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Coaching millennials

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Coaching Millenials

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Coaching millennials

  1. 1. Career Coaching as a Benefit Leading Millennials To Success
  2. 2. As of 2015, Millennials are the largest population in the workplace – and growing.
  3. 3. 77 million Millennials will make up 75% of the workforce by 2030.
  4. 4. As they dominate, what workplace benefit will they DEMAND that previous generations did not?
  5. 5. Free food? Better designed workspaces? Make-your-own-work schedules? NO...
  6. 6. Studies show it will be… Professional Career Coaching
  7. 7. Why?
  8. 8. In March 2014, in partnership with Purdue University and the Lumina Foundation, Gallup launched the first ever nationally representative sample of college grads in the US.
  9. 9. The idea is to start to look at the quality of employment and quality of life – Much different than, “Are you employed?” and “How much money do you make?”
  10. 10. Gallup sorted on those college grads who rated their lives the highest and found six emotional and experiential opportunities for students that predict your likelihood to have a better job and better life...
  11. 11. 1. Professors who made you excited about learning. 2. Professors who cared about you as a person. 3. A mentor who sat and thought about your future with you. 4. Extremely involved in extracurricular activities. 5. Had a project that took more than a semester or more to complete. 6. Had an internship or job where the student could apply what they were learning in the classroom.
  12. 12. These seem like fairly obvious opportunities. But when we ask what percentage of college grads are actually having these experiences…. ONLY 3% of college grads land on all six.
  13. 13. Raised on organized sports and activities, Millennials have been coached their entire lives.
  14. 14. Their “helicopter parents” were there to guide them in every potential situation.
  15. 15. Why would they stop getting coached when they go to work?
  16. 16. Pro athletes and top executives get coached – why shouldn’t they?
  17. 17. To Millennials, career coaching isn’t a sign of weakness – it’s a path to greatness.
  18. 18. 78% of office workers agreed that career coaching helps their job performance
  19. 19. 64% of employees say career coaching motivates them at work
  20. 20. Why should employers offer coaching to Millennials as a benefit? ● Hiring incentive. ● Reduces turnover. ● Increases productivity. ● Develops skills of top talent. ● Minimizes conflict. ● Creates loyalty. ● Saves management time and money. ● Improves employee engagement.
  21. 21. Millennials are the future ...Will you help teach them how to lead?
  22. 22. Presented By: CareerHMO is a virtual career improvement platform that uses smarter technology to help employees with their professional development needs. ● http://www.CareerHMO.com ● @CareerHMO ● (603) 926-2800