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SaaS Ecosystem - turn it on

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As presented by Peter J Cooper CEO of Saasu.com the web finance engine at CeBIT Conference May 2008 on Transaction 2.0. A bit rough, the live version was better :-) with thanks to Marc Lehmann for some bits.

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SaaS Ecosystem - turn it on

  1. the saas ecosystem. turn it on. Peter J Cooper CEO Copyright Saasu 2008
  2. Newsflash: 2008 CeBIT Award Winner CeBIT Sydney 2008 Saasu on the SaaS Ecosystem By Peter J Cooper | CEO
  3. What you will get today What? Who? Landscape Why? How? Framework Next? Future Insight
  4. it doesn't matter In the business of tech Using tech for your business small < 50 people large >500 people industry function geography (sales, finance, marketing, (need net) design, manufacturing) nicholasgcarr.com - HBR IT doesn't matte - the big switch
  5. it does matter Productivity Differentiation Margin Cost Control (Usually) Quality (Usually) Risk (Usually) And... Fun. People. Living. Satisfaction. Retention. Momentum. Values. Intangibles... see ted.com
  6. you can deliver what matters in different ways now Software as a Service (SaaS) Also known as PaaS XaaS SaS On Demand blah Today: limited time but broadest definition so we will focus on examples. saasu.com/blog
  7. SaaS and Social get commercial scale comcast buys plaxo $150-170m disney buys club penguin $700m microsoft invests in facebook $240m implied valuation $15b nokia buys navteq $8b cisco buys webex $3.2b sap buys businessobjects for $6.8b intuit buys homestead $170m sony buys gracenote for $260m aol buys bebo $850m taylor nelson sofres buys compete.com for $75m+$75m microsoft buys yahoo for ~$47b google buys postini $650m private equity buys ancestry.com for $300m private equity buys getty images/istockphoto.com for $2.4b yahoo buys maven for $160m ibm buys xiv for $350m aol buys quigo for $340m google buys jaiku (i can't believe its not twitter) web2innovations.com
  8. SaaS now serious (and social) Market Caps iPhone Web Apps Google Fills Gaps 1600+ Apps, ASX < CRM 10% business Approaching Private salesforce.com Banking appexchange 700 apps 90%+ business
  9. so what is it? specific narrow new tools software substitute a new age ease of software features of software confidence of software plus extra ingredient - distinct advantages of saas (just as we expected them from new upgrades in software)
  10. I can't believe it's not software
  11. Why? Innovation example: fonts
  12. What? Landscape - SaaS ecosystem Transformation in economies Disruptive innovation claytonchristensen.com Interdependence network Cost reduction opportunity New models (and risks) People Connect. Automate. Simplify
  13. Who? Landscape - Are you ready? You Solution Options Connected always Mesh SaaS Externally aware One SaaS Channels Pieces Want growth Not just technology Interdependence saas-y
  14. Why? Innovation ++ example: Dell Idea Storm
  15. Who? Landscape - The Players Platforms Verticals Horizontals Collections Also... Directories Others (3 or 4 browsers, 3+ operating systems)
  16. so what are the distinct saas advantages? one view is turn it on automate connect simplify your own solution, your own community, your own ecosystem
  17. Automate Always try and kill off the extremely manual tasks first. Even better, kill off the boring bits so people enjoy their job.
  18. Connect What is your sweet spot? For everything else connect to the best.
  19. Simplify Attack the worst exception. Repeat. What's slowing you down?
  20. Be exceptions based. Automate everything you can with systems and procedures. Saasu.com | the web finance engine is obviously a good start.
  21. Systems simplicity Reduce the number of systems you use. Adopt more online services. Reduce the complexity and duplication of tasks. ...The All SaaS Enterprise (ASE) is the way of the future. .
  22. Your infrastructure and outsource capability is very high in an ASE. Backups, upgrades, data storage and security are cheap. e.g you can get all your flickr photos on a disk for about $20. How can you possibly improve on that by doing backups yourself? All SaaS Enterprises (ASE's) are productive.
  23. ASE means security and big iron (or at least lots of well managed small iron). Is your technology big (scale), secure and well managed? SaaS has multiple measures of security and backups that are difficult to achieve in a smaller scale DIY approach. Often these risks are hidden in a non-ASE world until it is too late.
  24. Service is sales sell more to less more to more more for less less for more Turn what is normally a cost into a benefit and continue to standardise service through procedure and automation. Service is a super opportunity to: sell, cross-sell, upsell learn automate help make customers happy retain price based on value to buyer by knowing more
  25. Exploit unused time buckets. A simple thing like giving staff mobile web access might create 20 minutes a day where it didn't exist. Reading email or blogs on a train trip as an example. Keep valuing your time!
