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Scrum In Ten Slides

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When I needed to do presentations of Scrum to executives and students, I started to look for existing ones. Most presentations I found were very good for detailed presentations or training. But what I was looking for was a presentation I could give in less than 15 minutes (or more if I wanted). Most of them also contained out dated content. For example, the latest changes in the Scrum framework were not present and what has been removed was still there.

UPDATE VERSION : https://www.slideshare.net/pmengal/scrum-in-ten-slides-v20-2018

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Scrum In Ten Slides

  1. 1. in 10 slides by Pierre Mengal – www.mindfulhacker.com Scrum In Ten Slides v1.1 is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License. Copyright © Pierre Mengal - Cartoons artworks licensed under copyright © by cartoon solutions
  2. 2. Responsible for the product backlog and maximizing the product ROI. • Represents the users • Clearly expresses backlog items • Orders them by value • Ensures visibility
  3. 3. Responsible for delivering a potentially shippable increment of working software. • Self-organized • Cross functional • Developer as title • Defines practices • 4 to 9 persons
  4. 4. Responsible for the scrum process • Removes impediments • Facilitates scrum events • Facilitates communication
  5. 5. Single source of requirements for any changes to be made to the product. • Living list that is never complete • Ordered: value, risk, priority & necessity • Estimated by the team
  6. 6. Used to assess when work is complete on the product increment. • Defined by the product owner • Unique for the whole team • Must allow immediate release • Quality increases with maturity
  7. 7. Two part time boxed meeting: 8h/1m sprint. 1. Defines what will be delivered in the increment • Team selects items from the product backlog and defines a sprint goal 2. Defines how the increment will be achieved • Items are converted into tasks & estimated
  8. 8. 15 minute time-boxed event for the Team to synchronize activities. • What has been accomplished since last meeting? • What will be done before the next meeting? • What obstacles are in the way?
  9. 9. 4 hour time-boxed meeting • Product owner identifies what has been done • Team discusses what went well, what problems it ran into & those that were solved • Team demonstrates what it has done in a demo • Product owner discusses the backlog as it stands • Entire group collaborates on what to do next
  10. 10. Improves the process. • Inspect how the last Sprint went • Identify and order the major items that went well and potential improvements; and, • Create a plan for implementing improvements
  11. 11. The Official Scrum Guide http://www.scrum.org/ pierre@mengal.eu | http://www.mindfulhacker.com