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Online Brand Conversations

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Many brands want to join in the online conversations, but this means letting go of the control of their brands. How can they cope?

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Online Brand Conversations

  1. Online Brand Conversations How and when to get involved
  2. An original conversation?
  3. Getting granular....
  4. Finding your audience
  5. What identity?
  6. Boeing have a blog - VP of Marketing Randy Tinseth - started by his predecessors for the plane spotters among us
  7. The originator of the Boeing blog - VP of Marketing Randy Baseler - seems that to be in marketing at Boeng, being named Randy is a plus....
  8. Ten Tenets of Good Conversation 1. Good conversation is natural 6. Good conversation is timeless 2. Good conversation is honest 7. Good conversation is valuable 3. Good conversation is balanced 8. Good conversation is heated 4. Good conversation is open 9. Good conversation is viral 5. Good conversation is organic 10.Good conversation is productive Source: Join the Conversation - Joseph Jaffe 2008
  9. Direct marketing principles remain for online conversations - content in the context of the target audience
  10. Does your strategy have a Plan B?
  11. Text Dove Onslaught http://au.youtube.com/watch?v=Ei6JvK0W60I
  12. Text Greenpeace response http://au.youtube.com/watch?v=odI7pQFyjso
  13. The response? Source: YouTube
  14. And also...
  15. How does a brand break in?
  16. AdSpace Pioneers response to NAB spamming bloggers - spam a NAB branch. Found on Youtube http://au.youtube.com/watch?v=yWEQgeMi6aQ
  17. Opportunities are abundant phil@ideagarden.com.au Twitter: phillipsmith