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Evolution of the Prototype Marketer: The Hybrids are Coming

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Evolution of the Prototype Marketer: The Hybrids are Coming

  1. 1. Evolu&on  of  the  Prototype  Marketer: The  Hybrids  are  Coming Jan.  10,  2013 Paul Roetzer @paulroetzer Founder  &  CEO,  PR  20/20   Author  of  The  Marke)ng  Agency  Blueprint
  2. 2. “The  most  valued  talent  .  .  .  will  be  hybrids.  .  .  They  possess  excepKonal  copywriKng  skills,  along  with  dynamic  personaliKes  that  enable  them  to  build  strong  personal  brands.”“Hybrid  professionals  are  trained  to  deliver  services  across  search,  mobile,  social,  content,  analy&cs,  web,  PR,  and  email  marke&ng.  They  provide  integrated  soluKons  that  used  to  require  mulKple  agencies  and  consultants.” @PaulRoetzer #AMAOKC
  3. 3. Agenda• An  Evolving  Industry• Rise  of  Hybrid  Professionals• The  Talent  Gap• ASract  Top  MarkeKng  Talent• Advance  Your  Team• Keys  to  Agency  Partnerships• Q  &  A @PaulRoetzer #AMAOKC
  4. 4. An  Evolving  Industry
  5. 5. 1)  Change  Velocity• Technology  innovaKon• Consumer  behavior• Business  soYware• Online  applicaKons• CommunicaKon  paSerns• MarkeKng  philosophies• Management  systems @PaulRoetzer #AMAOKC
  6. 6. Forrester  forecasts  interac&ve  marke&ng     spending  will  reach  $77  billion  by  2016. @PaulRoetzer #AMAOKC
  7. 7. Gartner  predicts  that  by  2015,  digital  strategies  will  influence  80%  of  consumers’  discre&onary  spending. @PaulRoetzer #AMAOKC
  8. 8. By  2017,  the  CMO  will  spend  more  on  IT  than  the  CIO,   according  to  Gartner. hSp://www.forbes.com/sites/lisaarthur/2012/02/08/five-­‐years-­‐from-­‐ @PaulRoetzer now-­‐cmos-­‐will-­‐spend-­‐more-­‐on-­‐it-­‐than-­‐cios-­‐do/ #AMAOKC
  9. 9. 2)  SelecKve  ConsumpKon• Basic  principle  behind  inbound  marke&ng• Consumers  tuning  out  tradiKonal  markeKng• Brands  lose  control,  but  gain  loyalty• ShiYing  budgets  to  digital• The  era  of  integrated  services @PaulRoetzer #AMAOKC
  10. 10. www.ZeroMomentOfTruth.com @PaulRoetzer #AMAOKC
  11. 11. www.ZeroMomentOfTruth.com @PaulRoetzer #AMAOKC
  12. 12. The  Marke&ng  Mix @PaulRoetzer #AMAOKC
  13. 13. 3)  Success  Factors
  14. 14. “CMOs  today  are  under  increasing  pressure  to  provide   quan&fiable  evidence  of  how  their  markeKng  expenditure  is  helping  the  organizaKon  achieve  its  goals.  They  also  have  to  hire  people  with  the  right  mix  of  financial,  technical  and  digital  skills  and  become  savvier  in  such  areas  themselves.”  —  IBM  Global  Chief  MarkeKng  Officer  Study,  2011
  15. 15. Marke&ng  ROI  tops  the  measurement  list. Source:  IBM  Global  Chief  Marke)ng  Officer  Study,  2011 @PaulRoetzer #AMAOKC
  16. 16. 71%  of  clients  cited  accountability  as  the  main  area  of  frustraKon   with  agencies,  as  CEOs  and  board  levels  demand  greater   markeKng  ROI  effecKveness.   —  Source:  Avidan  Strategies  Report,  via  MediaPost
  17. 17. Custom  Marke&ng  Performance  Scorecards @PaulRoetzer #AMAOKC
  18. 18. Know  Your  Funnel
  19. 19. Rise  of  Hybrid  Professionals
  20. 20. “Talent  cannot  be  replicated.”• Great  teams  finish  first.• Talent  is  your  greatest  asset.• Build  through  the  draV.  Bring  in  free  agents  to  accelerate  growth   and  take  your  department/company  to  the  next  level.• Create  a  career  des&na&on,  not  a  steppingstone.  • Recruit  and  retain  A  players—high  performers  who  themselves   are  hybrids.  They  must  be  intrinsically  moKvated.
