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Lead Broadcaster

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We've been working to develop new systems that leverage the social media to practical use.

Generally, we see real estate professionals who adopt social media marketing as being more in tune with their customer base than those who aren't participating in online conversations. Being on Twitter is not an indication of being a good real estate agent, but it does become more obvious who knows their stuff by surveying any agents' online content on their blogs and networking accounts.

We're working with Neighbor City.com to develop practical social media channels that connect real estate agents with qualified Neighbor City prospects. The first one is called @leadbroadcaster (the name may change), please check out the slideshow and let us know what you think.

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Lead Broadcaster

  1. 1. page Lead Broadcaster Matching Qualified Buyers with the Best Real Estate Professionals
  2. 2. page Consumers already know they can use the internet to research their home buying decision
  3. 3. page Consumers are demanding their information in real time
  4. 4. page Consumers want to find the best real estate professional to help them with their home buying decision
  5. 5. page Introducing Lead Broadcaster A Twitter-based tool that connects the best real estate agents and qualified buyer candidates in real time
  6. 6. page The process 1) Prospect requests more information on a property on Neighbor City
  7. 7. page The process 2) The Neighbor City coordinator thoroughly qualifies the candidate “ Are you working with a Realtor now?”
  8. 8. page The process 3) @Lead Broadcaster broadcasts fresh prospects as soon as the Neighbor City coordinator gets off the phone Some will be lender pre-qualified
  9. 9. page The process 4) Real estate agents following @Lead Broadcaster respond to leads for their city with a Direct Message
  10. 10. page Responding real estate agents will have a referral fee agreement in place with Neighbor City
  11. 11. page If the responding real estate agent has been qualified by Neighbor City, the lead handoff is made by email
  12. 12. page The Neighbor City coordinator will continuously assist the transaction through closing
  13. 13. page Lead Broadcaster accomplishes four things <ul><li>Leverages agent participation in Twitter </li></ul><ul><li>Hastens lead response time </li></ul><ul><li>Connects best agents to prospects </li></ul><ul><li>Completely opt-in method to develop pipeline </li></ul>
  14. 14. page Want to try it out? First, follow @leadbroadcaster
  15. 15. page @leadbroadcaster will Direct Message you with further instructions on best use of the service and its referral fee agreement
  16. 16. page Questions or comments? Pat Kitano Principal @pkitano pkitano (at) gmail