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Hosted VoIP Service - Voicemanager

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Hosted VoIP Service - Voicemanager

  1. 1. VoiceManager<br />Product Presentation<br />Paul Smith<br />Sales and Marketing Director<br />
  2. 2. VoiceManager Product Presentation - Agenda<br />Agenda<br /><ul><li> Introduction to VoIP
  3. 3. VoiceManager – Hosted VoIP Solution
  4. 4. VoiceManager Benefits
  5. 5. Questions?</li></li></ul><li>VoiceManager Product Presentation - Introduction to VoIP<br />Introduction to VoIP<br />
  6. 6. VoiceManager Product Presentation - Introduction to VoIP<br />What is VoIP<br />VoIP stands for ‘Voice over Internet Protocol’ and is described as:<br />’the routing of voice conversations over the Internet or through any other IP-based network.’ <br /><ul><li>With VoIP, voice conversations are digitized and broken up into multiple ‘Packets’ and moved across a network - then reassembled at the destination point to make an audible conversation
  7. 7. VoIP does not always, as commonly referred to, use the Public Internet to transport the traffic. It can use any Public or Private IP based Network
  8. 8. For consumers call quality is not key, the Public Internet is used for the transportation of these calls. In Business quality of the conversation is key, either a Public or Private IP network is used for the transportation of these conversations
  9. 9. VoIP, in part, bypasses the traditional PSTN network that is made up of complex and multiple layers of network equipment and thus utilises minimal equipment</li></li></ul><li>VoiceManager Product Presentation - Introduction to VoIP<br />Why VoIP?<br />Cost Redustion:<br /><ul><li>Calls made over IP to PSTN (Offnet) can be traditionally cheaper than using the existing PSTN network as there are less hops/touch points
  10. 10. Calls made over IP are location independent so International Calls can be considerably cheaper
  11. 11. Calls made from IP to IP (OnNet) do not touch the existing PSTN network and thus do not generate a call charge
  12. 12. Increased Broadband uptake allows utilisation of existing ‘Data’ services to convey ‘Voice’ – customer no longer needs separate phone and data lines
  13. 13. Traditional TDM networks are expensive in terms of capital outlay and operational management. </li></li></ul><li>VoiceManager Product Presentation - Introduction to VoIP<br />Why VoIP? Continued<br />Added Value:<br /><ul><li>VoIP is location independent so a customer is no longer tied geographically to a number – a user in London can take their number to Glasgow
  14. 14. VoIP is geographically agnostic, only an IP connection is needed to make VoIP calls, so geographically dispered companies can seamless link their operations together
  15. 15. VoIP integrates with PC based software and brings voice into the ICT revolution
  16. 16. Voice calls can be delivered as emails
  17. 17. Voice calls can be made by the PC to a headset – no need for a handset
  18. 18. Voice calls can be transferred to any location
  19. 19. Voice calls can ‘Hunt’ users out and ring simultaneous users</li></li></ul><li>VoiceManager Product Presentation - Introduction to VoIP<br />How can VoIP be delivered? <br />Option 1 – Purchase an IP PBX & Invest in VoIP Network<br /><ul><li>Operates like standard PBX but offer lower cost calls and more user features
  20. 20. Capital cost - involves investment for the IP PBX and probably additional equipment, any future upgrading will have a cost
  21. 21. Management cost – sophisticated technology that needs specialized skillsets either in house or at additional cost from the supplier</li></li></ul><li>VoiceManager Product Presentation - Introduction to VoIP<br />How can VoIP be delivered? <br />Option 2 – Purchase a Hosted IP Offering (VoiceManager)<br /><ul><li>All the features of IP PBX but a VoIP Service Provider will own, manage, update equipment and lease the service:
  22. 22. No (or low) capital cost – no IP PBX to purchase
  23. 23. Predictable operating expense – charges based per user. If people added, you know exactly how costs will increase.
