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Judgement Day - Slovakia

  1. Paul C Dwyer President ICTTF International Cyber Threat Task Force Cyber Threats Today
  2. Paul C Dwyer Paul C Dwyer is an internationally recognised information security authority with over two decades experience. A certified industry professional by the International Information Systems Security Certification Consortium (ISC2) and the Information System Audit & Control Association (ISACA) and recently selected for the IT Governance Expert Panel. Paul's credentials include: • -Qualified Hacker • -SOX (SAS70) Auditor • -ISO 27001 Lead Auditor • -BS25999 / BCP Expert • -Forensic Investigator • -PCI DSS Specialist • -Prince2 He has worked and trained with such organisations as the US Secret Service, Scotland Yard, FBI, National Counter Terrorism Security Office (MI5), is approved by the National Crime Faculty and is a member of the High Tech Crime Network (HTCN). Paul is currently CEO of Cyber Risk International and President of the ICTTF.
  4. What is Cyber Crime? Cyber crime or computer crime as it is generally known is a form of crime where the Internet or computers are used as a medium or method to commit crime which includes hacking, copyright infringement, scams, denial of service attacks, web defacement and fraud.
  5. Cybercrime Drivers It’s a business with an excellent economic model. Other reasons, you name it: • Technology • Internet • Recession • “A safe crime” • It’s easy to get involved • Part of Something
  6. Crimeware Toolkits Criminal gangs are creating fake banking apps Traditional Banking Trojan kits are attacking: mTAN (Transaction Authentication Number) • Zeus MITMO • Spitmo (SpyEye) • Citmo (Carberp) • Tattanga New generic mobile kits are being developed independently of PC kits for Zeus, Ice IX, SpyEye, Citadel, Carberp. Increasingly industrialized, new distribution channels Legit apps used with stolen credentials
  7. Underground Stock Exchange • Categories – Carding Forums – Dump Vendors – Non Carding Forums
  8. “actions by a nation-state to penetrate another nation's computers or networks for the purposes of causing damage or disruption.” • “Digital Infrastructure….Strategic National Asset” President Barack Obama • May 2010 – Pentagon – Cybercom • UK - a cyber-security "operations centre” (GCHQ) • “Fifth Domain” The Economist What is Cyber Warfare?
  9. Hacktivism? Part of …..
  10. Control of the Internet
  11. Motivation?
  12. Cyber Crime Cyber X Cyber Warfare Cyber Espionage Adversary
  13. Blurred Lines NOT Silos
  14. APT
  15. Cyber fronts in the Ukraine! Is it War?
  16. What do they Want? 19
  17. Unit 61398
  18. Surface Web Deep Web 90%+
  19. Old Stuff – New Way
  20. Psych(BI)ology of Cyber
  21. The Devil – Really?
  22. Jihad
  23. Three Clicks is Now One Click!
  24. Cybercriminals are Business People!
  25. I’m not joking! Hack the Human!
  26. Reality?
  27. Government and Regulators • Governments have a role • They expect organisations to do their part • Regulations can not keep pace with technology • Nobody can protect and organisation better than the organisation
  28. Resilience 33 Recognise: Interdependence Leadership Role Responsibility Integrating Cyber Risk Management Leverage Relationships and Encourage Suppliers
  29. Security Industry Evolved ? Defence in Depth Breaches are Inevitable
  30. Cyber Case Study Extended Presentation Material
  31. Cyber Heist Uncovered
  32. Tue Feb 19th 2013 4.31 PM
  33. Military Precision – 24 Countries 36,000 Withdrawal's Totaling - $45,000,000
  34. Prepaid Debit Cards – Bank Muskat – Oman Hackers cancelled withdrawal limits – “Hacked Payment Processor” Card Numbers – Sent to foot soldiers around the world – “Unlimited Operation” “Cashing Crews” Imprinted Data on Cards “Flash Mob” Using Secure IM Sites What Happened?
  35. Cybercriminal Mastermind Hacker Money Mule Manager Money Mules Mule Mule Manager
  36. Dominican – Yonkers – North of Manhattan Entire crew within streets of “Strattan Street” Dry run – Dec 2012 – Rak Bank Nearly $400,000 - 700 Withdrawals
  37. Why Trust a Criminal? Copyright - Paul C Dwyer Ltd - All Rights Reserved
  38. Cybercrime Has Consequences
  39. Thank You – Stay Connected +353-(0)85 888 1364 @paulcdwyer WE IDENTIFY, MITIGATE AND MANAGE CYBER RISKS Cyber Risk International Broadmeadow Hall– Applewood Village -Swords – Co Dublin – Ireland +353-(0)1- 905 3260 xxxxxx

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