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New modes-group-work

BA Ed students were asked to go to a local place and develop an idea for a learning resource

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New modes-group-work

  1. 1. Plaques of Nottingham
  2. 2. Pedagogical approach  Social learning  Game  Group/Team  Exploring different cultures and historical events
  3. 3. Target audience  New arrivals  Children, around 10-15  Children and families  Accessible to all
  4. 4. Educational content  What plaques are and facts about Nottingham  Learning about their new home and where they live  The location: what there is and where it is e.g. facilities, shops, restaurants  Hidden curriculum is the main curriculum – this is important for all age groups.
  5. 5. Learning you expect to happen  Awareness of city – allows you to be part of a community and share within that experince.
  6. 6. Information, space and materials to create a learning offer