  26. Good operations. Command and control. Control helps create predictable results. Don't stifle the creativity. We give creativity it's time and place but within limits. It's not about clocking on or off but it is about getting projects done and that means coal face work - no two ways about it. Don't confuse web with waffle.
  27. Exercising cheap or free options. Outsourcing can be so cheap that it is nearly a free option. E.g. extremely cheap service plans from Apple are very 'insurance like'. Potentially capping cost for a small premium.
  28. Compounding productivity magic. Small amounts of automation or productivity today result in a large Future Value impact on your business. Better still, many small gains over time create compounding efficiency. Perhaps this is why some seem to achieve the seemingly impossible with limited resources and time.
  29. Minimise transition and duplication costs. Moving between tasks has transition costs. Minutes saved per day lead to many hours saved per year. The cumulative effect.
  30. TCO is old school. What's the Future Value Impact of your investment on your companies equity value? The cultural shifts, the productivity impact, the automation, they must all be factored into the ROI
  31. TPO Time Price Opportunity Time is money, it faces market forces. Saasu built an efficient, low cost of sales business by avoiding jamming too much development into a short time bucket. Fast development means paying a premium price.
  32. Rule out, don't rule in. It's too easy to load a project e.g. for Saasu it is a release cycle. We tend to rule out based on lack of requests. We also rule out features that take us back into our competitors arena - we avoid the red ocean. Read the book.
  33. PassionKey Productivity Driver Don't let it only be about the money. It also has to be an authentic love of exploration and creation. Most of all it needs to be about the game. Playing it like you are on the field, not watching from the stands.
  34. Why? Profile SaaS vs Software Investment + Time to market + Continuity
  35. Why? Innovation at saasu Democracy - Ideas exchange via salesforce.com and others PSN Integration (Professional & Social Network) Connected Transaction Automation Transaction Cross Docking Customer Self Service & Partner Relationship Management Niche SaaS Specialists Global but simplified
  36. Initial time to market profile SaaS vs Software
  37. Continuous innovation profile SaaS vs Software
  38. Why? Innovation example: franchising
  39. Why? Innovation example: time
  40. Why? Innovation example: rostering
  41. How? Central Finance Self Service Pre-sale Partners/Resellers Up-sell Engagement Service Continuous improvement Strategy/KM Price/cost Innovation Placement/distribution/time Life cycle mgt poor/cash rich/vice-versa Product Dev Maintenance Marketing/Brand Physical/virtual product Permission/Intrusion Channels People (dev/retain/manage) VIP: NOW VS NEXT
  42. Some Players Platforms e.g. google, force, s3, coghead, bungeelabs, Tech Centric Database Logic User facing Documents & Rich Media Verticals Horizontals Collections
  43. How? Players Platforms Verticals Biz Centric Function e.g. saasu.com and netsuite in finance, salesforce.com in sales and service Industry e.g. rosterlive in workforce mgt Business size or stage e.g. 37 signals Geography Horizontals Collections
  44. Players Platforms Verticals Horizontals Biz Centric e.g. rosterlive Integrated e.g. saasu Specialist e.g. 37 signals suite Collections
  45. Players Platforms Verticals Horizontals Collections Mix of above Usually target on size e.g. zoho Integrated pack value proposition e.g. google apps
  46. How/Next? Risks Connection Digital Brown Outs (Impact of video) SaaS Ecosystem Standards Wars Googolopoly Community Opt Out Operational
  47. Next? Predictions Business crossing into personal Biz is SaaS Tending the garden Content pass it on SaaS standards wars SaaS bay compatibility drives winners Retail first
  48. How? Big 3 Approach Plan to completion before you start (at least at a high level) Use SaaS to manage the project (learn, develop culture, see benefits) Minimise (customisation, sources of the truth, vendors, connectors, power users) Also... Inbuilt Connectors/ APIs are GREAT Give preference to SaaS vendors with APIs they get you out of a lot of trouble later Minimise number of vendors but balance with innovation/risk. Don't be afraid to get them competing especially if the business units are relatively independent.
  49. latest ads Peter J Cooper cebit: s45 twitter: pc0 web: saasu.com blog: saasu.com/blog personal: peterjcooper.com linkedin: linkedin.com/in/peterjcooper Copyright 2008 Saasu Pty Ltd 1st Floor, 111 Elizabeth St Sydney, Australia 2000
  50. End
  51. Appendix Speaker notes/reference material, not for main presentation.
  52. Connections Audience Participation... Intro something like this Hi I'm Adam the Architect from Adelaide, I'm at CeBIT looking to accelerate my business . Birds of a feather Geo Biz tech Functional Life stage I/we should be connected to the five I should be using SaaS