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Tulane Payson Center for Development: 2015 Nepal Global Development Summer Institute


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Tulane Payson Center for Development: 2015 Nepal Global Development Summer Institute

  1. 1. Nepal Summer Ins.tute June 22 -­‐ July 3, 2015
  2. 2. Nepal Summer Ins.tute 2015 • "Child Wellbeing & Development” – Loca.on: Kathmandu, Nepal – Dates: June 22 – July 3, 2015
  3. 3. Instructors • Dr. Elke Johanna de Buhr • Dr. William Bertrand
  4. 4. An Introduc.on to Kathmandu, Nepal
  5. 5. Course Overview: Child Wellbeing & Development • Among Asia’s poorest and least developed countries (ranked 145 out of 187 countries on the Human Development Index), land-­‐locked Nepal lacks universal access to health care, compulsory educaUon and essenUal legal protecUons for children • Adults and children migrate to urban centers in search for income and a beVer life but labor exploitaUon is common • Migrant children are systemaUcally hired into brick manufacturing, carpet weaving and other industries hazardous to their health and development while denying them access to educaUon
  6. 6. Child Wellbeing & Development (cont.) • DomesUc workers oZen work under slavery-­‐like condiUons • Both adult women and children are trafficked across the border into commercial sexual exploitaUon • Dalits (“untouchables”) are especially vulnerable • At the same Ume, resources for intervenUons in health and educaUon are far below of what would be needed
  7. 7. Child Wellbeing & Development (cont.) • Study intervenUons targete d at improving the quality of life of children in Nepal focusing on three broad areas: 1. Child health 2. Child work and economic well-­‐being 3. Availability and quality of educaUon • Learn though visits to internaUonal and local organizaUons and project sites, guest speakers and classroom discussions • Work in small groups to design and execute a feasibility study for a prevenUon or intervenUon program in your selected area of specializaUon
  8. 8. Course Logis.cs • Teaching: – Lectures, incl. guest speakers (mostly in the mornings) – Site visits/field trips, and group work (mostly aZernoons, or all day) • Housing and Meals: – Single rooms at Hotel Encounter Nepal in Thamel, Kathmandu – Included meals: Breakfast, lunch, and two coffee breaks
  9. 9. Field Trips Swayambhunath Bhaktapur
  10. 10. Ques.ons? For further informaUon please contact: Elke de Buhr (edebuhr@tulane.edu)