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Native Mobile App or Cross OS App

This presentation explains the Cross OS Compatible (Hybrid) mobile apps, the technology behind the hybrid apps.

It also throws light on Native vs Hybrid app, one of the biggest question marketers have today.
Pros and Cons of both the platform.
Some success stories are alo highlighted.
It helps in decision making between the 2 choices from long term perspective considering the cost and performance.

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Native Mobile App or Cross OS App

  1. 1. Mobile App Native vs Cross OS (hybrid) App
  2. 2. What are Hybrid Mobile Apps?Hybrid Apps basically infer a breed of apps that is cross functional across various platformsviz, iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows, etc. Like every other new technology, HTML 5Hybrid Mobile Application Development faces some of the initial hiccups and skepticism.HTML 5 is the latest version of HTML and is being increasingly used to develop contentthat is richer, more intricate, and most importantly has the ability to run on almost anydevice. The downside, is that some web based apps can seem rather mellow, whencompared with native mobile apps specially designed to run on a particular OS. In somecases, apps have been developed with different functionality that take advantage of thedevices they are built to work with.
  3. 3. App Development – Native vs HTML 5Adobe released a survey with their results on “Users Preference for using a mobile browservs Native app for accessing select types of mobile contents”.Findings were –1. Most mobile users preferred to use mobile browsers accessing virtually all mobile contents, especially on e-commerce/online shopping, news, and product reviews categories.2. Games, music and social media were the only categories in which users preferred native apps. This leaves a great potential for Hybrid HTML 5 Based Application Development Source: www.emarketer.com/Article.aspx?R=1008010
  4. 4. Native vs Hybrid App – Pros & Cons Native Apps Hybrid AppsExpensive to develop Cheaper to develop One platform at a time All Platforms Simultaneously Quick & snappy Slower Full featured Limited feature setRefined performance Unrefined
  5. 5. Hybrid Apps - The Rising of the TitanHybrid Apps are a more versatile breed of mobile app that is catching the attention of start-ups and large corporate houses alike – blending the flexibility of HTML-5 based web appswith traditional mobile apps into a single platform. Consumers Love Downloading and Interacting through Mobile Apps Brands are excited to directly reach consumers through their apps Source: www.xconomy.com/new-york/2012/07/06/hybrid-vs-native-viggle-new-york-times-talk-mobile-app-strategy/
  6. 6. The Big ‘Q’Okay, so mobile Apps are in. But which kind of App should I develop for my brand? Hybrid Apps Native Web Based Apps Apps ?
  7. 7. Every brand wants to reach out to itsconsumer base But they are NOT excited about –• the investment in terms of costs and labor to develop native apps for each platform independently. Eg. Separate apps for iOS, Android, etc.• Business Owners are already under a lot of pressure to cut costs and maximize profits.
  8. 8. The SolutionDeveloping Hybrid Apps with the use of HTML 5 web based technology and a bit ofnative app technology.This will drastically reduce costs and time involved for developing separate version ofthe same app.
  9. 9. Marketers that already have an App for say iOS, can now develop the next version of theirapp on a Hybrid Platform. This will give Brands instant recognition and reach among an even larger consumer base, at a fraction of the cost The future indicates that companies are preferring to go with the new HTML 5 hybrid based solution
  10. 10. Following the Money TrailSome recent high profile acquisitions illustrate the strategic importance of the hybrid appapproach. Nothing shows commitment more than an open check book. Adobe recently bought Nitobi the creators of PhoneGap. Adobe is in the process of flipping away from Flash in the mobile browser. PhoneGap was an early-mover in hybrid apps, allowing web developers to combine their HTML5 code with native containers. Facebook’s recent talent acquisition of Strobe’s Charles Jolley, is another glaring example of the importance of this new approach. Now Charles and his team, will be put to work at Facebook to develop a Hybrid App strategy.
  11. 11. Success Story – Yes it’s PossibleAt the end of the day one should figure out whichapproach is going to work best for them.There are some excellent examples of HTML5 based apps in the market today, the big onesbeing – LinkedIn and Facebook. However, news has recently broke that FacebooksHTML5 strategy has not been working out for them and they soon plan to ditch it in favorof a pure Objective-C solution on iOS (Facebook Plans to Speed Up its iPhone App).Some people may see this as a sign that HTML5 is a flawed strategy for mobile, it doeshave a place in the ecosystem, you just have to be aware of its limitations. Source:: www.neilgoodman.net/2012/07/01/thoughts-on-html5-based-mobile-apps/
  12. 12. Remember – Apps are a Journey & Not a DestinationMost organizations think of App Development as aone off project with little or no follow up, after it’srelease.Even a disposable campaign specific app, need to be treated as digital property, which isnot just left to an external developing agency, but is actively monitored and managed by adedicated team of web developers.Only then can the true potential of a HTML 5 based web app be realized.
  13. 13. Final Decision… What to implement…At the end of the day organizations need to figure out which approach is going to work bestfor them, and what they expect to gain out of their digital marketing initiatives..Hybrid Web based Apps have a place in the ecosystem,one just needs to be aware of its limitations.
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