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Praktiline Pilvekonverents - Pilvenägemus: kas pilveserveril on tulevikku?

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Paljud IT juhid näevad hübriidpilve seguna kohalikest ja pilves asuvatest serveritest. See on tänaseks juba mineviku vaade. Milline on tuleviku hübriid ning millised ärijuhtide eelistused pilveteenustele? Tiit Paananen PipeDrive'ist rääkis, kuidas IT juhid peavad oma arusaamist IT teenuste arhitektuurist muutma, et äriüksustele väärtust pakkuda ning millisena on PipeDrive’s tuleviku hübriid töös juba täna.

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Praktiline Pilvekonverents - Pilvenägemus: kas pilveserveril on tulevikku?

  1. 1. Cloud in Pipedrive How does Pipedrive use cloud services? Tiit Paananen
  2. 2. Multipotentialite Mechanical engineering Master in Laws Executive MBA Politician Brewer and entrepreneur Investor Movie producer Developer and tester Quality enthusiast Skydiver Pilot A multipotentialite is a person who has many different interests and creative pursuits in life. Multipotentialites have no “one true calling” the way specialists do. Being a multipotentialite is our destiny. We have many paths and we pursue all of them, either sequentially or simultaneously (or both).
  3. 3. Pipedrive is a rapidly growing sales management tool designed to help small businesses master the selling process where the sales cycle is long and many people are involved Activity based sales concept
  4. 4. Why to use cloud services? Solve and forget Solve a problem, fast, iterate, increment
  5. 5. Why to use cloud services? Best features but features do not make you a winner, sharing data does
  6. 6. Why to use cloud services? Change CAPEX to OPEX save money using pay as you go model
  7. 7. Why to use cloud services? Offload complexity these services are made to satisfy most of your needs
  8. 8. Why to use cloud services? Scales and is fault tolerant no need to worry about scalability or backup
  9. 9. Why NOT to use cloud services? Occasional outages Data loss may happen Data too sensitive May be hacked Data residence requirements
  10. 10. Which functions to have Saas for? File storage Office automation Sales and support Marketing and leads generation Workflow mgmt HR Finance Travel and expenses ERP and production mgmt
  11. 11. What if I could start fresh?
  12. 12. Leading Estonian craft beer manufacturer We make beer we like Everything not related to beer is outsourced Dropbox Office 365 Zone.ee Amazon Web Services Eetasoft EEVA ERP (Office computing)
  13. 13. Ultra high endurance UAVs Focus on mechanical engineering excellence Converting traditional Latvian company to a growth company Use free tools as much as possible Pipedrive Microsoft office and development tools Google apps Local accounting software
  14. 14. How does everyday life look in Pipedrive?
  15. 15. Tools and services
  16. 16. Normal day at Pipedrive ● First meeting at 9:00, agenda “crowdsourced” in Confluence yesterday and meeting hosted and recorded in Zoom. JIRA used to go through tasks in backlog. Zoom recording added to Confluence page later. ● Team standup in Google Hangout triggered in Slack channel with /hangout or permalink in Google calendar ● Analysis of error count from app with Tableau Online that is connected to Redshift database in our Data Warehouse AWS instance ● Interview, CV and notes to Bamboo HR ● Backlog grooming with team, tasks and bugs in JIRA ● Correlating JIRA bugs with Zendesk open tickets to find current most critical issues ● Update dev-test-deploy process chart in Lucidchart and publish in Confluence ● Check todays incidents in Pagerduty
  17. 17. Future?
  18. 18. Video calling
  19. 19. Text to speech
  20. 20. Cloud services future - stateless communicative services Microservices Microservice Microservice Microservice Microservice Microservice
  21. 21. Cloud services future - deeper layers delivered as service FaaS Functions
  22. 22. My predictions Stateless functions and platform agnostic microservices talking to each other Function complexity will be replaced with dependency hell Service creation and integration facilitated by new type of service providers Shared templates and code snippets commoditizing coding for everyone Machine learning and predictive analytics driving our focus IT budgets shrinking to the size of “mobile invoices”
  23. 23. Thanks