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  1. CORPORATE PRESENTATION Headquarters: 14 Chemin de la Garrigue 30210 Castillon du Gard – France Kristian Harrison and Peter Schellinck
  2. v  “Companies don’t fail for lack of talent or strategic vision… they fail for lack of execution.” T J Rodgers (Cypress Electronics) v  “It’s not good ideas we need : they’re far from lacking. In business, success is 5% strategy and 95% execution. ” Percy Barnevick (ABB) Help you company transform and adjust their strategic plans into reality. OUR MISSION
  3. WHO WE ARE v  We re a strong team of International specialists representing an extraordinary diversity of age, education and professional experience. v  Most of us, before entering the consulting business, have held high- level operational and executive positions in industrial, health care (hospitals) and service sectors, both private and public. v  We re rapidly mobilized and perform most of our work in your site. v  Complementary, used to working transversally and to achieve effective change with tangible results. v  We re used to intervene and operate in difficult contexts and in multicultural environments.
  4. OUR PRINCIPLES v  Clearly define the project’s Values and Objectives v  Associate and Empower the People in our process v  Measure and Follow the Results of our interventions v  Create sustainable and Added Value v  Do what we’ve Agreed to do STAKEHOLDER SATISFACTION Q = P x e² Q=Quality P=Personnel e=Efficiency c=cost cf=cash flow e = cƒcf
  5. Approach v TRADITIONAL Project oriented approach for those areas and activities which are well defined. The aim is to achieve excellence by improving performance, enhancing efficiency and sustaining quality with cost cutting as a consequence. v INNOVATIVE The overall objective is to install « best practices » by redesigning the processes and adopting the way of working focused on the needs and services, sustained by Total Quality and Risk Management . v SUPPORTIVE This approach involves a suitable monitoring of the actions required in compliance with the Company Charters and Corporate Governance.
  6. SKILLS Lean Management Human Resources Coaching Maintenance (OEE) Organisational Development Re-engineering (BPR) Project Management Purchasing Supply Chain Production Logistics Magna Tools Management Management Information Systems (MIS)
  7. OUR COMMITMENTS v Enter a partnership with the Company HQ v Offer the Awareness phase and Scoping at cost v Analysis, Implementation and Consolidation at a fixed agreed manweek management fee v Develop a human and pragmatic approach using SHC Tools and our tailor made methodology v Guarantee a return on investment of minimum 250% (400% within 48 months) v Commit personnel involved personally into surpassing their objectives v Sustain the continuity and perpetuation of results
  8. OUR APPROACH The best way to predict the future is to create it Peter Drucker
  9. OUR APPROACH 3 DAYS Awareness and Scoping 3 - 4 WEEKS Analysis 4 - 6 MONTHS Implementation Consolidation 4 - 6 MONTHS
  10. OUR APPROACH 4 - 6 MONTHS Implementation Consolidation4 - 6 MONTHS Analysis3 - 4 WEEKS Awareness3 DAYS ü Company strategy compliance ü Interviews with Management and key-people ü Diagnostics ü Walk through the installations
  11. OUR APPROACH 4 - 6 WEEKS Implementation Consolidation4 - 6 WEEKS Analysis3 - 4 WEEKS ü Current situation analysis ü Improvement opportunities identification ü Project approach definition ü Implementation program ü Gap Analysis ü Certification compliance ü Financial benefits Awareness3 - 4 DAYS
  12. OUR APPROACH 4 - 6 MONTHS Analysis Consolidation4 - 6 MONTHS Implementation4 - 6 MONTHS ü Mobilization ü Project management ü Action plan evaluation ü Detailed analysis ü Actions design and development ü Team training ü Actions implementation ü Workshops and seminars ü Certifications ü Customer satisfaction status ü Audit pre-monitoring Awareness3 - 4 WEEKS
  13. OUR APPROACH 4 - 6 MONTHS Analysis Implementation4 - 6 MONTHS Consolidation4 - 6 MONTHS ü Help Desk ü Post implementation audit ü Training and coaching ü Seminars and workshops ü Audit monitoring Awareness3 - 4 DAYS
  14. KEY FACTORS OF SUCCESS v Define and have one s vision shared v Establish clear goals v Involve and empower the players v Encourage open-mindedness and curiosity v Encourage communication permanently v Integrate the change (a global vision) v Work at a realistic level of resources v Show recognition TO SUCCEED MAJOR CHANGES
  16. A FLAVOUR OF OUR EXPERIENCE "  Aeronautics, Aviation : "  Automobile : "  Banking: "  Building : "  Chemical "  Civil Engineering : "  Civil Service : Distribution "  Defense "  Electronics: "  Energy & Oil: "  Food : "  Games : "  Health : "  Household appliances : "  Informatics : "  Luxury : "  Mass distribution : "  Metallurgy : "  Paper mill : "  Pharmacy : "  Plastic : "  Publishing : "  Research : "  Shipbuilding : "  Telecoms : "  Textile : "  Tyre : "  LOT Polish Airlines, Airbus, British Aerospace, Dan-Air "  Renault, Valeo, PSA, Arvin Meritor, Rolls Royce, Magna " Credicard, Fortis, ING, " Rebelco, Heidelberg, Anglian Windows "  AGA, ICI, Akzo Nobel, SEDEMA, Rohm & Haas " Betonac "  La Poste Belge, La Poste Française, British Railways " Matra-Bae Dynamics "  CGA, Fournier-Grospaud, Nokia "  EM Electricity Board, Unipetrol, Shell, Areva " Pescanova, Igloo, Nestle, 3A, Roquefort " Française de Jeux " Hôpital Notre Dame Reine Fabiola, CHU-Nancy, CH-Lens, " Groupe Fagor, "  IBM France, Procom, CompuServe "  Cartier, " Simago, Carrefour, Brico, FNAC, Monoprix, " Fagor, Mittal, ABIMAQ, Arcelor, Bourgeois, Engelhardt " Torraspapel, " Virbac, Maco Pharma, Novartis, Bristol Myers, Aventis "  IGS "  Atlas, Hachette "  Centre de Recherche Routière "  Gdansk shipjard, Arno Dunquerke "  France Telecom, Alcatel-Lucent, TPSA, British Telecom " Oesteringen, BKC, BTA, Cernay "  Goodyear, Pirelli
  17. Help your company transform and adjust their strategic plans into reality.