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Epm2007 Sp1 Overview Final

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Microsoft Office EPM 2007 Service Pack 1 Overview

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Epm2007 Sp1 Overview Final

  1. 1. Service Pack 1 Overview EPM 2007 Adrian Jenkins| Microsoft Supportability Program Manager Christophe Fiessinger| Microsoft Technical Product Manager
  2. 2. Agenda Overview & Service Pack 1 (SP1) content Download locations Deployment guidelines Post SP1 hot fix rollup Questions and Answers
  3. 3. What SP1 is Hot fixes and DCRs Customer reported problems Crashing problems reported Microsoft internally reported issues Postponed issues found near the original 2007 ship date Security fixes
  4. 4. What SP1 is not A service pack based heavily on support call data The size and depth that would normally be expected for a first service pack For more information: KB Article Title 936984 Description of the 2007 Office System servers Service Pack 1 936988 Description of the Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 Service Pack 1 937154 Description of the Microsoft Office Project 2007 Service Pack 1 937961 Description of the Office 2003 Web Components Service Pack 1 for the 2007 Microsoft Office System 940850 Description of Microsoft Office Language Interface Pack 2007 Service Pack 1
  5. 5. List of SP1 Fixes Themes: Lookup Table & Custom Fields Active Cache Queue Timesheet & Statusing Performance Stability KB Article Description 942386 Issues fixed in Project 2007 by 2007 Office suite Service Pack 1 942387 Issues fixed in Project Server 2007 by Office 2007 Servers Service Pack 1 942388 Issues fixed in Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 by Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 Service Pack 1 942390 Issues fixed in Office SharePoint Server 2007 by 2007 Office System servers Service Pack 1 942722 Issues Fixed in Microsoft Project Portfolio 2007 Service Pack 1
  6. 6. Where to download SP1? http://www.microsoft.com/downloads Office Office Language Packs Office Web Components Project Project Language Pack Servers (MOSS, Project, Forms, Groove) Server Language Packs, x86 Server Language Packs, x64 Windows SharePoint Services Windows SharePoint Services Language Pack Windows SharePoint Services Language Pack, x64 Windows SharePoint Services with SP1 (slipstream) Windows SharePoint Services with SP1, x64 (slipstream)
  7. 7. Deployement Guidelines Deploy software updates for Office Project Server 2007 Office SharePoint Server Deploy in pre-production/test platform first, and validate specific fixes you were expecting in SP1. Validate your typical usage scenarios prior to any deployment into production.
  8. 8. Post SP1 Hot fix Rollup Patch - 1 What is it? Hot fixes made after the SP1 code base was locked down and up until SP1 is released Typically released 4 to 8 weeks after a SP Leverage your Microsoft representative to get it Should I wait for its release prior to deploying SP1? Depends if it contains specific fixes that are specific to your deployment.
  9. 9. Post SP1 Hot fix Rollup Patch - 2 Project Client: KB Article Description 941657 Error 458 appears when using the ProjectBeforeTaskChange or ProjectBeforeTaskChange2 VBA event 941657 Project crashes intermittently while connecting to Project Server and products such as Black Ice Firewall are installed 941657 Booking type of resources within a project get changed during the migration process 941657 Assignment booking type does not make it into the ASSN_BOOKING_TYPE column in dbo.MSP_ASSIGNMENTS table 941657 Project may keep crashing when a user tries to save a project back to Project Server 924679 Script error appears when closing a project while the Save Baseline or List project guide is open 941657 Users are able to save baselines on imported plans despite being denied in security settings 941657 Project may crash when grouping a resource view by RBS level
  10. 10. Post SP1 Hot fix Rollup Patch - 3 Project Server: KB Article Description 941426 Adding more work to a task that has progress and is tracked on a % Complete basis incorrectly adds work to the task 941426 A crash may occur when updating tasks on multiple summary tasks via PSI 941426 OLAP cube dimensions do not work properly for the MSP_Project_Timesheet cube 941426 Build Team: Default Assignment owner is not changed after resources substitution in PWA 941426/941657 Status manager field not updated when saved from a template 941426 UpdateUserSyncSetting tool not working properly 941426 Need ability to clear rejected task assignment via PSI 941426 Self assign with actuals appears as one request in approvals. 941426 'Start Date' for tasks shows as NA in Applied Requests and Errors 941426 Updating custom field via PSI may cause ProjectSchedulingEngineException error 941426 Error when users are set to a high a RBS level 941426 IE has encountered a problem with an add-on and needs to close - PJGRID12.ocx 941426 Synching to WSS Root site can take a long time depending on the number of users being synchronized. An option now exists to disable sync 941426 Self assign to an existing task with an assignment incorrectly shows an update is needed to the resource the was originally assigned to the task 941426 Project Owners dropdown in Edit Project Properties does not take RBS into Account 941426 Updating tasks in PWA may cause failure to load projects in Project Professional 941426 Need the ability to remove themselves from a task with actual work is already applied 941426 Outline codes are not indented in Grouping views
  11. 11. Questions & Answers - 1 Will SP1 break existing customization? It depends! If you’ve changed standard PWA pages, database schema and stuff like that, then you could run into problems. Otherwise, things should be OK. Have there been any changes or fixes to PSI methods? No changes to the methods. There haven’t been any major fixes.
