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Managing returns

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Managing returns

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Managing returns

  1. 1. Managing Returns In this module, we will discuss :- 1. What are Returns and their types? 2. What are the reasons for returns? 3. How can you manage returns?
  2. 2. • When a customer cancels the order and sends it back to you, it is termed as a return • There are two types of returns depending upon the time of the initiation of the return request What are returns? Return before delivery • Order cancellation before delivery to customer Return after delivery • Order cancellation after delivery Customer places order Seller accepts order Order details sent to Courier partner for pickup Delivery partner shipped Customer receives order
  3. 3. How will you check the process stages of a Return after delivery? Customer places the return of your order (Visible on seller panel) 1.Return requested1. Courier assigned for return pickup Courier assigned4. Return approved from Paytm Mall (Visible on seller panel) Request approved2. Products are shipped (Visible on seller panel) Return picked up5. Notified on your e-mail Notification to you3. Return delivered to seller (Visible on seller panel) Seller receives return6.
  4. 4. What are the reasons for returns? Following are some commonly found reasons why customers request a return Wrong Product Partial ProductDamaged Product Freebies Missing
  5. 5. How are reverse logistics charged if you are a Paytm Mall courier partner fulfilled seller? These charges will be charged to you if you have sent any wrong or damaged product. Revised shipping charges Express Weight Local Zonal National First 250 Grams ₹ 37.5 ₹ 37.5 ₹ 52.5 First 500 Grams ₹ 43.75 ₹ 56.25 ₹ 75 Additional 500 Grams ₹ 31.25 ₹ 43.75 ₹ 68.75 Surface Up to first 3 Kg ₹ 112.5 ₹ 125 ₹ 150 Additional kg 3-10 Kg ₹ 22.5 ₹ 25 ₹ 31.25 Additional kg 10-30 Kg ₹ 18.75 ₹ 22.5 ₹ 28.75 Additional kg 30-60 Kg ₹ 12.5 ₹ 15 ₹ 25 Additional kg >60 Kg ₹ 10 ₹ 12.5 ₹ 18.75 Note – All the fee mentioned above is exclusive of taxes. - For a Return before delivery order, you do not have to pay any logistics charges. - In case of any issue with Logistic Charges or Product Weight, a request to be raised for assistance within 3 months of the Order date. Any query/dispute raised after this timeline will not be entertained and courier fee charged will be deemed to be final.
  6. 6. Four easy steps to reduce returns while processing orders - In the catalogue filling, putting a detailed and proper description of the product reduces the return percentage Detailed description of products will reduce return percentage Pack your Order by following packaging guidelines Acknowledge your order within 24 hours Process your Order within time to avoid cancellation
  7. 7. What is a Return Processing Center (RPC)? A Return Processing Centre is a physical hub where an order returned by the customer is brought for a quality check before it is dispatched to you. Some benefits of using an RPC are - No hassles of managing/ disposing bad inventory Protection from extremely bad returns No ticket creation/follow-up for payment against extremely bad returns Note: An RPC will be assigned to you on the behalf of Paytm Mall. You will not be able to avail this service on your own.
  8. 8. Thanks everyone! For any query, please raise a ticket on Support