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Tools for 21st Century Learning Design - Web Tool Edition

This deck shares web tools matched to 21st Century Learning dimensions. The aim of this is to provide some tools for those who do not always work in the app world.

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Tools for 21st Century Learning Design - Web Tool Edition

  1. @pipcleaves | http://dle.net.au
  2. Web Tools
  3. Office 365 Google Classroom Sole SOLE Edmodo OneNote Collaboration
  4. Instagrok Sweetsearch Sophia Gap Minder Infogr.am / ease.ly Knowledge Construction
  5. OneNote Office 365 Kahoot FA SeeSaw Fresh Grade Self Regulation
  6. Open IDEO BIE.org Projects Edutopia Deforestaction Design Thinking Real World Innovation and Problem Solving
  7. Industry Software Scratch 2.0 Kodu / Project Spark TinkerCAD / Maker Edu grok learn / code.org ICT for Learning
  8. Thinglink LIST Canva MG Flipgrid Sway and Slate PowerPoint / HaikuDeck Skilful Communication
  9. @pipcleaves | http://dle.net.au