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How to be effective at inviting guests to your BNI chapter

  1. Inviting Guests & Following up with them Mike Darnell BNI United Bangkok
  2. Today’s topic: GUESTS Goal: Improving how we invite & manage our relationships with our guests
  3. Agenda 1. Why do we invite guests? 2. Who should we invite? 3. How do we invite them? 4. Taking care of guests before & during meetings 5. How do we follow up?
  4. “…Visitors are often the best referral sources and may result in multiple referrals among chapter members …” 12 weeks of BNI Fundamentals 1.Guests are “fresh blood” – they’re the variable that guarantees every meeting is a unique business opportunity 2.Inviting many guests reflects well on us as being “well connected” Why do we invite guests? Inviting guests is how we demonstrate the trust we GIVE our fellow members, & remember: ”GIVErs Gain”
  5. Who should we invite?
  6. The ideal guest: • Requested - Was requested as a referral by a fellow member • Well connected - Is a good source of referrals for the chapter • No competition - Doesn’t compete with any chapter members • Member material - Could potentially join the chapter
  7. How do we invite guests? “…I'd never join a club that would allow a person like me to become a member…” Woody Allen
  8. How do we invite guests? • Stress their benefits Who they’ll meet, What’s the potential for their business • Provide all the information PowerPoinTs = Purpose, Place, Time (– a great memory hook) • Multiple “touches” Invite your guests as early as possible & remind them a day or two before the meeting • Practice makes perfect The more guests you invite, the easier it gets…
  9. Taking care of guests before meetings Set expectations •Introduce your guest via email or social network to chapter members you think they will benefit from meeting •Inform them about the structure of the meeting. After all BNI is a tad cultish…
  10. Taking care of guests before & during meetings • Arrive BEFORE your guests • Greet them as they enter • Make sure they’re properly registered • Introduce them to fellow members • Seat them near members they’ll connect with • Make them feel “at home”
  11. How do we follow up? As a Chapter Ensure visitor hosts have your guests’ details & are providing them with registration forms
  12. How do we follow up? As individuals “What were the benefits for you? How can we improve?” Request feedback. Ask for general impressions as well as points that can be improved. Focus on the benefits
  13. THANK YOU See you next week… : ) Mike Darnell