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BA Ed Learning resource presentation

Students were asked to go to a local place and develop a learning resource

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BA Ed Learning resource presentation

  1. 1. Nottingham Market HOLLY AND SOPHIE
  2. 2. What learning could be on offer? The environment e.g. Plants and Animals Healthy eating + Lifestyles Materials- How things are made+ where they are from Different cultures- e.g. Food around the world
  3. 3. Pedagogy, Target Audience and Educational Content? Pedagogical Approach? Interactive Learning Resource Narrative Target Audience? 6-8 Year Olds Learning Aims: To understand how plants grow To interact with a display in a public learning space To put into practice what they have learnt about how plants grow by doing the practical activity themselves Educational Content: How plants grow
  4. 4. Have a go and take your own! What does our flower need to grow? Lift up the flap to find out! This is Poppy and Thorn, they have a seed to plant. Where should we plant our seed? Lift up the flap to find out! Poppy have you seen our seed, it isn’t growing very fast. I know what to do Thorn, Granny told me how flowers grow- let’s try it! Wow Poppy, look how our seed is growing, it has a stem and leaves! I wonder what colour our flower will be? Wow, Thorn our flower has red petals! I hope the boys and girls can plant their own ! Help yourself to a free seed to plant in your garden, and don’t forget what flowers need to grow! We can’t wait to see the children’s pictures can we Thorn!
  5. 5. Have a go and take your own! Touch and feel!
  6. 6. Loose Parts
  7. 7. Concepts and Ideas Loose Parts Outdoor Learning Target Audience Imagination Narrative Persuasion
  8. 8. Other learning opportunities: Flowers in the Market What flowers are used for after the market e.g. Weddings, Funerals or gardening Different types of flowers e.g. match the flower to the description