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Presentation of the mobility in Spain-Erasmus +, March 2015

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Some pictures of Erasmus meeting in Spain, March 2015

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Presentation of the mobility in Spain-Erasmus +, March 2015

  1. 1. Erasmus+ Power Up! Meeting in Spain 8th - 14th March 2015 http://ed222spaineducation.weebly.com/bibliography.html
  2. 2. Welcome Ceremony
  3. 3. Presentation of the countries
  4. 4. Icebreakers (we met the others and found out more about them) We also found out many interesting things about Alaquás and met the mayor.
  5. 5. All the countries prepared healthy and delicious food …
  6. 6. … and we ate it!
  7. 7. We also presented the recipes.
  8. 8. Everybody knows that a healthy lifestyle should include music and dance so we acted accordingly!
  9. 9. Learning about nature and ecosystems
  10. 10. Practising sports on the beach
  11. 11. Believe it or not, we learnt to paint like the great artists!
  12. 12. We found out from each other what having a healthy lifestyle really means …
  13. 13. … and from the Spanish people we learnt about their interesting customs and traditions.
  14. 14. Shaping the future! We visited companies and learnt about different jobs.
  15. 15. We did mind games together and had lots of fun with our new friends.
  16. 16. We will never forget this week and we will always keep in touch!
  17. 17. We are really looking forward to the next mobilities in Germany and France and to the final meeting in our country!