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Reimagine Content

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Learn how to work with all the available content sources!

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Reimagine Content

  1. @PamDidner Global Integrated Marketing Manager Intel Corp
  2. Houston… We have a problem If anyone, any geography or any division has the budget and resources, they can create content
  3. as a result We have TOO MUCH content
  4. WE HAVE a lot of chest-beating content
  5. Content for a wide array of audiences Lack Of Focus?
  6. Internal Stakeholders want Their content to be uploaded to Intel.com, YouTube, and BE promoted on social media
  7. Here’s my dilemma o Anyone can generate content o The quality of content is mixed o No power to stop them o Can’t afford to lose their alliance o Demand for content promotion
  8. My Approach? If I can’t beat them, I join them
  9. Help them to help me Once I join them, I change them The way to change them?
  10. Get them to agree on o  For whom they create content! Global Persona o  For what topic they create content ! Global Editorial topics o  What the content should say ! Messaging and Story framework
  11. Agree on “who”: Global personA o Primary vs. Secondary o Agree on Primary target audience
  12. Ravi,  IT  Manager     Med.  &  Lrg.  Business     Tech  Enthusiast   External  Influencers   Organiza>onal  AAtudes  and    Business  Outcomes   Use  tech  as  compe,,ve  advantage   p   Willingness  to  pay  a  premium   $$$   Early  tech  adopters   p   Employees  that  are  extremely   connected  and  extremely  dispersed   p   Full  ,me  dedicated  IT  staff   p   Technology  Infrastructure   #  of  sites   p   IT  Budget   $$$   %  of  employees  with  a  dedicated  computer   Computer  installed  base   Computer  refresh  cycle   >50%  installed  base  of  laptops   p   Server  installed  base   Has  a  enterprise  class  data  center   p   Smartphone  installed  base   Tablet  installed  base   Currently  use  SaaS,  IaaS  or  PaaS   p   Server  virtualiza,on   p   Security   88% %  with  Dedicated  IT  Budget   $10.4M   Avg.  IT  Budget   p   Mean   Deployment  Size   3,168   329   1,016   420   90%   95%   65%   43%   Technologies  in  Use   p   p   p   p   IT Manager Persona (Global) Influencers IT Budget IT Environment
  13. Leveraging   Data   Business  intelligence  tools  to  speed  the  ability  to  report,  analyze  and   store  data  (e.g.,  data  mining,  analy,cs,  data  warehousing,  etc.)   ˜   Data  management  applica,ons  that  control,  protect,  deliver  and   enhance  value  of  data  and  informa,on.  (e.g.  ERP,  CRM,  transac,onal   databases,  etc.)   ˜   Capabili,es  to  improve  our  vendors’  or  partners’  abili,es  to  access  our   data.  (e.g.  web  portals,  B2B  gateways,  etc.)   ˜   Business  process  capabili,es  to  improve  workflows  within  my  company   (e.g.  six  sigma,  business  process  modeling,  etc.)   ˜   Virtualiza>on   Desktop  virtualiza,on   ˜   Server  virtualiza,on  (e.g.,  expanding;  improving  manageability  etc.)   ˜   Telework/   Mobility   Capabili,es  to  enable  employees  to  work  from  home  (e.g.  VPN,  Citrix,   remote  access  to  the  company’s  network,  etc.)   ˜   Enabling  employees  to  use  their  personally-­‐supplied  devices,  computers   or  phones  to  connect  to  the  company’s  network   ˜   Security   Automa,ng  IT  management  (e.g.,  sobware  /  patch  updates)   ˜   Improving  compliance  with  regula,on   ˜   Improving  our  company’s  IT  security   ˜   Other   Improving  the  delivery  of  applica,ons  across  different  devices*   ˜   Giving  new  company-­‐supplied  compu,ng  tools  to  employees  such  as   smartphones,  tablets  or  similar   ˜   Consolida,ng  or  integra,ng  our  data  centers,  network  and  storage   infrastructure**   ˜   Capabili,es  to  accommodate  or  manage  data  growth  and  storage  needs   ˜   Ravi,  IT  Manager     Med.  &  Lrg.  Business     Tech  Enthusiast   Very  High   Security   Very  High   Very  High   Very  High   Collabora,on   Mobility   Informa,on  Mgmt   IT Initiatives Challenges/Pain Points
  14. Establish Global Editorial Topics o Understand their pain points and challenges o Map pain points and challenges to the products we can substantiate
  15. Map IT Managers’ Pain Points with Intel’s Product Offerings and Thought Leadership Virtualization Tele- work Big Data Colla- boration Security Mobility Cloud
  16. Identify Global editorial topics o Big Data o Cloud o Mobile Productivity
  17. Dec   Jan   Feb   Mar   Apr   May   Jun   Jul   Aug   Sep   Oct   Nov   2013   Dec   Topics   Mobility  Produc,vity  Product  Launch  Big  Data   Example of Global Editorial Calendar Cloud  
  18. If you can get them to agree on o Personas o Editorial Topics o Messaging and Story Framework IT’s in the bag
  19. Provide full support o Paid and social media promotion Support o Dedicated program manager Support o Established metrics report out
  20. Anything outside the topics and personas You can try, but… you are on your own
  21. Now, we have a team focusing on Creating content for specific target audiences with relevant topics (Well, most of the time…)
  22. Another way to help them to help me
  23. Help Internal Stakeholders o understand what content is out there o Know who is producing what o create content within content Create content with a purpose
  24. Create content within content “The creation of a thousand forests is in one acorn.” Ralph Waldo Emerson
  25. Aka : Repurpose, Reuse, Refresh
  26. Create content within content Take long form content and create different formats
  27. 5 short blog posts 1 short video animation 3 Infographics1 presentation 1 white board Video by Intel Expert 1 Podcast interview of the white paper author 12 content pieces out of one White Paper One 18-page white paper
  28. Create a Content Kit To scale to other countries o Recommended content in different formats for Other geographies to use o The local teams can pick, choose and localize it
  29. Help them to help me o Provide clear guidance on target audience and editorial topics to rally content creators o Align marketing effort and budget with key editorial topics o Educate Internal Stakeholders to create content within content