  12. 12. Q&A-2 Have there been changes to PSMigrate? Not really. It has been recompiled to match Winproj.exe. There is a post SP1 rollup fix that does fix an issue with resource booking types. Can I migrate from PS 2003 to PS 2007 + SP1? Yes, you can apply SP1 on your target environment. PS 2003 SP3 is NOT a pre- requisite nor is it necessary. Does SP1 contain any additional tools? No. There are no tools, for example, to check whether or not MPP files have become corrupted and so forth.
  13. 13. Q&A-3 Are there any fixes that are specific to localized languages? No. When we were looking at the fixes to put into SP1, we were unaware of issues that were specific to a localized build. When will the SP1 language packs, 64-bit and 32-bit versions be shipped? All at the same time.
  14. 14. Q&A-4 Are there any dependencies between the SP1 client and server versions? No. We test with RTM clients against SP1 servers and vise versa. However, with all of the fixes that are in SP1, it is a great idea to have both the server and client upgraded to SP1. There are also no dependencies between Office desktop applications. For example, you can install Project 2007 SP1 and still have Office 2007 at the RTM level. You will need to install WSS 3.0 SP1 before installing Project Server SP1, however.
  15. 15. Q&A-5 Are there any database schema changes? A few minor changes. There are a lot of stored procedures and index changes to improve performance. Have any fixes been made that will help master and sub projects work better together – especially those that have been imported? Yes, there was a hot fix done for this and it is included in SP1.
  16. 16. Q&A-6 Where can I get Project Portfolio Server SP1? PPS SP1 should be released next week Does SP1 contain updates to PWA’s ActiveX controls? Yes, they will have to be redeployed on the desktops. Please note that the hot fix rollup package will contain updates as well. How do we verify the version number of the client and the server? In Project go to Help/About MS Office Project (6211) On the server go to Central Admin/Operations/Servers in Farm (6219)
  17. 17. Q&A-7 Is the CodePlex Timesheet Tied-Mode solution starter included in SP1? No, here’s a link: Timesheet Tied-Mode v1.0 What’s the plan for SP2? No target date so far, driven based on feedback. If you have issues continue to work with Microsoft Support to get a hot fix. What about compatibility with the next version of Windows Server 2008 and the next version of SQL Server 2008? Issues are being addressed with beta versions of these products.
  18. 18. Additional questions from the conference call - 1 Can we expect problems if we install SP1 over SP1 Beta ? It should work. SP1 is a just another patch and therefore, as long as it senses the version getting installed is later, it’ll install over an earlier version. After successfully installing the client the version reads: 6211. Is the upgrade not installed? Sorry about that – my mistake. The client version will read 6211. Be aware that if you check versions of individual files, you will find different levels. For example, many of the Project Server core DLLs are version 6211. This is fine and is expected. The Office Web Component SP1 patch is available. Do we need to install this? There are no fixes specific to Project Server. You can install it if you wish. If there are multiple PWA instances will all of the associated DBs be updated? Yes, installing SP1 will upgrade all of the databases to the SP1 level. If upgrading to MOSS, does the system need to be at SP1? Yes. You need to install WSS 3.0 SP1 and then install the Office Server 2007 SP1 patch. This will upgrade MOSS, Project Server… and all other Office Servers that are installed. Were the deadlock issues with the UpdateTask PSI call resolved? Work was done to fix these sorts of problems. If there are additional issues, we’ll need to know about them. I ran WSS SP1 on a PS07 instance with multiple instances and received 72 errors. Then I installed PS07 SP1 and received no errors. And all worked fine. Should I ignore the WSS errors? Likely everything is fine. You’ll need to look as the PSCDiagnostics log and possibly the ULS log to see what’s up. Generally you install the WSS 3.0 bits and don’t run PSConfig. Next, you install the Office Server SP1 bits and finally you run PSConfig. It may be that there were problems running PSConfig before installing the Office Server bits. The CodePlex timesheet tied mode is a good start, but we really need to be able to update Remaining Work from the Timesheet. Is this planned anytime soon? I don’t know. You have the code and so that’s something you could do.
