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Salesforce Summer '14 Release Highlights

  1. Salesforce Webinar Summer ’14 Release Highlights July 22, 2014
  2. Speakers Kara Allen, Senior Solution Architect Perficient Brendan Callum Service Cloud & Communities Architect Perficient
  3. • Founded in 1997 • Public, NASDAQ: PRFT • Major market locations throughout North America • Global delivery centers in China, Europe and India • >2,100 colleagues • Dedicated solution practices • ~90% repeat business rate • Alliance partnerships with major technology vendors • Multiple vendor/industry technology and growth awards Perficient Profile
  4. • More than 450 customers │ Completed ~ 3,000 Salesforce engagements • Expertise: Sales and Service Clouds, Chatter, Portals, Communities, Mobile and Custom Development on Salesforce Platforms • Industry Strength: Healthcare, FinServ, Hi-Tech and Consumer/Retail • One of the highest customer satisfaction ratings: 9.4 out of 10! Salesforce Practice
  5. 5 Poll What is your role? A. Administrator B. Developer C. Sales or Support User D. Executive/Management E. All of the above
  6. Agenda • Service Cloud Highlights • Sales Cloud Highlights • Communities & Collaboration Highlights • Q&A
  7. Service Cloud Highlights
  8. Service Cloud Highlights 1. Case Experts (Pilot) 2. Email in Salesforce1 3. Self-Service Site Templates 4. Next-Gen Knowledge Search (Pilot)
  9. Case Experts (Pilot) Topics + Cases + People = Experts • Post about a topic to be identified as an expert • Get endorsed by peers (like LinkedIn) • Experts will be shown on the case page • Agents can reach out to experts and get help
  10. Email in Salesforce1 Email publisher now available in Salesforce1 app • Simple version of the email publisher from Case Feed • Rich text editor with inline image support • Salesforce1 users now have tools to work cases on the go
  11. Self-Service Site Templates (Beta) Mobile friendly templates for knowledge search and support
  12. Self-Service Site Templates (Beta) Manage and update through
  13. Next-Gen Knowledge Search (Pilot) Indexing and search will use Apache Solr – industry standard • Faster indexing means it takes less time for records to be searchable after they're created or updated. • Improved alphanumeric search means more relevant search results. • Improved tokenization also means more relevant search results. The search engine breaks down all searchable text into smaller pieces, or tokens
  14. Sales Cloud Highlights
  15. Poll Which of the following features do you use today? A. Territory Management B. Customizable Forecasting C. Collaborative Forecasting D. Orders E. Quotes F. None of these! Select all that apply.
  16. Sales Cloud Highlights 1. Generate Orders 2. Territory Management 2.0 3. Pricebook Entries Now Customizable! 4. Collaborative Forecasting!
  17. Generate Orders (Pilot) • Generate from opportunity or quote • Use flow templates to automate order creation without code • How can the flows be called? – Custom Button – Apex Trigger
  18. Territory Management 2.0 (BETA)
  19. Pricebook Entries Now Customizable! • Integrating with your ERP system just got easier! • Known limits: – You cannot compare list price to standard price in a formula field or validation rule – Custom fields are not available on all page layouts
  20. Collaborative Forecast Enhancements • Opportunity Split Enhancements • Overlay Forecast (Pilot) • Custom Forecast Types (Pilot) DEMO TIME!
  21. Collaboration Cloud Highlights
  22. Profile-Based Rollout of Chatter • Are you still not using Chatter? Allow a subset of users to use Chatter, prove value to the organization, then get buy in to rollout org-wide!
  23. Profile-Based Rollout of Chatter • A few things to be aware of: – You cannot disable Chatter for standard profiles. – If you are using, a Chatter user cannot thank a non- Chatter user. – Non-Chatter users can now access publishers in Salesforce1! New Location in Setup Menu!
  24. Ask Questions in the Feed (Beta) • Benefits of Chatter questions over asking a question using a standard Chatter post: – Select the best answer, allowing others who later ask the same question to find the best answer instantly • Option to add deflection with knowledge article search
  25. Community Engagement Console • Community managers now have access to a dedicated engagement console • Accessed within the respective community – shows a configurable set of dashboards, reputation levels, etc.
  26. Community Reputation • Part of the Community Engagement Console • Community managers can now update reputation point levels, as well as point values for specific community actions
  27. Enter in Chat Window
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