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Google Adwords Account Audit Guide 2015

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Your PPC account is not perfect. We hope you aren’t surprised we said that. The truth of the matter is this: no matter how hard you work on building an account and optimizing it according to best practices, you could miss something. An even truer statement is that the longer you work in an account, the easier it is for things to slip past your ever-watchful eye.

In these situations and on occasion, even if your account is performing well, you need to take the time to audit your efforts.

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Google Adwords Account Audit Guide 2015

  1. 1. Google Adwords Account Audit Guide 2015 Campaign Settings: Check if the campaign is opted in for both Search & Display, for an effective campaign this is not advised at all. Avoid creating AdWords campaigns that’s set to serve on both the Search Network and Display Network because that makes the campaign difficult to optimize and measure performance. Recommend splitting the campaign into two campaigns, search and Display. Ads – Google recommends setting up multiple versions of ads per ad group. Check if the Ad Groups have more than 3 ads per ad group, best practice recommends 3-4 ad variations or more with one mobile preferred ad. 1- Tie keywords back into ad copy. Consumers tend to engage with ads that appear most relevant to their search. Check if Ads are following best practice in regards to keyword insertion. Google Stat: Based on internal Google data.  Tying keywords into headlines alone lifted ad CTRs, on average, 15%. *  Tying keywords into the display URLs alone lifted ad CTRs, on average, 8%. *  Ads that featured keywords in both the headline and 1st description line impacted CTR positively 68% of the time. * Example Keyword: Sample Audit Current Ads: Recommended: Creative Juices Sample Audit Description Line one. Call to Action here! www.creativejuices.co.za Creative Juices Sample Audit Sample Audit Description Line. 20+ Years Experience. Call Now! creativejuices.co.za/sample-audit 2 - Using Title case capitalization throughout the headline and body text can help ads standout. Check if there are any inconsistencies in the ad copy; whether small and capital letters are used. Refer example above  Google Stat: Ads with title case capitalization and a keyword in the headline lifted CTRs 62% of the time. *
  2. 2. 3 - Highlight unique selling points, these will be different for each client. – Check if campaign is currently doing well with selling points, e.g. savings, free Estimates, free shipping. Etc. Adding actual cost from specials would help here. 4 - Include one or more mobile-preferred ad copy per ad group. Check if the website is responsive, meaning its mobile ready. Mobile makes 20% of the Google traffic, you can get better results if mobile users see an ad that’s very relevant to them, with a mobile-specific call to action like “Call us now, View This On Our Mobile Site, Order On Our Mobile Site”. Another simple way to show that a mobile-friendly experience awaits the searcher is by adding “/phone” or “/mobile” at the end of the display URL. Example Current Ads: Recommended No mobile preferred ads #1 In Pool Covers Spend Less Time Cleaning Your Pool. Get A Free Estimate. Call Us Now! creativejuices.co.za/mobile 5. Use ad extensions to improve relevance. – Check if Ad extensions are currently being used in the campaign. Ad extensions appear alongside your ads and deliver additional information to users thus making your ads more relevant. Extensions are also part of Ad Rank, so the better your extensions are, the more competitive you'll be in the AdWords auction. Examples Call Extension: Site Links: 6. Negative Keywords - Negative keywords are an essential part to a well- rounded keyword strategy. They prevent you from showing ads to people that are less valuable to you or less interested in what you have to offer. You can increase your profitability and better control the flow of traffic in your account by using negative keywords to the fullest. 7. Keyword Match Type Optimization – Check if all keywords are currently using default broach match type. This match type reaches the widest audience, because they reach the widest possible audience, searchers might see and click your ad when querying irrelevant topics, and these costs can add up surprisingly
  3. 3. fast. I suggest an introduction of Broad modified, phrase and exact match types to help tighten the campaign from irrelevant clicks. 8. Quality Score - One of the ways Google help ensure a good experience is by measuring the quality of ads, summarized for you with a 1-to-10 Quality Score. Quality Score is like a warning light in a car’s engine that shows how healthy your ads and keywords are. Good quality score will not only signal a health campaign but saves money. A Good quality score is from 7 and above, the focus will be to improve all low quality score keywords. I will be putting part 2 of the Audit soon, I will cover a lot of things to optimize and improve your campaign performance and save your clients money and get more leads. Please comment and share if you find this helpful. These recommendations were done on a live campaign. Feel free to use them to audit and implement on your clients account on a month to month basis to improve performance and ROI. They are based on current Adwords best practices. If you are stuck or need help with audit and improving your clients accounts, email me and I would love to help you run a successful campaign. Email: precious@creativejuices.co.za