  19. 19. Additional questions from the conference call - 2 Are there any known issues relating to the PS2007 SP1 and the integration of Project Server 2007 with a Moss farm? No I was told SP1 might break the edit property functionality in the Project Center. Is this true? We hope not <g> We actually did a number of fixes to resolve problems where editing properties did break things. Therefore, the opposite should be true. What does quot;If you connect to a server and then edit enterprise formulas, you may destroy the formulas if the client settings use a semicolon.quot; the client settings use a semicolon ? This is the issue where if the client machine running Project Professional has the list separator set to a semi- colon that editing formulas from PWA would damage them to the point that you’d need to reenter them. Are any of the cubes affected by SP1? If yes, how? There have been some fixes made. For example, many dimensions of the various virtual cubes didn’t work. An example is the IsGeneric dimension. Prior to SP1, filtering using this dimension would return no results. Is the filtering for large resource numbers/RBS fixed - that is the form field size for filtering by outline codes. The field length is very limited for viewing outline codes? There is a hotfix that will address this. Extranet issue : Users cannot access to OLAP view through forms authentication There are no specific fixes in SP1 to address this issue. We’re still learning about this problem and so at this time, work with the support organization toward a solution. Surrogate timesheet data does not show up properly in OLAP Cube i.e. if a PM changes hours for a holiday for a TM , then in the cubes the holiday hours for the TM show up as PMs hours. I believe this is fixed either in SP1 or is in the hotfix rollup. The problem is familiar so it’s something we know about and have either fixed or will be fixing soon.
  20. 20. Additional questions from the conference call - 3 The PWA Help & How-To says that you can control access to custom fields through categories: http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/projectserver/HA100968271033.aspx Because of problems, the field access control (FAC) user interface was removed shortly before 2007 was released. Thus, it was not accessible, but all of the “plumbing” was there. In SP1, all of the FAC has been removed, but the help topics (the on-line ones, at least) need to be updated. We do not plan on adding this feature back in a future service pack. The feature had too many issues (performance included) and so we need to rethink the whole thing. With the release of SP1, will it be possible to install Project Server in virtual machines without having performance issues? There have been many performances changes made in SP1. However, nothing specifically has been done to make it perform differently in a virtual environment. As a side note, we don’t generally recommend running SQL Server in a virtual environment but the VPC does all of this. Thus, performance lags. We installed SP1 in a test environment but cannot get the queue working. What can we do? Without having any more information, we’ll need to look at ULS logs and other such details to see why this is happening. In a good many cases, the service(s) can’t start because of permission problems. Sorry if I didn't hear an answer if it was asked...but has anything been done with Timesheets? A lot of our customers have abandoned this because of the way it was implemented. Anything different? There are a few minor differences, but probably not enough to satisfy the set of customers who are used to the way 2003 timesheets work. The best thing to offer at this point is the “tied-mode” solution that’s talked about earlier. If we have deployed a Project hot fix can we install Service Pack1 over the hot fix? If it is a public hot fix (has a KB article that goes with it) then you can. If you have a private release hotfix or one that’s in the “lockout” period that’s been discussed, then you cannot. Are there any know issues concerning PS 2007 SP1 deployment within an extranet environment? No
  21. 21. Additional questions from the conference call - 4 Can resources assigned to tasks in Proposed mode see those assignments in PWA after SP1? No, this problem has been fixed. How should we best communicate the change in announced release timing of SP1 to our clients? What is the reason for the change - we were told at the conference that it would be released in Q1 2008. We’d always hoped that we’d get it out in December but we gave Q1 2008 as the date so that we wouldn’t be over promising. Will users be prompted to download the SP1 for Office Web Components? No. There’s no dependency on the SP1 version of the controls. Will users be prompted to download the SP1 PWA controls? Yes, when a user goes to a page such as the Resource Center, they’ll be prompted to download the newer version of the controls. Will calculated fields update with a web-based publish with SP1? If not, will the hotfix rollup provide this functionality? SP1 will calculate custom fields when published via PWA. There’s still a lingering issue where this may not always occur at the task level… we’re looking into the problem. When will the SDK update be released? Will it cover SP1 changes? Here’s the link: http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?FamilyId=2672F6F9-7028-4B30-99A2- 18CB1EED1ABE&displaylang=en. Yes, it contains the SP1 changes. I see Office 2007 SP1 and Project 2007 SP1. Is Project 2007 SP1 INCLUDED in Office 2007 SP1? No. They are separate. For Project Server, however, it is included in the Office Servers 2007 SP1 package and there’s no a separate Project Server download.
