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Recent Brand Ambassador Proposal

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Brand ambassador proposal for a client of mine.

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Recent Brand Ambassador Proposal

  1. 1. © Patrick Diamitani 2014 PARTNERSHIP PROPOSAL May 30, 2014 Abstract: This document serves as proposal formed by Vanity Tour c/o Kazi Sorrentino (hereafter known as, “The Brand Ambassador”) and Live Lens, LLC (Hereafter known as “The Client”), whereas The Brand Ambassador offers promotional services to The Client to increase engagement in its product within the millennial demographic. In particular, the promotional services of The Brand Ambassador may be rendered at a promotional event taking place on June 14, 2014 at Amazura Concert Hall- a Queens, NY venue with a capacity of over 3,500 people. The Brand Ambassador, having executed events of this magnitude, believes there is considerable promotional value in creating a partnership for this event, which can lead to others in the future.
  2. 2. © Patrick Diamitani 2014
  3. 3. © Patrick Diamitani 2014 THE BRAND AMBASSADOR: A HISTORY The Brand Ambassador is a Brooklyn-based entrepreneur with businesses operating in the entertainment and event planning space. Over the past three years, The Brand Ambassador has been featured numerous times in the press, including EDMSauce.com (a popular Electronic Dance Music Magazine), the local news and most recently in an article on www.electriccandylandevents.com depicting his recent partnership with the wildly successful electronic dance music entertainment group. The Brand Ambassador has worked with New York City club and venue owners throughout the city with great success and has thrown shows with acts such as Major Lazer, Machine Gun Kelly, A$AP Rocky and more. His greatest achievement to date has been settling a $700,000 partnership agreement to an undisclosed partner for shares in his company. His target demographic is the 18-24 age group and he has amassed sold out shows at venues such as Club Amazura (3,500 capacity), Stage 48 (2000+ capacity), B.B. Kings House of Blues (1,500 capacity) and the Electric Warehouse in Brooklyn (1,000+ capacity). The Brand Ambassador not only knows how to throw a party, but also knows how to engage with his fans; reaching the 5,000 friend limit on Facebook and consistently receiving likes in the 100’s on humorous and insightful comments. He currently boasts Instagram followers of over 2,000 and nearly 1,800 Facebook fans. His reach extends to his management of up-and-coming Electronic Dance Music Artist Zaxx (20k + FB followers), his Electric Candyland Partners (20k + FB followers) and previous partnerships with collegiate touring company I’m Shmacked (100k + FB followers ) and Brotips (500k+ FB followers), a company backed by billionaire Mark Cuban. Along with this list of accolades, Kazi is a humble individual who is willing to serve the needs of any brands looking to enter his market. THE OPPORTUNITY On June 14, 2014, Omicon Group (a company owned by The Brand Ambassador), Illumination, Plur Rave and Star Group entertainment companies will be hosting the “World’s Largest Foam Party,” at Club Amazura in Queens, NY. The event, headlined by DJ’s with a social media reach of over 300k + on Facebook alone, has already sold out its first two tiers of tickets and has an event page which has reached out to over 68,000 individuals. These promotional factors increase The Brand Ambassador’s ability to promote The Client’s brand and gain additional social media followers and app downloads via digital marketing and a physical event presence. THE BENEFITS The millennial demographic in America and currently consists of over 80,000,000 people who eat, breathe and sleep tech. The Brand Ambassador believes that through effective positioning within the market, The Client is in a great position to be an extended video-app platform that takes off within this generation. With the option of personalized branding, tailored to effectively appeal to college students, and the possibility of continued partnerships within the New York region, The Brand Ambassador can play an active part in your expansion efforts. MOVING FORWARD The Client may reach out to Patrick Diamitani, otherwise known as The Client Representative, via email or cell phone to discuss further aspects of the partnership, including promotional tactics and pay. We look forward to hearing from you! For more information on The Brand Ambassador and Vanity Tour go to www.vanitytour.com. Client Representative: Patrick Diamitani | Email: Patrick.diamitani@gmail.com | Cell: 319.594.0149 