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chandani parmar 140210125077

  1. GOVERNMENT ENGINEERING COLLEGE BHAVNAGAR Contributor Personality Development
  2. INTRODUCTION TO ME  Name : Parmar Chandni Hasmukhbhai  Er. No :140210125077  Branch : Production  Semester : 2
  3. MINAL V. SHAH • The Head of Sheetal Education and Charitable trust • The institute of Spoken English Minal shah is the founder of sheetal academy and a social worker. • Founded in 2006 by Ketan Shah.
  4. • She has been running this institute since last nine years and also work as a social worker. • Generally it is the institute of spoken English but various other courses are also taught there like computer classes, languages and mid brain activity for the small children. • It focuses on how can we make aware to the children and their parents about the importance of English as well as they try make the student that much eligible that they can face any situation with full confidence and be independence. Vision Of Success
  5. ACCORDING TO YOU WHAT IS YOUR CONTRIBUTION TO ORGANIZATION AND HOW DO YOU RELATE IT TO SOCIETY???  My contribution Is very important that in my collage to give then knowledge about various subject and another activities like function, saminars etc…
  6. HOW DOES SHE TAKES HER WORK? Being such a successful person she takes her work as mission and Believe in team work rather than working alone.…
  7. During your long successful career you might have faced some challenges how do you take it ? A. AS an opportunity B. AS a hurdle During her this long carrier the challenges that she faced she take it AS AN OPPORTUNITY
  8. QUALITIES TO BE A GOOD EMPLOY According to her in order to become a good employ one need to have the following characteristics.  Good communicator.  Good Behavior against all of the staff members.  To do every work carefully.  Avoid gossip.
  9. According to you what is a job satisfaction ?? A. External satisfaction. B. Internal satisfaction. C. Both A and B INTERNAL SATISFACTION
  10. Do you believe in reward or opportunity????? A) Domain vision B) Purpose vision DOMAIN VISION
  11. WILL YOU PLEASE SHARE ANY LIFE EXPERIENCE OF YOUR WHICH YOU FEEL MAKES YOU A SUCCESSFUL PERSONS One time my students project is select in GTU execution this is my success..
  12. WHAT IS YOUR MESSAGE OR AN ADVICE FOR THE FUTURE ENGINEER OR ANY SUGGESTION FOR YOUTH??  Achievement is possible through do Hard work only………….