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Informed by data driven by empathy - Pedro Marques

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This talk covers the differences between being Data Driven and Data Informed based on Booking.com's design principle "Informed by data, driven by enmpathy"

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Informed by data driven by empathy - Pedro Marques

  1. 1. Informed by data driven by empathy Pedro Marques Product designer, Booking.com @pmarquees
  2. 2. What is Booking.com? It’s basically just a yellow box With a But its really just about the yellow box Search field Stuart Frisby And some Other stuff Director of design HQ in Amsterdam 15k staff 1.4m rooms per day 1.3m properties 150+ designers We test everything @stuartfrisby Building a test culture https://youtu.be/_sx5LV23hIE
  3. 3. É designer uai É design não é? 7.3 Better than No Man’s Sky 02:47 Who is Pedro Marques - The Wife® - Dad - IGN - Mom on WhatsApp
  4. 4. Data is the new black hot word in the industry
  5. 5. A/B Test Analytics Performance Functionality Statistics Quantitative Metrics Leads Conversion Positive Negative Optmization
  6. 6. Data is the new hot word in the industry
  7. 7. But is it wrong tho?
  8. 8. Classical design Design thinking Computational design Design The industrial revolution The need to inovate The need to optmize Business Technology https://designintechreport.wordpress.com/2017/03/11/design-in-tech-report-2017/
  9. 9. The new designer The one who can identify a problem and build a solution
  10. 10. Designing with data
  11. 11. Historical Data Models KPI’s Usage Collection
  12. 12. Data helps filling the gaps
  13. 13. Data Driven Data InformedX
  14. 14. Data Driven You might end up optmizing the wrong thing […] not everything is an optimization problem. http://andrewchen.co/know-the-difference-between-data-informed-and-versus-data-driven/ - Andrew Chen
  15. 15. Data is one of the tools It helps filling the gaps
  16. 16. Data Informed You can tweak things here and there but wel... http://andrewchen.co/know-the-difference-between-data-informed-and-versus-data-driven/ Quantitative A little instinctQualitative
  17. 17. Local Maximum Global Maximum
  18. 18. How we do things?
  19. 19. We practice empathy
  20. 20. We talk to our customers Online Survey Tools Street level user testing Usability tests User research Diary studies
  21. 21. We generate a hypothesis
  22. 22. We define measurable metrics
  23. 23. We prototype
  24. 24. We test
  25. 25. And we go back to the beginning
  26. 26. Thank you workingatbooking.com Did I mention we are hiring?