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Google In-Depth Articles Section Explained - Infographic from Patrick Wagner

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Google's Search Engine Results Page update to include an In-Depth Articles section. This can be used to generate more site traffic using evergreen content which can maximize the effects of Google's In-Depth Articles section. http://www.patrickwagner.com/googles-depth-articles-section-explained-future-proof-search/

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Google In-Depth Articles Section Explained - Infographic from Patrick Wagner

  1. 1. 6 Ways To Help Your Content Appear in Google's In-Depth Articles Search Results 1 - Apply Schema Implementing the headline Featuring an alternative headline Including images that can crawl Descriptions Publish date Article body attributes Using the schema.org article markup. 2 - Google Authorship Add authorship markup to your articles. 3 - Code it Using rel=next and rel=prev for paginated articles, as well as making sure the canonicalization is done correctly. 4 - Markup your Logo Add a logo by linking to a Google+page, or by using organization markup from schema.org. 5 - Ensure your Content is Indexed by Google Make your content available for Google to index. Use Google Webmaster Tools to send crawlers to your new pages instantly. 6 - Quality Content Focus on making quality content. Create Evergreen content that answerscommon user questions & searches in your niche. Search Engine Strategist www.PatrickWagner.com