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Growing up with agile - how the Spotify 'model' has evolved

Spotify is known for its agile organization. But how did we end up with it, what are the founding principles and how has it evolved? Speech held at the Bay Area Agile Leadership Network 3/15 2016.

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Growing up with agile - how the Spotify 'model' has evolved

  1. 1. Growing up with Agile How the Spotify “model” has evolved Peter Antman @peterantman Erik Hartwig @fnork
  2. 2. Spotify Passion for music
  3. 3. Spotify by numbers ❏ Started 2006 in Sweden. ❏ Now in 58 markets. ❏ ~2000 employees. 60+ offices. ❏ 75M+ active users, 30M paying. ❏ 30M+ songs, 1.5B playlists.
  4. 4. Peter Antman Agile coach @ Spotify 2014 & 2016 Partner 2012 - @peterantman peter.antman@crisp.se
  5. 5. Erik Hartwig Been at Spotify for 8+ years Worked in both Tech and Product as Manager and IC Moved to SF to start up the Spotify office here
  6. 6. What are you interested to know more about?
  7. 7. An “agile” organization
  8. 8. - The Spotify “model” presented - Snapshot of how we worked in 2012 - Gotten a lot of attention - “We want to implement the Spotify model” - Not intended as a “model” - Interpreted as something static Spotify 2012 “This is the way it looks and works in Spotify – right now, in some places”
  9. 9. Bets “Go big or go home”
  10. 10. Erik’s presentation Bets history
  11. 11. “Give it all you’ve got” Purpose
  12. 12. Complexity?
  13. 13. Daniel Ek, founder. “We aim to make mistakes faster than anyone else”
  14. 14. Hire the right people - and support them deeply Mastery
  15. 15. 1:1
  16. 16. Put the right people together - and trust them. Autonomy
  17. 17. The Spotify atom: The squad “The most important feature of the organization is the autonomous squad. All other features are designed to support that mini-startup-like squad.” Autonomy
  18. 18. Autonomy Mastery Purpose Growth Speed People
  19. 19. Structure added on demand to support - not to govern. Minimum Viable Bureaucracy
  20. 20. Scaling mastery
  21. 21. Chapters Competence Chapter lead No team leads Flexibility 1:1 Squad Squad Squad Chapter Chapter
  22. 22. Tribes A way to divide a large tech organization Working on the “same” things Tribe lead Squad Squad Squad Chapter Chapter
  23. 23. Guilds Grow your interest Learn from each other Open space conferences Law of two feet Shared code Code reviews Guild
  24. 24. Economy of scale Support feature team Feature team still own their data & operations Feature team on call duty Platform IO & Container Feature
  25. 25. Leadership work together Help team Lead team Potlac PO TL AC
  26. 26. Helps translate (agile) values & principles to organizational operations & structures People operations (POPS) Acquire and retain the best talent in the world Agile coaches POPS
  27. 27. Help people do awesome work across Spotify, by - Alignment: Frameworks helping people understand how their work fits into the company mission, vision & goals - Alleviate friction Company operations Drive organizational effectiveness COPS
  28. 28. Mastery Q&A
  29. 29. Scaling purpose
  30. 30. Squad mission Motivating Work together Mission “Create the best and most unique running experience that will attract runners to Spotify and keep them coming back”
  31. 31. Alignment through shared mission
  32. 32. Vision
  33. 33. Tribe mission Aligning squads Align Tech & Product Mission “Enable Spotify to iterate as fast as possible on product”
  34. 34. More fluid org
  35. 35. From Tech to TPD
  36. 36. PO is part of the squad
  37. 37. TPD Trio
  38. 38. TPD Trio
  39. 39. TPD Trio
  40. 40. TPD Trio
  41. 41. Tribe leadership TPD Trio
  42. 42. Fractal pattern Shared leadership and responsibility - squad - tribe - alliance - TPD
  43. 43. OKR (Objective Key Result)
  44. 44. Drive lots of work Stress OKR:s to heavy weight Priorities & achivements
  45. 45. Spotify strategy framework Spotify Rhythm 2 years goal Company beliefs North star Company Bet Beliefs Insights Data
  46. 46. Data: Qualitative or quantitative information that informs a perspective. This should not be interpretation. Data Insights Beliefs Bets (DIBB) Beliefs: Based on that interpretation, which beliefs have you formed about the problem space you are working in? Metric: What does success look like? XYZ Insights: What is your interpretation of the data? What have you learned? Bets: Based on your beliefs, what are the bets you believe we should make?
  47. 47. Tactic to reach strategy TAP: Tactic2strategic alignment Tribe & Squad bets Company bet Functional/TPD bet Tribe bet Squad epic/bet TAP Check-in 1 w 6 w
  48. 48. Purpose Q&A
  49. 49. Collaboration Talk to the one who can do it
  50. 50. Decision making
  51. 51. Network Organization
  52. 52. Power to collaborate ! Help? Advice? Sure! Lets a bet!
  53. 53. User A new why
  54. 54. Putting the user in focus
  55. 55. GLUE (Global Language, Unified Experience)
  56. 56. Product Areas - PAL “You can see our org chart in the client.” Social Playback
  57. 57. Alliances - who's at the end of the value chain? Alliance Mission
  58. 58. Verticals - a business unit Mission iOS dev Web dev Backend dev PO QA TA Design Analytics BD Marketing Android dev User research
  59. 59. Verticals - a business unit Mission iOS dev Web dev Backend dev PO QA TA Design Analytics BD Marketing Android dev User research Still a squad?
  60. 60. User Q&A
  61. 61. Strong Mission Containers
  62. 62. Autonomy enables Emergence towards Shared purpose
  63. 63. Purpose People Autonomy Mastery Speed Growth Collaboration Users ♬
  64. 64. We are hiring
  65. 65. Q&A
  66. 66. The END
  67. 67. Thank you for the slides!Anders Ivarsson Cliff Hazell Henrik Kniberg Joakim Sundén
  68. 68. Feedback/TODO ● “Many of the concepts were similar to Hoshin X planning. I did hear a lot of comments regarding being to actually "see" many of the concepts such as tribes, squads in action - perhaps some videos to help reinforce the concepts.” ● “not enough time - I think we should invite Spotify again - and have another talk focused more around performance/compensation/bonuses/self-evaluation - that is all extremely interesting” ● “Perhaps they could come back and we could drill down a little deeper and analyze/discuss/debate some actual scenarios.” http://www.meetup.com/BayALN/events/228752659/comments/462480423/? like=1&_af=event&_af_eid=228752659&itemTypeToken=COMMENT&https=off