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Post Sticker - interactive smart apps

Post Sticker - create your own interactive smart apps playable directly in Facebook News Feed


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Post Sticker - interactive smart apps

  1. 1. collect leads give-away coupons run competitions
  2. 2. The days of getting free reach on Facebook are over. Brand’s organic reach has crashed.
  3. 3. Once highly popular, Facebook apps are being cut out from News Feed and barely visible to anybody.
  4. 4. Engaging interaction rightin users' main focus area- Facebook News Feed Possibility of direct post sponsoring
  5. 5. Quizzes Games Contests Customs Offers
  6. 6. Video Countdowns Lead collection Hash VoteGive-aways
  7. 7. Create in 5 mins Playable in News Feed No developing skills required; just pick your scenario, upload desired graphics, set your copywriting and publish.  No entry barrier No user-permissions, fangates or app allowance screens are required to inte- ract with your audience, just click-to-play!  Mobile friendly Stay on top of modern user’s experience and engage your followers everywhere and on all possible devices.   No need to visit tabs, fan-pages or leave Facebook; engage your followers in their main focus area - News Feed!  One-click publish Easy to boost Analytics Monitor your app’s perfor- mance in real-time, analyze detailed statistics and export collected data; every single click counts!  Multi-language Use any imaginable language without doing any transla- tions; publish your Smart Apps on any desired market worldwide. Post your Smart App on Fa- cebook with one-click, go interactive within seconds and boost your engagement.  Share, like and boost your Smart Apps like any other post on Facebook, either by direct sponsoring or Facebo- ok ads manager.
  8. 8. Pro vz Unlimited plays Unlimited Facebook Pages Open access to all smart apps • Collect limitless no. of e-mails • Run competitions • Give-away vouchers •• Boost click-through rate White label Mobile ready Custom Unlimited plays Non-standard formats Dedicated smart apps Default engine amendments • Get a quote by contacting us directly White label Mobile ready
  9. 9. contact@poststicker.com poststicker.com