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Pearl Zhu's Digital Executive Profile

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Pearl Zhu is an innovative “Corporate Global Executive” with more than twenty-one years of technical and business working experience in strategic planning, Information Technology, software development, e-commerce and international trading, etc.

Pearl Zhu is the author of “Digital Master” book series (18+Books), which include: "Digital Master –Debunk the Myth of Enterprise Digital Maturity," "CIO Master – Unleash the Digital Potential of IT," "Digital Valley – Five Pearls of Wisdom to Make Profound Influence," "Digital Agility-The Rocky Road from Doing Agile to Being Agile," "Leadership Master - Five Digital Themes to Leap Leadership Maturity," "Talent Master - 199+ Questions to See Talent from Different Angles," "Digitizing Boardroom - The Multifaceted Aspects of Digital Ready Boards," "Change Insight -Change as a Capability to Fuel Digital Transformation,""IT Innovation - Reinvent IT for the Digital Age," "Unpuzzling Innovation," "100 Creativity Ingredients," "Decision Master - The Art and Science of Decision Making," "Digital Gap -Bridging Multiple Gaps to Run Cohesive Business," "Digital IT - 100 Q&As," "Digital Capability -Building Lego-Like Capability Into Business Competency," "Performance Master:Take a Holistic Approach to Unlock Digital Performance," "Digital Boardroom: 100 Q&As," etc, and received very positive feedback.

Pearl is a digital visionary who can capture business insight, technology foresight, and perceive digital leadership and management philosophy from multi-dimensional lenses and global perspectives. She is also a forward-thinking digital leader who advocates business innovation and digital transformation.

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Pearl Zhu's Digital Executive Profile

  1. 1. Pearl Zhu’s Digital Executive Profile
  2. 2. Copyright 2016 Pearl Zhu www.PEARLZHU.COM FutureofCIO.Blogspot.Com Digital Visionary & Leader
  3. 3. A Digital Visionary Who writes Non-fictionary “Digital Master’ Book Series!
  4. 4. A Daily Blogger who paints the digital picture and plays digital music with the pen!
  5. 5. An“Out-of-Box” Thinker Who Debunks the Myths of Digital Maturity in a Structure Way!
  6. 6. Digital Master Debunk the Myths of Enterprise Digital Maturity “Digital means flow: data flow, information flow, knowledge flow, and mind flow.”― Pearl Zhu, Digital Master
  7. 7. A Change Agent Who continues to reinvent herself from an engineer to an entrepreneur to digiteer and thinkingare!
  8. 8. A Thinkingaire Who dares to think differently Digital Fit starts with Mind Fit. Lead Change at the Mindset Level. Cultivate Game-Changing Digital Mindsets!
  9. 9. Digitizing Boardroom
  10. 10. An Innovator & T-Shape Technologist Who Inspires to bridge the science and the art!
  11. 11. Innovation Pillar in Digital Transformation
  12. 12. CIO Master Unleash The digital Potential of IT The pervasive digitalization or IT consumerism requires the balance of the “old experience” and the “new way to do things,” the “learning and doing.” -― Pearl Zhu, CIO Master
  13. 13. IT Pillar in Digital Transformation
  14. 14. Leadership Pillar in Digital Transformation
  15. 15. Pearl’s Quotes and Thoughts
  16. 16. Practice Visionary Digital Leadership Leadership is about future and direction, for oneself, and others to follow!
  17. 17. Pearl’s flipboard Presentations
  18. 18. Digital Master Book Series
  19. 19. Pearl Zhu - A Digiteer & Thinkingaire “Fundamentally, leadership is more about the future, but starts at today. “Digital creates the new demand and dimension for global leadership mind-set.” ― Pearl Zhu, Digital Master