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9 Fascinating Email Marketing Stats

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According to eConsultancy, 70% of US internet users prefer to communicate with businesses via email. What does that mean for your B2B company?

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9 Fascinating Email Marketing Stats

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  2. Email marketing yields an average RO! for U. S. businesses. v›› -D/ 'rect MarketingeAsŠeč/ atíonâg
  3. 0 . /0 of consumers check their inboxes at least once a day. -Sa/ esforce
  4. 47% of emails are now opened on a smartphone. -Movab/ e / nk í T
  5. In 2014, of emails opened on mobile were attributed to Androids. 0/0 we re attributed to iPhones. -L/ 'tmus
  6. DZJ Desktop and smartphone email opens happen most frequently between lO a. m. and 4 p. m. -Har/ and C/ arke
  7. ln 2014, Gmail opens increased by EŠFéÜ/ o. -L/ 'tmus
  8. of those who l, opt into emails from 0 ' brands find these messages useful. -Sa/ esforce
  9. l / .K ›/ r l I l y l : i l I l é. ' iii› `* i líi. V! : l lll* l“ l i % of íwsayitheir bu í 'l ž primary reveíníile ü Ira x, kl kƒ`„ - . . fr . L source is directly linked si. ) ž k l p; » to email operations. -Sa/ esforce
  10. salesƒorce pa TClOt WANT MORE INFORMATION? Download the free white paper! Looking to improve your email marketing efforts? This new e-book is filled with best practices and ten examples of exceptional email design straight from Pardot clients. nagu