  21. 21. “High  performers—the  A  players—contribute  more,   innovate  more,  work  smarter,  earn  more  trust,  display  more  resourcefulness,  take  more  ini&a&ve,  develop  beSer   business  strategies,  arKculate  their  vision  more   passionately,  implement  change  more  effecKvely,  deliver  higher-­‐quality  work,  demonstrate  greater  teamwork,  and   find  ways  to  get  the  job  done  in  less  Kme  with  less  cost.”  —  Bradford  D.  Smart,  PhD,  Topgrading
  22. 22. The  future  of  markeKng  belongs  to  the  generalists,   the  hybrids. @PaulRoetzer #AMAOKC
  23. 23. Hybrid  Professional  Traits• Analyst• CreaKve• Intrinsically  moKvated• Listener• Social  web  savvy• Strategic• Tech  savvy• Team  player• Writer @PaulRoetzer #AMAOKC
  24. 24. @PaulRoetzer #AMAOKC
  25. 25. The  CMO’s  Expanding  Role
  26. 26. Data  Analysis• IdenKfy  top  KPIs,  and  report  the   metrics  that  maSer.• Turn  data  into  ac&onable   intelligence.• Uncover  anomalies,  trends  and   opportuni&es.• Adjust  strategies  based  on  data,   in  real-­‐Kme.• Tie  acKviKes  to  performance   and  boSom-­‐line  results. @PaulRoetzer #AMAOKC
  27. 27. Content  Marke&ng• Build  editorial  strategies.  • Develop  and  acKvate   distribu&on  plans.• Create  effecKve  copywri&ng  that   is  buyer-­‐persona  focused,   opKmized,  technically  sound  and   results  driven.• Tell  your  brand  story.• Integrate  content  into  social,   search,  PR,  lead  nurturing  and   customer  loyalty  strategies. @PaulRoetzer #AMAOKC
  28. 28. 60%  of  marketers  plan  to  increase  their  content  marke&ng  spending  in  2012. @PaulRoetzer #AMAOKC
  29. 29. Social  Media• Conduct  market  research.• Grow  thought  leadership.• Improve  customer  service.• Enhance  lead  nurturing.• Expand  PR  outreach.• Network  with  industry  peers.• Build  corporate  and  personal  brands.• Monitor  industry  news/trends.• Recruit  job  candidates.• Drive  ac&ons. @PaulRoetzer #AMAOKC
  30. 30. Email  Marke&ng• Develop  acKon-­‐oriented  content.  • Segment  and  manage  owned  lists.• Conduct  lead  nurturing  campaigns.• Drive  sales  with  exisKng  customers.• Analyze  performance. @PaulRoetzer #AMAOKC
  31. 31. Email  Marke&ng
  32. 32. MobilehSp://www.slideshare.net/kleinerperkins/2012-­‐kpcb-­‐internet-­‐trends-­‐yearend-­‐update#btnNext @PaulRoetzer #AMAOKC
  33. 33. This  is  your  future  consumer
  34. 34. Development  and  Programming• Cross  plaoorm  connecKvity     typically  requires  use  of  APIs   or  custom  integraKons.• At  a  basic  level,  you  need  to   understand  what  is  and  isn’t   possible  when  it  comes  to   technology. @PaulRoetzer #AMAOKC
  35. 35. Are  Algorithms  &  Ar&ficial  Intelligence   the  Future  of  Marke&ng?   @PaulRoetzer #AMAOKC
  36. 36. “This  disrupKve  hacker  paradigm  has  played  out  across  varying  parts  of  our  world  during  the  laSer  years  of  the  twenKeth  century  and  opening  of  the  twenty-­‐first:  a  deY  engineer  of  computer  code  and  algorithms  takes  an  interest  in  a  new  field,  develops  experKse,  and,  by  applying  computer  science  and  clips  of  code  that  mimic  their  human  forerunners,  topples  industries,  companies,  standards,  and  the  old  guard.  “The  ability  to  create  algorithms  that  imitate,  be]er,  and  eventually  replace  humans  is  the  paramount  skill  of  the  next  one  hundred  years.  As  the  people  who  can  do  this  mulKply,  jobs  will  disappear,  lives  will  change,  and  industries  will  be  reborn.”  —  Christopher  Steiner,  Automate  This @PaulRoetzer #AMAOKC
