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Holy Grail Of Outsourzing

How To Make Substantial Financial Gains From Creative and Technical Outsourcing

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Holy Grail Of Outsourzing

  1. 1. How To Make Substantial Financial Gains In The Marketing And New Media Sector<br />`The Holy Grail Of Outsourcing`<br />Supplier/Agency Business Deal<br />
  2. 2. Americas<br />Europe<br />Asia<br />Africa<br />Middle East<br />4000 People 5 Continents 24 Time Zones<br />We believe this is the most extensive group of production hubs in existence today. <br />Supplier/Agency Business Deal<br />
  3. 3. It offers agencies with scalable local <br />OR global production and adaptation<br />projects, the ability to easily increase quality,<br />efficiencies and slash costs by centralising<br />planning, creative and production.<br />PLANNING<br />PRODUCTION<br />DELIVERY<br />Supplier/Agency Business Deal<br />
  5. 5. Economies Of Scale
  6. 6. Competition Between NetworkMembers
  7. 7. Fewer Supplier Relationships
  8. 8. Speed Of Production
  9. 9. SPOC Single Point Of Contact
  10. 10. More Streamlined
  11. 11. Greater Visibility
  12. 12. Deeper Management Insight
  13. 13. Better Timetabling
  14. 14. Step By Step Benchmarks
  15. 15. All CMMiLevel 3 Compliant
  16. 16. Identical Global Process
  17. 17. Hubs Inspected Personally
  18. 18. All Partners Are Owners
  19. 19. All Managers Are Owners
  20. 20. Production 365 Days Of The Year 24/7
  21. 21. All Experienced In Sector
  22. 22. Track Record Of Problem Solving
  23. 23. Multi-cultural Global Experts</li></ul>Supplier/Agency Business Deal<br />
  24. 24. eQuiz | Newsletters | Banners<br />Campaigns | Microsites<br />Cloud Hosted Controlled Apps Delivery | Quicker Access Times Easy Access | On The Move Availability<br />Mother Tongue Translators Language Library<br />Websites | Wapsites | Microsites<br />Mobile Applications<br />Software Development |CMS<br />High Quality Production<br />Fast Brochures | Inserts<br />Sales Material<br />Global Strategy | BusinessProcess|Consultancy <br />Marketing<br />UserPsychology<br />Concept and AdaptationBanners|Websites |Games<br />Media Ads | TV Commercials<br />Journalists | Australian Based | 30% Saving on EU or UK copy | Adaptation<br />Supplier/Agency Business Deal<br />
  25. 25. <ul><li>Allow Outsourz to find solutions to any difficulties your projects get into. Scope creep, cost and IT inconsistencies. We have a track record of remedying problems created by other suppliers who have not followed IT-compliant policies. </li></ul>Supplier/Agency Business Deal<br />
  26. 26. Firstly, as a LinkedIn member, thank you for taking the time to read this business proposition.<br />I have spent the last 5 years building and testing the Outsourz network.<br />It has been put through its paces by different sized businesses including a top 10 Pharma giant and Telecomms business.<br />It is efficient, powerful and runs like clockwork, all day, every day.<br />It can be used as little or as much as you need, from a few banners to replacing whole departments, and is totally scalable.<br />It is now time to fill the production pipeline and I would like you to consider trying it.<br />If you already outsource allow me to show you how the quality, process, communication and level of fanatical service can be improved.<br />If you don`t already outsource production then allow me to show you the vast differences and financial gains it can produce.<br />I am looking for supplier/agency partnerships and if required, the whole network can be seamlessly bolted on to your existing agency.<br />I would appreciate an hour of your time to discuss the opportunities further and look forward to hearing from you.<br />Many thanks.<br />Peter Sowerby<br />Founder<br />peter.sowerby@outsourz.com<br />00 44 7734 899966<br />Supplier/Agency Business Deal<br />