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Water-based dyes VS solvent-based dyes

Great insights on Water-based dyes VS solvent-based dyes! Know their exceptional features & uniformity in characteristics. By Prima Chemicals, dyes manufacturer in Ahmedabad, India!

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Water-based dyes VS solvent-based dyes

  1. 1. Yes, both dyes differ The key quality of solvent-based dyes being richer in color than water based dyes mainly makes big difference. However, these dyes offer superb applications to polished concrete floors & concrete overlays. Let's understand them in details...
  2. 2. (Ai). Solvent Based Dyes • Solvent-based dyes are better to offer denser & more dynamic color than any other method. • Their nature of letting only the light through them (not detailed images) make them even more pretty.
  3. 3. (Aii). Solvent Based Dyes • Solvent-based dyes are combustible. • An applicator must know how to safely use this dye with precautionary steps.
  4. 4. Solvent-based dyes application tips In floor preparation, the floor should first be kept clean so that the dye can deeply penetrate it. Learn the right floor technique before applying this dye.
  5. 5. (Bi). Water Based Dyes • Water-based dyes are environment-friendly. • Made up with less dangerous chemicals than those used in solvent- based dyes.
  6. 6. (Bii). Water Based Dyes • The color density is indeed less bold than it in solvent-based dyes. • The colors resulted from water-based dyes are soft & subtle, which are truly the best source of dyeing for many places.
  7. 7. (Biii). Water Based Dyes • Since water-based dyes offer little brightness in color, they are unable to conceal the blemishes on concrete surfaces. • Whereas, the solvent-based dyes will simply do it! However, when it comes to application & cleaning up, the water- based dyes are easier than solvent dyes.
  8. 8. Concluding, • Provided are the key differences between water-based and solvent- based dyes. • One can select it depending upon the features that are more suitable to their applications! Enjoy colors!
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