  37. 37. Poten&al  to  Disrupt  +  Reward  for  Disrup&on @PaulRoetzer #AMAOKC
  38. 38. “To  be  successful  nowadays,  you  need  to  have  both  a  breadth  and  depth  of  skills.  You  have  to  know  what  to  ask  for  and  how  it’s  done.  .  .  .  A  great  technical  marketer  can  devise,  develop,  launch,  and  analyze  their  marke&ng  campaigns  with  liSle  or  no  assistance.”—  Jamie  Steven,  CMO  of  SEOmoz @PaulRoetzer hSp://www.seomoz.org/blog/every-­‐marketer-­‐should-­‐be-­‐technical #AMAOKC
  39. 39. The  Talent  Gap
  40. 40. 75%  of  marketers  say  their  lack  of  skills  is  impac&ng   revenue  in  some  way,  and  74%  say  its  contribuKng  to  misalignment  between  the  marke&ng  and  sales  teams.  —  Demand  GeneraKon  Skills  Gap  Survey,  2012
  41. 41. “There  are  some  tradiKonal  marketers  that  are  lacking   some  newly  defined  skills.  It’s  out  in  the  open  now  that  it   takes  a  combinaKon  of  marke&ng  savvy,  a  solid  understanding  of  data  and  a  bit  of  technical  know-­‐how  to   produce  a  really  effec&ve  ‘power  user.’  These  people   aren’t  a  dime  a  dozen.”  —  Chris  Pansi,  vice  president  of  technology,  Bulldog   SoluKons,  via  The  State  of  MarkeKng  AutomaKon  Report
  42. 42. “Most  CMOs  are  underprepared  to  manage  the  impact  of   key  changes  in  the  markeKng  arena.” Source:  IBM  Global  Chief  Marke)ng  Officer  Study,  2011 @PaulRoetzer #AMAOKC
  43. 43. “By  2018,  the  United  States  alone  could  face  a  shortage  of   140,000  to  190,000  people  with  deep  analy&cal  skills.”  —  Big  Data:  The  Next  FronKer  for  InnovaKon,  CompeKKon   and  ProducKvity,  McKinsey,  2011
  44. 44. “The  marketers,  the  publishers,  the  ad  tech  companies,  the  agencies,  data  management  companies  —  they’re  all   going  for  the  same  type  of  employee.”  —  John  Ebbert,  managing  editor  of  AdExchanger.com,  as   quoted  in  the  New  York  Times
  45. 45. “The  ambiKous  plan  moves  Disney  deeper  into  the  hotly  debated  terrain  of  personal  data  collec&on.  Like  most  major  companies,  Disney  wants  to  have  as  much  informaKon  about  its  customers’  preferences  as  it  can  get,  so  it  can  appeal  to  them  more  efficiently.  .  .  .  parts  of  MyMagic+  will  allow  Disney  for  the  first  Kme  to  track  guest  behavior  in  minute  detail.“Did  you  buy  a  balloon?  What  aSracKons  did  you  ride  and  when?  Did  you  shake  Goofy’s  hand,  but  snub  Snow  White?  If  you  fully  use  MyMagic+,  databases  will  be  watching,  allowing  Disney  to  refine  its  offerings  and  customize  its  marke&ng  messages.” hSp://www.nyKmes.com/2013/01/07/business/media/at-­‐disney-­‐parks-­‐a-­‐bracelet-­‐meant-­‐to-­‐build-­‐loyalty-­‐and-­‐sales.html
  46. 46. A]ract  Top  Talent
  47. 47. Evaluate  Strengths  and  WeaknessesThe  Blueprint  Series  Presented  by  HubSpot
  48. 48. Find  the  Gaps  within  Your  Team
  49. 49. Start  with  Brand  and  Culture• Define  and  differenKate  your  brand.• Build  a  culture  that  aSracts  young  professionals  and  free  agents.• Focus  on  innova&on  and  opportunity.• Create  unique  experiences  and  desirable  percep&ons.
