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invoice flyer 2010

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invoice flyer 2010

  1. 1. Today, it is so simple to stay in touch with your loved ones and so cheap to stay connected to your business partners… But it is also easy to be confused by all the technology, rate plan options, and high-tech gadgets that are on the market, leaving you baffled as to how to find a solution that best fits you, your lifestyle, and your needs. Not to mention all those hidden costs that start to show up on your bill after you’ve already signed the contract. In-Voice is your effective solution to take the confusion and risk out of the telecommunications equation and makes your choice simple, easy, and personal. In addition to In-Voice’s exclusive and innovative hardware, software and capabilities, In-Voice also carefully selects from leading communication devices and technology that are on the market. This creates a product offering and range of services that can cater to individual needs, preferences and even circumstances. Gathered together in one online place for your ease of shopping comfort, In-Voice also offers top-rate customer support and after-sales service, inexpensive variety, and simple, easy-to-understand explanations of innovative technology… meaning you can talk all day, everyday, and you won’t have to dread the bill! In-Voice. Bringing people closer. Key Benefits • Communication Without Borders Stay conveniently connected anytime and anywhere with In-Voice. The revolutionary telecommunications solutions provided by In-Voice mean getting in touch with your loved ones and business partners has never been cheaper or easier from anywhere in the world. • Cost Saving The convergence of technologies and services allows you to save up to 80% on your telecommunications expenses. There are even ways to stay connected for FREE*! • Flexibility, Mobility, Convenience In-Voice provides you with all-in-one telecommunications solutions, tailored to your needs. Use your landline, mobile, personal computer, In-Voice exclusive hardware and software, and even pay phones… anywhere and anytime. The choice is yours. • You are in Control Manage your account, track your usage, never miss any new opportunities. Everything can be done and monitored online through your personal Account Manager portal. • Continuous Upgrade and Support In-Voice delivers nothing but the best. Backed by our own telecommunications service provider in the UK, we continuously search for new technologies for better quality of service and new features; the more, the better. Our technical team is always available, our support is completely yours. *OnNet calls within the In-Voice network are free of charge.
  2. 2. In-Voice Products In-Voice offers a complete range of telecommunications products: Services, Devices and Packages (Services & Devices). Choose what suits you, depending on your telecommunication needs. Services for Different Calling Needs In-Voice Callback You don’t need Internet access to enjoy the cost-saving benefits of In-Voice Callback. This is what makes In-Voice Callback the most popular feature of In-Voice; In-Voice Callback works on your mobile phone as well as landlines. There are three ways you can use the Callback services. If you have a phone that can dial internationally (Trigger Callback), or can send an international SMS (SMS Callback), or if you have access to the Internet (Web Callback), then you can use at least one of the three In-Voice Callback Services. Local Access What if you can’t dial or call internationally and you don’t have access to the Internet? No problem; that’s where Local Access comes in. When you have no access to the Internet or international calls or SMS, in locations where toll-free Local Access numbers are available, you can make In-Voice calls using the Local Access service, including through a pay phone. When there’s In-Voice, there’s a way!
  3. 3. In-Voice NetPhone Download and install NetPhone software on your computer for Internet calls from anywhere in the world. Its simple interface makes it easier to use, now and in the future. The advanced features,* such as SMS, fax, video conference and chat, virtually converts your computer into a second office. *Available soon. In-Voice Softphone In-Voice Softphone is a technologically advanced virtual phone application that turns your computer into a fully functional phone. Via the In-Voice Softphone software on your computer, you can make and receive calls from any landline or mobile number at Internet call rates. Plus, you can call anyone who also has an In-Voice Softphone number for free! Experience excellent voice quality, low international call rates, and more with your In-Voice Softphone. In-Voice Pro The In-Voice Pro is a programme that has been designed to marry with most Nokia Eseries mobile phones, iPhone, iTouch and BlackBerry Bold 9700 to make your calls as convenient as possible. The In-Voice Pro programme allows In-Voice services to be available immediately on your Nokia Eseries. No need to memorise telephone, account and PIN numbers. In-Voice Pro does the dialling for you, so just sit back and wait for the other party to answer your call. CLI-CK Card CLI-CK Card is a virtual calling-card-issuing feature that is available to In-Voice account holders with sufficient credits. With just a few clicks, In-Voice account holders can generate virtual CLI-CK Cards for sale. CLI-CK Card users can enjoy competitive call rates through Callback service and the In-Voice Softphone. Call Forward As Internet calls work through the Internet, the service does not work when users do not have Internet access. This limitation can be solved by the Call Forwarding feature, which forwards any incoming calls to an Internet call number to another number, such as a mobile phone number. Global Phone Number Frequent travellers can take advantage of their own In-Voice personal UK number and use it as a global phone number by forwarding incoming calls that are made to your UK number on to a local number. Competitive call rates with CLI-CK Card. Virtual phone applications with the In-Voice The In-Voice Pro programme is compatible with Softphone and In-Voice NetPhone. Nokia E52, iPhone, iTouch and BlackBerry Bold 9700.
