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Face, body & hair mask scrubs

  1. FACE, BODY & HAIR MASK & SCRUBS Dr. Prashant L. Pingale Associate Professor, Dept. of Pharmaceutics, GES’s Sir Dr. M. S. Gosavi College of Pharm. Edu. and Research, Nashik-422005
  2. FACE PACKS • Cosmetic preparation generally used by women sometimes by men: • Applied as liquid or paste & allowed to dry • Drying feels, tightening effect & warmth experience • Produces stimulation and sensation of rejuvenation
  3. Functions of face packs • Cleansing, • Moisturizing, • Whitening of complexion giving a healthy, youthful glow, • Rejuvenation, • It removes dry fine lines, dark circles under eyes, blemishes and tightens the skin to give it a fresh glow.
  4. Ideal characteristics • It should: • Form smooth paste, • Have pleasant odor, • When applied to face, should dry rapidly, • Produce sensation of tightening of skin, • Capable of producing significant cleansing of skin • Non- toxic to skin • The coating should be removed either by peeling off / gentle washing
  5. Formulation • Based on the following systems: • Waxes, • Rubbers, • Vinyl resins, • Hydrocolloids, • Earths etc..
  6. Wax based formulations • Paraffin wax, pet. Jelly & polar material like stearyl & cetyl alcohols. • Sometimes wax mixture also used. • Solid product & required to be melt before application • Applied with brush when hot • Thixotrophy can be imparted by adding bentonite • Paraffin wax 60% • Microcrystalline wax 12% • Mineral oil 22% • Cetyl alcohol 4% • IPA 0.5% • Bentonite 1.5%
  7. Rubber based formulations • Based on rubber latex • Forms continuous & elastic film on skin • Film is water- impermeable, it interfere with skin perspiration & causes rise in tempt. • Rise in tempt. results in increased blood supply to skin
  8. Vinyl resin based formulation • Poly vinyl alcohol or acetate are used to form film on skin • Adsorbents like TiO2, kaolin are used
  9. Hydrocolloid based formulation • Prepared in the form of high viscosity solutions, gels. • If gel: required to be melted before use • Dryness: shrinkage of gel • Gums (responsible for varying viscosity) : acacia, tragacanth, guar gum, gelatin, CMC, PVP • Humectants: glycerin, propylene glycol, sorbitol • Rapid drying: use ethanol • Opacifier: in small quantity
  10. Earths based formulations • High % of solids, generally used for: astringent, bleaching agent • China clay, colloidal kaolin, fuller’s earth, bentonite • Prepared as powder or pastes • They are required to be dissolved or mixed with water before application • On drying, harden skin & contract giving a sensation of mechanical astringency • Kaolin 70% • Mag. stearate 16% • Starch 4% • Gum tragacanth 2% • Glycerin 8% • Water q.s. to prepare paste • Perfume & preservative q.s.
  11. Manufacture of face pack • Powder form: • blending (ribbon blender) • Filling machine (filled in bulk container or sachets) • Paste: • Diluted before application • Applied uniformly on face & removed after some time • Face wash with water (generally normal)
  12. FACE MASKS • mask that provides a protective covering for the face in such sports as baseball or football or hockey • a covering for all or part of the face which protects, hides or decorates the person wearing it
  13. Herbals used in face pack • Rose • Sandal • Neem • Ashwagandha, • Chandan • Turmeric • Basil • Cucumber, • Lemon • Aloe Vera • Almonds • Papaya
  14. Face Mask vs. Face Pack • Facial Mask: • absorb oil and debris, also they may sooth and calm the skin. • they typically dry or harden and are not as rare as facial packs. • Facial Packs: • are designed for penetrating nutrients into the skin and typically stay on a wet or Jelly state on the skin. • Both are considered masks and it depends on your skin type to find out what you like best.
  15. Face scrubs • Cleansing action • Slightly abrasive material added • Non drying vehicle • Apply the product on skin & massage • Allow to remain for 10-20 min • Remove with the help of wet towel • Grain meal • Oat, rye, barley, wheat, corn • Zinc oxide • Preservatives
  16. Hair mask • The hair mask works in different manner in comparison to the conditioner. • The concentration level of hair mask is much more than that of the conditioner. • With the high concentration of moisturizer hair is given the extra treatment for bad hair. • This used once a month would be good enough rather than the daily use of conditioner
  17. Hair mask • It will help in creating the extra shine and look to create impact. • These masks come in different brands • It show a great deal of improvement and hair would be very manageable. • There are many ingredients which work in favor of making an excellent mask like honey, egg, almond, yogurt, avocado, olive oil as well as use of fruit which can give hair that extra suave touch.