  50. 50. Maintain  a  Strong  Online  Presence• Connect  with  peers  and  candidates  through  social  media.• Encourage  the  development  of  strong  personal  brands.• Maintain  an  effecKve  website  that  tells  your  brand  story. @PaulRoetzer #AMAOKC
  51. 51. Capture  Inbound  Candidates• Build  a  careers  page  with  calls  to  acKon.• Engage  with  candidates  through  social  networks.• Integrate  a  “professional  profiler”  online  survey  to  qualify  prospects. @PaulRoetzer #AMAOKC
  52. 52. Advance  Your  Team
  53. 53. Create  an  Internal  Educa&on  Program• Select  curriculum  and  exercises  around  integrated  services:  search,   social,  content,  mobile,  analyKcs,  web,  PR  and  email. @PaulRoetzer #AMAOKC
  54. 54. Maintain  a  Recommended  Reading  List• Inbound  Marke&ng  by  Brian  Halligan  &  Dharmesh  Shah• The  New  Rules  of  Marke&ng  &  PR  by  David  Meerman  ScoS• Real  Time  Marke&ng  by  David  Meerman  ScoS• The  Now  Revolu&on  by  Amber  Naslund  &  Jay  Baer• Drive  by  Daniel  Pink @PaulRoetzer #AMAOKC
  55. 55. Encourage  Real-­‐Time  SharingShare  communica&ons,  ideas  and  experiences  with  colleagues. @PaulRoetzer #AMAOKC
  56. 56. The  Blueprint  Series  Presented  by  HubSpot Internal  Social  Network:  Yammer The  Blueprint  Series  Presented  by  HubSpot• Post  links  and  resources.• Manage  departments  through  dedicated  groups.• Add  daily  notes  and  highlights.• Encourage  collabora&on  and  knowledge  transfer.• Perpetuate  culture.• Keep  mobile  workforce  connected.• Create  real-­‐&me  communica&ons. @PaulRoetzer #AMAOKC
  57. 57. The  Blueprint  Series  Presented  by  HubSpot Internal  Social  Network:  YammerThe  Blueprint  Series  Presented  by  HubSpot @PaulRoetzer #AMAOKC
  58. 58. A]end  Priority  Conferences @PaulRoetzer #AMAOKC
  59. 59. Engage  on  Social  Media @PaulRoetzer #AMAOKC
  60. 60. Keys  to  Agency  Partnerships
  61. 61.  80%  of  chief  markeKng  officers  think  integrated  services  will   increase  in  importance  over  the  next  five  years,  according  to   a  study  by  The  Horn  Group  and  Kelton  Research.  
  62. 62. However,  in  the  same  study,  60%  of  CMOs  indicated  that  they   are  unable  to  find  an  integrated  firm  to  meet  those  needs.
  63. 63. Insist  on  A  Players• AnalyKcal• Confident• CreaKve• Detail-­‐oriented• Highly  moKvated• Strategic @PaulRoetzer #AMAOKC
  64. 64. Find  Tech  Savvy  Partners @PaulRoetzer #AMAOKC
  65. 65. Demand  Digital  is  Ingrained  in  DNA Source:  How  to  Build  Your  Inbound  Marke)ng  GamePlan @PaulRoetzer #AMAOKC
  66. 66. Look  for  Data  Lovers @PaulRoetzer #AMAOKC
  67. 67. 52%  of  marketers  do  not  have  a  formal  scorecard  for  raKng   agency  performance  on  an  annual  basis.     Source: The Chief Marketing (CMO) Council report More Gain, Less Strain.
  68. 68. Invest  in  the  Doers @PaulRoetzer #AMAOKC
  69. 69. Seek  Systems  for  Success @PaulRoetzer #AMAOKC
  70. 70. Find  Partners,  Not  Providers @PaulRoetzer #AMAOKC
  71. 71. Closing  Thoughts• Change  velocity,  selec&ve  consump&on  and  success  factors  are  the  catalysts.• MarkeKng  execuKves  are  drowning  in  data.• Prototype  marketers  turn  informaKon  into  intelligence,  and  intelligence  into   acKon.• ShiY  away  from  arbitrary  metrics—impressions,  reach,  ad  equivalency  and  PR   value—and  focus  on  business  outcomes  (leads,  sales,  conversion  rates,   revenue,  profits).• Adapt  to  changing  business  environments  and  evolve  campaigns  in  real  &me.• Hybrids  are  the  future  (but  bots  may  redefine  the  industry).• There  is  a  talent  gap.• You  have  the  opportunity  to  redefine  your  career,  and  your  company. @PaulRoetzer #AMAOKC
  72. 72. Thank  You Paul  Roetzer paul@pr2020.com www.PR2020.com  www.MarkeKngAgencyInsider.com www.TheMarkeKngScore.com @PaulRoetzer #AMAOKC