  4. 4. Devices for Gadget Lovers Pirelli Netbook The compact and lightweight Pirelli Netbook — packed with Microsoft Windows 7 operating system, 160 GB hard disk and 1GB RAM — is the perfect medium for your multimedia The following devices are available either on their own or as part of In-Voice packages in your eStore. experience. Its WiFi capability and embedded HSPA offers you the ease and convenience of mobile broadband connectivity. In-Voice Powered Nokia E52 Specifications Get more done with the In-Voice Powered Nokia E52. • Intel® Atom™ Processor N270 series Nokia E52 boasts advanced calendar and contact functionalities, business email at your • Memory RAM SO-DIMM DDR2 1GB fingertips with integrated mail for or IBM® or Lotus Notes® Traveler, as well as support for • HDD 160G, 5400rpm viewing and editing of documents, workbooks and presentation received as email attachments. • Embedded Wireless LAN WiFi 802.11 b/g Through these features, Nokia E52 takes easy mobile office capabilities to a whole new • HSPA 3G 7.2MB modem level. Moreover, the In-Voice Pro programme is included to make your business and personal • Microsoft Windows 7 communication even easier.
  5. 5. Media Player BlackBerry Bold 9700 What better way to keep connected and stay up-to-date with your business This chic, compact and lightweight media player is the ideal portable entertainer. You can communications than through the new BlackBerry Bold 9700? watch videos in most media formats with high definition capabilities. What’s more, you can listen to music or radio, play games, read digital books, view pictures, store files, record Well-built and visually impressive, this sleek, sophisticated phone exudes elegance in its and playback audio files. The embedded media content, such as your business and product functionality. The full keyboard and its new, easy-to-use trackpad make navigation between training videos, makes this Media Player perfect for one-to-one training or presentations. emails, documents and other communications a breeze. The large high-resolution display, 3.2 megapixel camera, video recording function, and Internet capabilities all make this the perfect combination of tool-and-toy; not just for work, it’s also for play.
  6. 6. Landline or VoIP for all your calls with the Shark Phone. Shark Phone Use the Shark Phone as your digital cordless home phone or your VoIP phone. The Shark Phone combines the public network and Internet connections, allowing users or businesses to take advantage of the benefits of making Internet calls while maintaining their connection to the traditional telephone network for local calling. Connect your landline and your Internet cable to the Shark Phone. Then, the choice of how you call is up to you. You don’t even need a computer to make cheap or free VoIP calls. Pirelli RED Router Share one Internet connection and make In-Voice Internet calls without even having to turn on your computer through the Pirelli RED Router. Simply plug in your Internet source (a regular phone) and dial away. Furthermore, the USB port allows you to use the device as a printer or storage server for printer/network storage sharing. Versatility with the Pirelli RED Router. Nokia, Nokia Connecting People, Pop-Port, Eseries, E52, and all other associated or related marks are, or may be, trademarks or registered trademarks of Nokia Corporation and/or such other related or other entities. Pirelli and all other associated or related marks are, or may be, trademarks or registered trademarks of Pirelli & C. S.p.A and/or such other related or other entities. BlackBerry and all other related marks, images and symbols are, or may be, the exclusive properties and trademarks of Research In Motion Limited (RIM). iPhone, Apple, iTouch and all other associated or related marks are, or may be, trademarks or registered trademarks of Apple Inc. and/or such other related or other entities. Other products and/or company names mentioned herein may also similarly be trademarks or trade names of their respective owners. The marks and their use are thereby duly governed by the respective owners and any and all rights in connection with the same are entirely reserved. You are hereby advised and notified that you are under obligation to understand and know the same, and ensure compliance as required. We shall not accept any responsibility or liability arising out of, or in connection with, any breach or misuse of the same, which shall remain your sole obligation to ascertain and comply with.
  7. 7. Packages as Diverse as You and Your Needs Pirelli RED Router There are many different packages waiting for you in your eStore bundling your favourite In-Voice services and devices. They are continually being improved and enhanced, and the selection means that there is an In-Voice package to meet any and all of your communication requirements. With bundled services and devices within each package, you can choose the package that best suits you. Shark Phone iTouch iPhone Pirelli Netbook BlackBerry Bold 9700 Media Player Nokia E52 CLI-CK Card Notice: Products are subject to the availability and applicable laws of the country in which they are to be marketed and sent. Some products may not be available or suitable for sale or distribution in your country and QNet reserves the right at its discretion to change such products or make such alternative products available as necessary in replacement thereof. Disclaimers, terms and conditions apply as necessary and applicable.
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