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Leveraging VIVO data: visualizations, queries, and reports

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Leveraging VIVO data: visualizations, queries, and reports

  1. 1. Leveraging VIVO DataVisualizations, queries and reportsPaul Albertpaa2013@med.cornell.eduWeill Cornell Medical College
  2. 2. Step #1 Get good data. Step #2 ex ceptionalCreate something useful.
  3. 3. What can we reallylearn from bad data?
  4. 4. Administrators: no fansof the error bar are they
  5. 5. Native Visualizations in VIVO Co-author Publicationvisualization sparklines Map of Science Co-investigator Temporal visualization graphs
  6. 6. DemoTime
  7. 7. Caveats for publication visualizations• Is the data complete?• Map of Science looks at the topic of the journal, not necessarily the article• Agnostic about: - type of publication (e.g., editorial, academic article) - significance of finding - author contribution
  8. 8. Generating Reports
  9. 9. Westheimers LawA few months in the laboratory can save a few hours in the library.
  10. 10. Corollary of Westheimers LawA few hours of SPARQL query construction can save you a few seconds of searching.
  11. 11. This does not work.
  12. 12. This does.
  13. 13. Object property should takeuser to all faculty members who attended Tufts
  14. 14. Strongly consider linking outyour data properties as well.
  15. 15. The tool of choice for fancy questions SPARQL Query Builder
  16. 16. Most needs for dataare not articulated
  17. 17. Articulated question #1 Show me a current list ofpublications by the following people.
  18. 18. Articulated question #2Which researchers have publishedthe most research articles within agiven set of basic science journals within the last five years?
  19. 19. Articulated question #3How many journal articles haveresearchers published between October 2011 and March 2012?
  20. 20. Articulated question #4 What is my H-index?
  21. 21. Identifying unarticulated research questions extrapolate investigate hypothesize infer interview collaborate
  22. 22. I have not failed. Ive just found10,000 ways that wont work.Thomas A. EdisonSource: Yahoo Answers
  23. 23. We have proposed several researchquestions that elicited enthusiasm. Dean’s Representative
  24. 24. Proposed question #1How has the number of publicationsco-authored with other institutions changed year to year?
  25. 25. Proposed question #2Publications appearing in journals of a given impact factor
  26. 26. Proposed question #3In any given year, which paper has the most incoming citations?
  27. 27. Proposed question #4 Which papers that have receivedfederal funding are not deposited in PubMed Central?
  28. 28. Proposed question #5Who are our institutions’ open access key opinion leaders?
  29. 29. Proposed question #6 Which PIs have the mostcollaborations based on grant support?
  30. 30. Proposed question #7 Which faculty have dual appointments?
  31. 31. Modes of Delivery• Emailed attachments - Spreadsheet - PDF - Word file - Bibliographic tool (e.g., .ris file)• Link to VIVO web interface• Third-party “data dashboard”
  32. 32. Goals for Reporting
  33. 33. 1. Define the key questions. Goal: a set of fundamental questions we ask about our researchers.
  34. 34. 2. Allow for more keyquestions to be addressed via browsing Ingest more data in key areas and...In areas where VIVO hasn’t quite figured out how to do something important...
  35. 35. 3. Create third-partyframework that will ingest VIVO data and readily answer these questions.Framework will be open source and could be incorporated into VIVO in future releases.
  36. 36. Data DashboardProject for Our Summer CS Students• build on Miles Worthington’s Drupal/VIVO work• tackle some of the proposed questions that have not made it into core• can be customized for different viewers• collaboration welcome
  37. 37. Questions?Is VIVO Facebook for Researchers?• No Mendeley is… (Ha) library.weill.cornell.edu