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New art exchange presentation

BA Ed students were asked to go to a local place and develop a learning resource for it.

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New art exchange presentation

  1. 1. New Art Exchange Emma and Yuqi
  2. 2. Learning Resource Educational Activity: • Focused on exhibit • Role play activity Target audience: • Secondary school students Pedagogical Approach: • Loose parts • Pedagogies of emotion • Imagination
  3. 3. Educational Content Educating students on what happened • Between 1914 and 1918, millions of African and colonial soldiers served in long campaigns that spanned the whole of the African and European continents, contributing to victories throughout the First World War. • Nearly four million Indians were -'volunteers' in the British Army during the two World Wars. • Soldiers from British and French African territories were brought to Europe's western front, where hundreds and thousands lost their lives alongside unknown, unheralded and undocumented African labourers and carriers. Comparison with current events • 2.5 million Muslims fought for Britain in WW1 • Current Islamophobia • Shared history • Learning from the past to prevent making the same mistakes
  4. 4. Loose Part How • Students are free to visit the exhibition • After they visiting the entire exhibition, different props and role cards will be provided. They can choose to play soldiers of different races and tell the story by using what they learned from the exhibition. Why • More interesting and attractive • Children playing with loose parts are using more creativity and imagination and developing more skill and competence than they would playing with most modern plastic toys. E.g. Problem Solving; Creativity; Concentration; Language and vocabulary building; Literacy; Social/emotional development...
  5. 5. Pedagogies of Emotion • Putting students in the position of acting like the soldiers • 2.9 billion Muslims worldwide today • Untold stories of Muslim soldiers in WW1 • Personal accounts from before the war could be similar to students and their lives today - relatable • Learning about the experiences of others
  6. 6. Thanks for watching