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What's Your Sales Brain?

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If sales are part of your job, you have to ask yourself “Can I be better at this?”. The answer is YES, and the secret to success is in your brain. Studies show each of us have natural skills that we use in our sales conversations, but we may not be using them to our advantage. Find out how you think, what your strengths are, how those hurt and how they can help.

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What's Your Sales Brain?

  1. 1. BUILD CONNECTIONS: Ask questions that “investigate” or “explore” the customer’s issue KNOWS STUFF USE LOGIC: Stick to speaking to the problem the product/service is solving CLOSE DEALS: Hands on demos with customers (if possible), examples/comparisons the customer can relate to BUILD CONNECTIONS: Ask questions, gear them towards the outcome KNOW STUFF: Pay attention to why people are returning & what they’re interested in–speak to those points USE LOGIC: Share experiences that other customers have had with similar solutions CLOSES DEALS BUILD CONNECTIONS: Ask a question to invite the customer into the conversation KNOW STUFF: Say what needs to be said, pause, ask the customer a question about it USES LOGIC CLOSE DEALS: Use the recommendation to link your logic to their problem Won’t make small talk Thinks fast Positions the sell Too fast Selfish agenda Indiscriminate sales Goes for the “yes” Top salesperson STRENGTH HURTS HELPS Customers trust People- focused Does what’s right Feels bad selling “Chats” off point Misses the close Actively listens Is sincere Gains credibility Is the GO-TO on the team Knows the answers Connects to information not people Speaks too technically Passion for info Solves problems Is the expert Straightforward and neutral How to: Makes logical recommendations End to end, complete story Checklist mentality Focuses on script Robotic interactions Organized delivery Is comprehensive Speaks with structure Outcome driven Overcome objections processoutcome What’s your SALES BRAIN? KNOWS STUFF THE FOCUSER THE CLOSER THE NARRATOR Successful salespeople do one thing really well: they translate their products and services into the needs of customers. They do this with a simple set of concrete skills: they build connections, know stuff, use logic, and close deals. Everybody has a natural strength that automatically plays into one of these skills. Typically, we over-rely on this natural strength and neglect the others. Understanding how your sales brain works is the secret to more sales. THE SOCIALIZER people CONTACT: maria@fassforward.com RESEARCH ADAPTED FROM: Sales Behavior links to Sales Success, Cranfield University School of Management FIND US: fassforward.com INFOGRAPHIC PRODUCED BY: fcg Studio DESIGNERS: @tarapaluck @powerfulpoint @rayvella © 2014 fassforward Consulting Group BUILDS CONNECTIONS KNOW STUFF: Talk to colleagues, ask questions, talk about products USE LOGIC: Have two key questions prepared CLOSE DEALS: Get two key questions answered, recommend the solution Use your strength to TRANSLATE Identify your STRENGTH product CLOSES DEALS BUILDS CONNECTIONS USES LOGIC Establishes rapport MOVE PEOPLE WITH EVERYDAY CONVERSATIONS fassforward is a Business Transformation Group that works with Sales Leaders to transform how their people sell. We provide tools that break down complex components in conversations into simple and efficient competencies which can be improved and aligned to more intentional outcomes. Sales people will realize they need to have a goal in their conversation. Using this tool, they will work towards that goal by being aware of the situation and use their natural strengths to navigate the situation successfully.