  24. 24. No maintenance cost – provider responsible for all costs associated with the equipment and software upgrades, moves and changes done directly via web interface by the customer</li></li></ul><li>VoiceManager Product Presentation - Introduction to VoIP<br />Voice is now an Application Service<br />Email<br />Email<br />Web Hosting<br />Web Hosting<br />PC Backup<br />PC Backup<br />Anti-Virus<br />Anti-Virus<br />APPLICATIONS<br />APPLICATIONS<br />Collaboration<br />Collaboration<br />Firewall<br />Firewall<br />Storage<br />Storage<br />VOICE<br />DATA<br />ACCESS<br />VOICE<br />DATA<br />
  25. 25. VoiceManager Product Presentation - Introduction to VoIP<br />What the Analysts say about Hosted VoIP<br />“By the end of 2012, the UK business community will have a Hosted IP Voice subscriber base of 1.95 Million users. This population will have risen from its current size of 0.187 Million (2007) and will represent a market worth over £625 Million.”<br />illume Consulting 2008<br />
  26. 26. VoiceManager Product Presentation – Hosted VoIP Solution<br />VoiceManager - Hosted VoIP Solution<br />
  27. 27. VoiceManager Product Presentation – Hosted VoIP Solution<br />What is VoiceManager - Hosted VoIP?<br />“VoiceManager - Hosted VoIP&quot; is a Centrex system where PBX-like services are provided to enable telephone calls ... <br />Centrex stands for CENTRalisedEXchange<br />
  28. 28. VoiceManager Product Presentation – Hosted VoIP Solution<br />VoiceManager Network Topology<br />Powergroup<br />VoiceManager Network<br />WAN<br />Router<br />Broadband<br />Switch<br />PSTN Call Breakout<br />(Off-Net Calls)<br />Router<br />Central Office<br />Switch<br />IP or<br />Analogue<br />FREEOn-Net <br />Calls<br />ATA<br />Branch Office<br />Router<br />IP or<br />Analogue<br />ATA<br />Home Worker<br />
  29. 29. VoiceManager Product Presentation – Hosted VoIP Solution<br />VoiceManger Solution Overview<br />Customer ready to adopt VoIP in its entirety<br /><ul><li>Uses broadband or other IP connection (Ethernet, MPLS etc) to make and receive phone calls.
  30. 30. Only requires an IP Phone from Powertelecom’sAuthorised Equipment List
  31. 31. No other VoIP specific equipment on site
  32. 32. Dial-tone as normal
  33. 33. Can also use PC-based softphones, supplied by Powergroup
  34. 34. Quality is as good as traditional voice services and uses G711 (80kbps) or G729a Codec’s (24kbps)
  35. 35. Sold on a monthly rental, per licence basis
  36. 36. One licence = one end user.</li></li></ul><li>VoiceManager Product Presentation – Hosted VoIP Solution<br />VoiceManger Business Benefits<br /><ul><li>Ability to manage incoming calls (e.g., service sector businesses)
  37. 37. Great for businesses having trouble forecasting the future and managing cash flow/capex.
  38. 38. VoiceManager is easy to install and re-locate making it easy to move to a new site (e.g., new business parks)
  39. 39. Easily Increase and reduce users – this is helpful for project-based businesses (e.g., construction, sales agencies) or with those with variable numbers of employees (e.g., Christmas seasonal, tourism)
  40. 40. Ideal for multi-site businesses or those with home/remote workers
  41. 41. Integrate VoiceManager with Microsoft Outlook to improve workflow
  42. 42. Improve disaster recovery capability (e.g., businesses in a flood plain)
  43. 43. Improve carbon footprint (e.g., public sector)
  44. 44. Outsourced voice solution means reduced IT expediture</li></li></ul><li>VoiceManager Product Presentation – Hosted VoIP Solution<br />VoiceManger Features Sets<br />Premium User (License)<br />Standard User (License)<br />Site Features<br />Alternate Numbers<br />Automatic Hold/Retrieve<br />Barge-in Exempt<br />Call Forward - Selective<br />Call Notify<br />Calling Line ID Blocking - Override<br />CommPilot Express<br />Priority Alert/Distinctive Ringing<br />Push to Talk (Intercom facility)<br />Remote Office<br />Selective Call Acceptance<br />Selective Call Rejection<br />Sequential Ringing<br />Simultaneous Ring<br />Voice Messaging User<br />Anonymous Call Rejection<br />Automatic Call Back<br />Basic Call Logs<br />Call Forward - Always<br />Call Forward - Busy<br />Call Forward - No Answer<br />Call Return<br />Call Transfer<br />Call Waiting<br />Calling Line ID Delivery - Blocking<br />Calling Line ID Delivery - External<br />Calling Line ID delivery - Internal<br />Calling Name Retrieval<br />Client Call Control<br />Do Not Disturb<br />Call Hold<br />Three-Way Call<br />Intercept User<br />Last Number Redial<br />Speed Dial 100<br />Speed Dial 8<br />Call Capacity Management<br />Calling Plan - Incoming<br />Calling Plan - Outgoing<br />Device Inventory Report<br />Hunt Group<br />Intercept Group<br />Series Completion<br />Voice Messaging Group<br />Account and Authorization Codes<br />Call Park<br />Call Pickup<br />Enhanced Inventory Report<br />LDAP Integration<br />Music On Hold<br />Optional Features<br />Hunt Group | Auto Attendant | Voice VPN | Call Centre Automatic Call Distribution | Call Centre ExpressCall Centre Agent | Call Centre Supervisor | Business Assistant Tool-Bar | Voice Massaging User<br />
  45. 45. VoiceManager Product Presentation – Hosted VoIP Solution<br />VoiceManager Optional Features<br />Reception ConsolePC Receptionist Console<br />
  46. 46. VoiceManager Product Presentation – Hosted VoIP Solution<br />VoiceManager Optional Features<br />Assistant-MobilePersonal Assistant Mobile Client<br />
  47. 47. VoiceManager Product Presentation – Hosted VoIP Solution<br />VoiceManager Optional Features<br />ToolbarPersonal Assistant Plug-In for Outlook and internet browsers<br />
  48. 48. VoiceManager Product Presentation – Hosted VoIP Solution<br />VoiceManager Optional Features<br />Softphone<br />Voice/Video Soft Client<br />
  49. 49. VoiceManager Product Presentation – Hosted VoIP Solution<br />AuthorisedVoiceManager Equipment<br />CPE offering to support IP Voice Services:<br /><ul><li>VoiceManager can only be used with authorised equipment (IP Phones). Authorised handsets includes Linksys By Cisco and Polycom IP Handsets.
