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"Don’t trust your teachers. Don’t trust me. Listen to what your grandma told you." for Fontys

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Basic presentation on social media and conversations. On how social media has nothing to do with social media and how nothing has changed.

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"Don’t trust your teachers. Don’t trust me. Listen to what your grandma told you." for Fontys

  1. 1. Don’t trust your teachers. Don’t trust me. Listen to what your grandma told you. How social media has nothing to do with social media and how nothing has changed.© InSites Consulting Polle de Maagt (@polledemaagt) for Fontys Hogescholen Conversation readiness 1
  2. 2. Hello. I am Polle de Maagt. I failed in most things during my life (including being a rock star) but am still trying to reach world domination. This time by helping companies change. Change to a company that is about consumers and driver conversations. Guess that makes me a change agent. Guess that makes Nike, KLM and Telenet my clients of change.© InSites Consulting Conversation readiness 2
  3. 3. Last year, I worked for a pretty modest advertising agencycalled Boondoggle in Amsterdam and Leuven.For Nike, Rabobank, KLM and several other cool brands.
  4. 4. Read this manual. Seriously. Read it.This year, for a company that is committed to obtain worlddomination (whatever that means), InSites Consulting.Marketing research agency turned consulting agency.
  5. 5. Why? Because advertising is the slow lane towards worlddomination. And I fell in love with this girl.I moved from Amsterdam to Ghent and work from Rotterdam, London and Ghent.
  6. 6. Honestly, sentences like the world has changed,power has shifted to the consumer, increase yourshare of conversation, consumers trust each othermost, shifting power from marketers to consumers,marketers are no longer in control, social mediastrategy and learn to lose control make me puke inmy mouth a bit.While it is really really simple.
  7. 7. It’s not about being on Facebook. Or Twitter. Yes, Twitter is huge. And Facebook even bigger. But they are both platforms, not end goals. So it really is about if and how both can help you reach your end goal. Which is most likely not about having a Facebook fan page and more about driving conversations, customer retention, sales or brand value.© InSites Consulting Conversation readiness 7
  8. 8. It’s not about being a big brand. With big brands come big problems. Never look for an excuse in just being a small company with little budgets. When it comes to connecting with consumers, real relationships work. And size, for once, doesn’t matter.© InSites Consulting Conversation readiness 8
  9. 9. And it certainly isn’t about being the first mover in adopting new technology. Mobile, augmented reality, location based services are all just awesome. And yes, there is PR-value in being the first Augmented Reality bakery in your neighborhood. But is that really what you want your consumers to talk about?© InSites Consulting Conversation readiness 9
  10. 10. “Advertising is the fee for being unremarkable. “ Robert Stephens (GeekSquad)
  11. 11. Not a thing changed.(this is the listen-to-your-grandma part)
  12. 12. Who have you always trusted? Your peers.This is my friend Jourik. I trust him with everything that has to do with Brussels,food and women.
  13. 13. Customer retention has always been cheaper thanacquisition.It’s cheaper to keep your current customers happy than recruit new ones.
  14. 14. Happy customers have always driven retention andadvocacy. Take Zappos and their service philosophy.A small story about free shipping. Oh, and read Delivering Happiness.
  15. 15. Happiness has always been about managingexpectations. Under-promise. Over-deliver.Do more than customers expect, but don’t over-do it.
  16. 16. A new technology every day. In the end, stories stick.Kay Mook gained the Antwerp Zoo 300K extra visitors and almost becameproduct of the year 2009. More at http://polle.me/ccjSNL
  17. 17. But wait, some things did change.
  18. 18. Technology made things easier and opened up newpossibilities and niches, like TS2AS.org.Technology made things easier. Gave us reach. Made it easy to compare.
  19. 19. People started to be connected always, everywhere.People started to be connected everywhere.
  20. 20. It was never easier to find everything about everything.Google, Wikipedia and even Twitter and Facebook.
  21. 21. People started to out-converse brands.Brands realized they had facilitate instead of shout.
  22. 22. Employees started to talk.People are more authentic, more passionate and have lower overhead cost. Period.
  23. 23. Company culture became increasingly important.There are so many icecream brands, but the difference is in their company culture.
  24. 24. People got fed-up with bad customer service and arestriking back.And not with some crappy message on their blog, but with brute force.
  25. 25. The best advertising started to have nothing to do withadvertising: Commit acts, not ads.Albert Heijn actually helps people.
  26. 26. The best advertising started to have nothing to do withadvertising: Commit acts, not ads.Nike actually changes the way people run.
  27. 27. With change became new and different ways to earnmoney.Gym-Pact let’s people pay when they DON’t turn up in their gym.
  28. 28. With change came new competitors.Wakoopa once was a geek tool, now a very promising marketing research tool.
  29. 29. For many companies, this is pretty radical change.Not a change that was about social media aloneA real change.
  30. 30. Old NewMore advertising Acts, not adsSuboptimal fit New relevanceCreative idea Smart ideaUndergoing conversation Leading conversationTraditional brands Humanized brandsConsumer as customer Consumer as co-creatorTechnical benefits Emotional benefitsAcquisition Retention
  31. 31. Acts not ads.Great example: the small acts of fun that were planned by Volkswagen to provethat putting a little fun in people’s lives will change behavior.
  32. 32. New relevance.Old Spice took ‘relevance’ to the new level.
  33. 33. Smart ideas.Ideas that generate business and change people’s behavior.
  34. 34. Leading conversations.Penguin books actually reaches out to help people to talk about them.
  35. 35. Humanized brands.KLM surprised customers in a personal way.
  36. 36. Consumer as co-creator.Telenet launched a beta product, Yelo, and improved it together with theircustomers.
  37. 37. Emotional benefits.Actimel had to overcome negative conversations to realize they had to change theway they communicated.
  38. 38. Retention and advocacy.The best advertising campaign I have seen in years: a small leaflet I got fromEduardo, the owner of a pretty simple B&B in Florence.
  39. 39. And a last one: Create things worth sharing.Think about small things worth talking about.
  40. 40. It’s really simple:Act human.Build upon the things you’realready doing.Think conversations.And on top of that: here’s some structureto help you out.
  41. 41. Observe Facilitate JoinThe three pillars of conversation management.
  42. 42. Start with observing and listening.There are simple tools to observe what consumers are doing. Viasearch.twitter.com or more advanced tools. But what about customer emails?
  43. 43. Facilitate.Ben & Jerry’s crowdsources their marketing plan and icecream flavors via anonline platform with brand fans.Photo by jason.dsilva
  44. 44. Join.Helping helps. Exceeding customer expectations builds loyalty (81% repeats, 63%recommends) and falling below customer expectations erodes loyalty (5%/71%).
  45. 45. Use pilot projects to learn and change.Telenet launched a beta product to let consumer help them eventually create abetter product. Think in intrinsic, learning and change KPI’s.
  46. 46. Be maniacal about measuring and tweaking.Measure views, clicks, but even more important: your return on investment.Extremely simple, but effective: the Net Promoter Score.
  47. 47. You can forget most of the thingsI said in this introduction.But please, remember these 3 things.
  48. 48. 1) Conversations drive business. Companies that connect with their consumers perform better. So start the conversation.
  49. 49. 2) To drive conversations, exceed expectations and create stuff worth sharing. Don’t plan only for life time money value, but for life time conversation value.
  50. 50. 3) Start with observing, but start with simple ways to drive conversations. Start monitoring, start with pilots and learn while doing.
  51. 51. I hope I was worth sharing.Send me an email atpolle@insites.eu or find me ontwitter at @polledemaagt.Find the presentation athttp://polle.me/fontys11