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Breaking 10 myths about entrepreneurship

A lot of great things are said about Entrepreneurship, but is it all as fancy as it looks and sounds? Here's a small attempt to break some myths about the same :)

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Breaking 10 myths about entrepreneurship

  1. 1. Breaking10 MythsaboutEntrepreneurshipby Prateek Shah
  2. 2. Myth -You need to have a new anda creative idea
  3. 3. Reality -Old wine served in a newbottle can do just as well
  4. 4. Myth -Once my idea works, moneyand fame will followovernight
  5. 5. Reality -Patience, a lot of it, is thebiggest key towards makingthings happen
  6. 6. Myth -A strong educationalbackground is all I need tomake it work
  7. 7. Reality -Education helps, but whattruly matters is how streetsmart you are
  8. 8. Myth -A lot of money and resourcesare a sure shot way tosuccess
  9. 9. Reality -Having a lot of money willhelp you invest in your idea,but doesn’t ensure success
  10. 10. Myth -Since I have no money,backing up or resources, Icannot take up this path
  11. 11. Reality -A little bit of something is allyou need. Most importantly,common sense.
  12. 12. Myth -If I believe that an idea canwork out, it will automaticallywork out. The books say so.
  13. 13. Reality -Every entrepreneur becomesone thinking their idea willwork for sure, but it doesn’talways work out like that
  14. 14. Myth -Once things work out, it’sgoing to be smooth sailingahead
  15. 15. Reality -:) Only if.There are storms along theway, all the way.
  16. 16. Myth -I will always be happy since Iam doing something I like!
  17. 17. Reality -Even though it maybe niceand fun, work is work. Thereare sad times, andsometimes very sad times.
  18. 18. Myth -All businesses that arerunning, specially the oneswhich are popular are‘successful’
  19. 19. Reality -There are some businesses whichare loss making, some which areset to fail, some which have failed;but you are made to see a lot ofthem as being run successfully.
  20. 20. Myth -Reading, writing andbecoming sure aboutentrepreneurship, will surelymake me a goodentrepreneur
  21. 21. Reality –The only way to know how torun a business is to run abusiness.
  22. 22. It sounds fancy, butentrepreneurship is not easy To find freedom, grow at your pace, do your own thing, you first need to go through a lot But the best way to know how it feels to be an entrepreneur is to be an entrepreneur
  23. 23. So go ahead then,Be an Entrepreneur! If you succeed, great; if you fail, you’ll learn an important lesson. Either ways, you win :)
  24. 24. We wish you All The Best!www.prateekshah.comwww.greensmyles.com facebook.com/GreenSmyles twitter.com/GreenSmyles