  50. 50. Purchase IP Phones from Powertelecom with no minimum order quantity or set-up fees
  51. 51. All new IP Phones are pre-configured before delivery to customers address (Plug n Play)</li></li></ul><li>VoiceManager Product Presentation – Hosted VoIP Solution<br />IP Access Options<br />Existing Powergroup connectivity customers will already be well placed to access VoiceManager services. However you can connect to VoiceManager using exsisting connectivity if it meets the requirements below:<br />Broadband Networks<br /><ul><li>ADSL, SDSL or via a direct BTnet connection</li></ul>Ethernet Networks<br /><ul><li>VoiceManager will soon be available over Powergroup’s Ethernet WAN Product.</li></ul>Alternative IP Networks<br /><ul><li>If you would like to use VoiceManager via MPLS or TDM access then please contact your Powergroup Account Manager</li></li></ul><li>VoiceManager Product Presentation – Hosted VoIP Solution<br />999 Emergency Service Calls<br />From 8th September 2008 IP Voice Service Providers must provide 999 access and caller location details in the event of a ‘silent call’<br />VoiceManager is compliant with this and offers full 999 support by:<br /><ul><li>The VoiceManager provisioning portal, and associated portals, will not allow a customer to set-up a site until caller location details have been provided into our database.
  52. 52. Caller location details are provided via a feed to the Emergency Services Database
  53. 53. A 24 hour helpdesk is available to the Emergency Services to call if they need to check caller location details and the local IP address</li></li></ul><li>VoiceManager Product Presentation – Benefits<br />VoiceManager Benefits<br />
  54. 54. VoiceManager Product Presentation – Benefits<br />VoiceManager Benefits<br /><ul><li>Improved incoming Call Control</li></ul>Customers can create advanced call diverts (e.g., divert all calls to voicemail except for calls from a specific CLI).<br />Simultaneous call ringing (ie, when a call comes in, both the IP phone and a mobile phone ring at the same time).<br />Easy integration with CRM applications such as Salesforce.<br /><ul><li>No need to buy or manage PBXs </li></ul>Pay for handsets and calls used on a monthly rental basis – very important in times of economic uncertainty<br />Most users will save money compared to traditional voice services<br />
  55. 55. VoiceManager Product Presentation – Benefits<br />VoiceManager Benefits Continued<br /><ul><li>Improved Integration for remote offices/workers</li></ul>Call hunt groups can include remote offices or people working from home. These can be easily customised by the customer<br />Free on-net calls between offices and home workers<br /><ul><li>Environmentally Friendly</li></ul>A small on-site PBX can consume 40W. VoiceManager will typically consume the equivalent of 4W <br />Encourage home working knowing employees are fully integrated into the company phone network<br /><ul><li>Integration into Microsoft Outlook</li></ul>Customers can make calls, control incoming calls and view call history via a toolbar on Outlook and Internet Explorer Simultaneous call ringing (ie, Click-to-call from Outlook.<br />
  56. 56. VoiceManager Product Presentation – Benefits<br />Common Myths About VoIP<br />VoiceManager / VoIP = Free Calls<br />Using VoIP in a business environment to make telephone calls will not give you free calls. VoiceManager will offer most businesses a significant reduction in call costs and telephony infrastructure.<br />Installing a VoIP system sounds a bit Complex<br />VoiceManager makes it easy to setup a working VoIP solution in a matter of days. Signup to VoiceManager, receive your IP Phones, Plug in IP Phones and use. All other phone options can be made by yourself or via Powergroup’s managed service.<br />
  57. 57. Any Questions?<br />