  22. 22. Additional questions from the conference call - 5 Is there a fix to remove the issue where Risks and Issues/New Tasks are still listed on the Home Page that existed for a project or project workspace that was deleted? I don’t believe this is fixed in SP1. I believe this is a post SP1 hotfix beyond the rollup patch. When grouping projects in the project center, the entire hierarchy is displayed instead of the lookup descriptions (if present) is this fixed? Yes. Its fixed in Project Professional and Standard as well. Are there any issues you know of with Active Directory Synchronization not resolved in SP1? No. But, if you know of problems that exist prior to SP1, then those same issues will still be there in SP1 given we did not really touch this area. After installing SP1, will restoring the whole farm put me back to pre-SP1? If you’re talking about using the WSS backup and restore, then you’ll get back to SP1. If you’re trying to restore on a new farm or on a farm where you’ve had to reinstall everything, then you’d need to get the server bits to the SP1 level before you restore the farm. Will there be a slipstreamed version of PS 2007 with SP1 available or do we have to install it gradually? Can I run the PSConfig wizard only once after installing the RTM and SP1 binary files? I don’t know if there will be a slipstreamed version. However, if you’re building up a farm from scratch to the SP1 level, you can install the RTM bits, the SP1 bits and finally run PSConfig just once. Is time phased data available in the resource assignment view like it was in PS 2003? In the database, the information is now in the reporting database. As far as the view, its still not in SP1, but we’re looking at possibly delivering the functionality at a later time. What has been done to prevent MPP corruption? We find and fix problems as we find them. We also keep adding code so that Project can better detect and fix problems when it finds them.
  23. 23. Additional questions from the conference call - 6 Does SP1 fixes issues on active cache on Project Pro? We’ve made a lot of fixes. Is the Group by Resource Custom fields in Build team from web fixed in SP1..... Grouping of Resources works in Resource center but if we do it on Build team (Proposal, Resource plan etc) then the Group by the Custom field e.g. Department does not work Based on the description, I’m not sure if that issue is fixed or not. But, in the team builder prior to SP1, not all custom field data would appear. Therefore, perhaps the grouping issue was a result of that problem – which has been fixed. Have the recommended installation accounts / service accounts changed at all? Seems like we ran into a few bugs trying to use the recommended (minimal) permissions. The have not changed. Let us know what issues and workarounds you’ve found. We can certainly change the documentation if necessary. It would be of great value to us partners to be able to understand what issues you have identified as bugs or issues (that could influence others). Are you considering this communication? This is a topic we’ve struggled with over the years… how to efficiently get information out to you about product problems. There’s more to it than you might imagine and as a result, we don’t have a solution at this time and probably won’t in the near future. What’s the best way to file a bug report without opening a case? Possible? The only other avenue besides the support organization is on the Connect site. If you submit a question or a bug report there, however, there’s no service level agreement and you won’t necessarily receive any communication back regarding your issue.
  24. 24. Additional questions from the conference call - 7 Is it possible to change only the remaining work in the task center without allowing resources to change task's name, start/finish date, etc. Not directly. The best you could do is invoke server event code to block changes to these fields once a submission has been made. There is an issue when several resources are assigned to the same task. When a team member wants to enter progress on the MyTasks page, the web part displays an error. The workaround of Microsoft is to remove the resource from the task and re-assign it. Is the problem fixed? There have been a number of fixes in this area. I also know of at least one pending fix. Therefore, for your scenario, it may be fixed. If not, work through the support organization. Will the server-side scheduling engine and Project Pro scheduling engine yield the same results in SP1? They should in most cases. There have been a number of fixes done to the server-side scheduling to make it more robust such that it doesn’t fail when trying to apply updates, for example.
  25. 25. © 2007 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. This presentation is for informational purposes only. Microsoft makes no warranties, express or implied, in this summary. 25