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1.3.1 The German School System

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Education and schooling in Germany is not centralized. Although there are standard guidelines, the school system differs in the 16 Federal States.

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1.3.1 The German School System

  1. 1. TEACHERS MEETING IN UETZE OCTOBER 2014 The German School System
  2. 2. Basic Principles German Constitutional Law (Grundgesetz) Art. 7: The whole school system is under the supervision of the state Federal states are the exclusive owners of the cultural sovereignity Have the right and the responsibility to pass any school- related decrees Compulsary number of school years as a full-time student: 10 Compulsary number of school years usually ends after finishing an apprenticeship (Ausbildung) or 12 years of school
  3. 3. Cultural Sovereignity of the Federal States 16 federal states… …16 school systems
  4. 4. Cultural Sovereignity of the Federal States Certain basic agreements of the states: Conference of the Ministers for education (Kultusministerkonferenz) decides on principles Still some differences among the federal states
  5. 5. Lower Sachsony - Niedersachsen The Lower Sachsony School Law (NSchG) regulates the forms of schools that are allowed in Lower Sachsony Forms of schools are formed by the entry requirements, their paedagogical tenor and the possible degrees
  6. 6. Lower Sachsony – School forms General education schools (allgemeinbildende Schule) die Grundschule, die Hauptschule, die Realschule, die Oberschule, das Gymnasium, die Gesamtschule, das Abendgymnasium, das Kolleg, die Förderschule. Vocational schools (berufsbildende Schulen) die Berufsschule, die Berufseinstiegsschule. die Berufsfachschule, die Fachoberschule, die Berufsoberschule das Fachgymnasium und die Fachschule.
  7. 7. Sectors Primary sector (Primarbereich): grade 1 to 4 Secondary sector I (Sekundarbereich I): grade 5 to 10 Secondary sector II (Sekundarbereich II): grade 11 to 12/13
  8. 8. Lower Sachsony Grundschule Gymnasium Realschule Hauptschule Oberschule (Integrierte) Gesamtschul e
  9. 9. (most common) Degrees Abitur (grade 12/13) (erweiterter) Realschulabschluss (grade 10) Hauptschulabschluss (grade 9)