachi Peshawar Gwadar Bhurban Muzaffarabad Up coming in Multan and Mirpur.
  4. 4. “PC mission is to be the hotel recognized as the leader in the industry in aspect. PC are committed to train and develop all our staff members allowing them to grow in their careers and provide services and standards which exceed guest expectations.”
  5. 5.  Customers services Training  Profitability  Growth Profile Compatibility Traditional Hospitability  Environment of professional enhancement.
  6. 6. • Shopping Arcade : local souvenirs, general utilities, traditional and contemporary Boutiques, jewelers shops, footwear shops • Authorized Money Changers • Airport shuttle • Travel Desk • Car Rental • 24 Hour Room Service • Laundry/Dry Cleaning • Baby Sitting.
  7. 7. • 1360 Total employees • 1160 male employees. • 200 females employees It’s only one hotel in Pakistan that have 200 females employees.
  8. 8. • 607 Total rooms • 485 exclusively appointed bedrooms , includes 193 Standard rooms, 238 Atrium Deluxe rooms and 49 Luxurious Suites providing various levels of guest comfort. o All bedrooms of the hotel feature with electronic key system, safe deposit boxes, International direct dialing, Data port, Satellite TV Channels and Minibar. To make sure the guest safety and security, all bedrooms are equipped with smoke detectors and water sprinklers. o 8 banquet halls.
  9. 9. More info and Facilities pc Lahore: Fourth best hotel in Pakistan and best hotel of Lahore. Only 5 star deluxe property in Lahore. 607 guest rooms and suites, a 40,000 sq. ft. state of the art conference center. The Pearl Continental Lahore can cater to any size of business and meet your requirements. Service is at your finger tips with staff motivated to serve to your perfection. Hotel is fully equipped with Wi-Fi Service system in the rooms as well as the public areas.
  10. 10. • A sophisticated 24 hours business center facility caters to the business travelers and Integrated Information and entertainment system in all rooms. • Additional security includes X-Ray Baggage machine, walk through gates, road blocker with CCTV cameras. These are a few facilities you will find only at Pearl Continental Lahore. • In addition Executive Floors, a wide selection of Food and Beverages outlets where Chinese Pakistanis Italian and Sushi cuisine are served. • Therefore you have wonderful reasons why you should decide to stay or conduct your business at Pearl Continental Lahore. It’s avg. per night charges is ₨1300 - ₨2400.
  12. 12. Chart of personnel department Personnel Manager Personnel Office Assistant personnel manager Assistant Training Manager
  13. 13. • They use all type of planning in order to run the business they use:  strategic  tactical operational planning Contingency planning  in which there is budgeting, forecasting, capital expenses etc.
  14. 14. They are democratic leaders they do not believe in dictatorship they make a family environment there. From these types of leaders. Autocratic Democratic Free rein
  15. 15. • Corporate Culture • Non-Cash Incentives • INCENTIVES • Compensation • Creating a Fun Workplace
  16. 16. EXTERNAL ENVIREMENT Political Fact. PC HOTEL Social factor ECONOMIC Fact. Technological Fact.
  17. 17. • Political: PC faces the problem of business bound because of government policies and run their business under these policies if the VIP movements occurs they provided special protocol in this process a lot of amount bears the pc. • Economical: The inflation rate is high, so people have money but the value of money less and the middle class cannot afford only elite class visit.
  18. 18. • Social: Pc has multinational business many branches of different countries. So they balance the social factors according to every country. Like Pakistan made food according to here people taste and so on. • Technological: Pc provides the facilities our customers according to these needs like room temperature depend upon weather and provided the air booking or internet etc.
  19. 19. 1. Job analysis 2. Selection 3. Recruitment 4. Orientation 5. Training 6. Review benefits
  20. 20. Steps used for the training and development of employees at PEARL CONTINENTAL HOTEL are as follows; They provide training their employees on the job and also off the job.  In Pakistan very few organizations are able to provide trained workforce for the hotel industry in accordance with international standards. The human resource department of PEARL CONTINENTAL HOTEL has to recruit and select the untrained candidates and train them according to their own needs. PC hotel also use different Training centers at locations like they send their employees out of country for training. Safety training is also provided to the employee.
  21. 21. SWOT Analysis
  22. 22. 1. They are the market Leader. 2. They have a strong backing from Hashoo Group. 3. They have a very strong and established network of hotels. 4. They are a global brand. 5. Their brand is well established and popular among customers. 6. PC management very much takes care about employees training. 7. Strong IT infrastructure
  23. 23. 1. They deal in hotel which is very crucial so in the case of defection we have to bear great loss. 2. They are still striving for 5 star hotel’s luxuries. 3. It involves a huge investment. 4. Some of our competitors give some luxurious facilities to their guests.5.Staff Politics and salaries
  24. 24. 1. They are the introducers of this concept (Privilege Club)so we have a unique identity. 2. They are just approaching 5 star hotel standards. 3. We will have great market share of this industry. 4. We have a great Image in the mind of the people. 5. We have discussable goodwill. 6. They deal in standardize and imported material.7.There is significant development in tourism industry.
  25. 25. 1. They are the introducers so it is threat that whether we will be popular or not. 2. They have great 3 of competitors like Aviary, Ambassador which are growing. 3. People may ignore us and can join the competitors.
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