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Building Your Brand and Finding That First Job

Gary McCormick, Director of Partnership Development, HGTV, and Kevin Saghy, Manager of Communications, Chicago Cubs, talk about what students need to do right now to make sure they land that first job. The topics include what employers are really looking for, what questions to ask yourself to get ready for the search, what strategy to use, and how to build your public persona online.

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Building Your Brand and Finding That First Job

  1. 1. BUILDING YOUR BRAND & FINDING THAT FIRST JOB WELCOME While you wait for the session to begin, test the sound quality by running the audio wizard
  3. 3. BUILDING YOUR BRAND & FINDING THAT FIRST JOB 1.  If you have a question, raise your hand, and we we will take each question in turn 2.  Or, type your question in the chat box #Plank1stJob
  4. 4. BUILDING YOUR BRAND & FINDING THAT FIRST JOB To talk, click the Talk button once. Click it again when you are done. #Plank1stJob
  5. 5. Gary McCormick, APR, Fellow PRSA Director, Partnership Development, HGTV Kevin Saghy, Manager, Communications, Chicago Cubs
  6. 6. BUILDING YOUR BRAND & FINDING THAT FIRST JOB TRADITIONAL SKILLS/ATTRIBUTES Advice from Dave Fleet •  Writing •  Communications skills •  Attention to detail •  Media relations •  Proactive •  Work ethics •  (I’m adding) Curiosity / Competitive #Plank1stJob
  7. 7. BUILDING YOUR BRAND & FINDING THAT FIRST JOB NEW SKILLS/ATTRIBUTES •  Blogging / Microblogging •  Social networking tools •  Understand SEO •  Coding •  RSS / RSS Readers •  Blogger relations •  Social media ethics – astroturfing, ghost blogging, sock puppets, #Plank1stJob
  8. 8. BUILDING YOUR BRAND & FINDING THAT FIRST JOB WHAT’S THE REAL STORY Looking for employees, the hiring manager •  Wants to mitigate risk •  Is filling an opening on a team •  Is balancing the time it takes to hire with his/ her real job •  Will never find the “perfect” candidate (think of that prom dress search…) #Plank1stJob
  9. 9. BUILDING YOUR BRAND & FINDING THAT FIRST JOB FINDING A JOB, IS A FULL TIME JOB! •  Who Are You? •  What Have You Done? •  Who Do You Know? •  What Are Your Skills? •  Where Do You Live? •  How Committed Are You? •  What Are Your Dreams? Passions? #Plank1stJob
  10. 10. BUILDING YOUR BRAND & FINDING THAT FIRST JOB THE CAPTURE STRATEGY •  Who do I know that knows the company or hiring manager? •  What do I know about the position? •  What do I know about the company? •  What makes me unique for the position? •  What can I do to improve my chances of being interviewed? Hired? #Plank1stJob
  11. 11. Job Description: Scripps Networks' Corporate Communications team is currently looking for an energetic, detail-oriented public relations intern in our communications department at the company headquarters in Knoxville, Tenn. Corporate communications interns at Scripps Networks receive multi-faceted, hands-on experience in a variety of PR disciplines including consumer and trade media relations, marketing, event marketing, internal communications, public affairs, and presentation services. Projects and Assignments Planned for Internship: - Research, write and distribute a weekly e-mail newsletter about GAC programming and promotions. - Research, compose and revise bios of Scripps Networks employees involved with the corporate communications speakers bureau. - Research / assist in the planning and/or executive of events on behalf of the event marketing team. - Research and write articles for internal communications including daily, weekly and quarterly newsletters. The intern will work with corporate communications team members to develop ideas and story outlines. - Assist in the development of story ideas and pitches for trade media. - Shoot and edit video for internal and external use. - Research media coverage of a particular topic, company or industry and generate a clip book that would be distributed to senior executives. Successful candidates for this internship are very goal oriented, work well in a team environment, and must have a desire to invest in their experience with us to reach personal and professional goals. In addition, the intern candidate must: - Demonstrate strong writing/editing skills (AP-style proficient) - Major in Public Relations, Marketing, Journalism or related field
  12. 12. BUILDING YOUR BRAND & FINDING THAT FIRST JOB YOUR PUBLIC PERSONA •  Facebook – it’s more about what you like •  Microblogs - Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr •  Posts on blogs, comments on articles •  Have you Googled yourself lately? •  What will friends, co-workers say about you? •  Do you have a BRAND? #Plank1stJob
  13. 13. BUILDING YOUR BRAND & FINDING THAT FIRST JOB WORK EXPERIENCE What is it and how crucial is it? •  Be creative in what you have done •  Don’t be afraid to ask for references and letters of recommendation •  Don’t limit yourself to jobs for your experience •  Bottom line - You better have it! #Plank1stJob
  14. 14. BUILDING YOUR BRAND & FINDING THAT FIRST JOB BUILDING A RESUME / PORTFOLIO •  Qualitative and Quantitative examples •  Revise to include keywords from job description and/or use in website •  Have samples you can leave •  Consider an electronic portfolio linked by QR Code on your business card (think if you personalized it!) #Plank1stJob
  15. 15. BUILDING YOUR BRAND & FINDING THAT FIRST JOB COVER LETTERS AND INTERVIEWS •  Your cover letter should be your best writing sample •  Never use template cover letter, replacing company and contact names, etc. •  Practice interviewing – i.e. media training •  Develop an “elevator” speech •  Interview the company as much as they interview you #Plank1stJob
  16. 16. BUILDING YOUR BRAND & FINDING THAT FIRST JOB NETWORKING •  Three degrees of separation •  Provides access and opportunity any where in the world •  Transitions you into new “cultures” •  Eliminates a lot of the competition •  Malcolm Gladwell’s “Outliers” - Leverages someone else’s 10,000 hours •  Social media isn’t connecting! #Plank1stJob
  17. 17. BUILDING YOUR BRAND & FINDING THAT FIRST JOB THE JOB SEARCH •  The Hot Line / Change phone habits •  The Email Address •  The Wardrobe •  The Appropriate Follow Up #Plank1stJob
  18. 18. BUILDING YOUR BRAND & FINDING THAT FIRST JOB RESOURCES •  Culpwrit column •  Culpwrit advice by Abby Stollar, Univ. of Delaware •  University of Alabama Platform Magazine •  Mashable, PRNewser •  Keith Ferrazzi’s “Never Eat Alone” •  Flipboard, Streamboard •  RSS Feeds #Plank1stJob
  19. 19. #Plank1stJob
  20. 20. PRESENTERS’ CONTACT INFORMATION Gary McCormick gary.d.mccormick@gmail.com @garymac865 Kevin Saghy ksaghy@cubs.com @CredibleKev The slides and audio from this Webinar will be archived on The Plank Center website at: http://plankcenter.ua.edu/resources/webinars