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BIOSTER Technology Research Institute

Artem Khlebnikovon on the BIOSTER Technology Research Institute (http://www.bioaster.org/)

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BIOSTER Technology Research Institute

  1. 1. EU Project Informatics Alignment Workshop Imperial College London April 24th-25th Nicolas Sapay & Artem Khlebnikov BIOASTER
  2. 2. What is BIOASTER • An independent technology research institute focused on infectious disease & microbiota – Multi-partner research projects – Multi-technology data production capabilities resulting in clinical, phenotypic, organ, cellular and molecular/omics data (single source or combination of multiple sources) – Development of data integration and analysis tools for infectious disease and microbiota research communities • Funded by “Investment for the Future” program & private contributions • Time frames : 9 years (2012 - 2020) • Founders Paris and Lyon-based innovative companies BIOASTER is supported by the French Government (up to €180M over 9 years) through its strategic “Investment for the Future” program and the local authorities (Grand Lyon, Région Rhône Alpes) for its facilities in Lyon. 3Public Research Institutions 2Co-founding leaders 3 Life science companies 40+ SMEs
  3. 3. Data types collected by BIOASTER Data Type1 Standards Platform Date availability Restricted access 2,3 tranSMART support Clinical Not defined (CDISC?) • Electronic case report form July 2015 Yes Yes Next Generation Sequencing Fastq, Fastqc • Illumina • Roche • Life Technologies Available Yes Yes NMR Not defined • Brucker Available Yes Not yet Mass spectrometry Not defined • Brucker • Thermo Scientific Available Yes Not yet Cytometry Not defined • Fluidigm • Miltenyi Available Yes Not yet Imaging Not defined Available Yes No ? 1 Molecular/omics data highlighted in blue 2 Possibility to release the restriction 3 Possibility to produce unrestricted access data
  4. 4. • Curation tools for miscellaneous data formats • Loading and visualization of the molecular/omics data from human or microorganisms ex. genomics, transcriptomics, cytometry and metabolomics • Loading and visualisation of multispecies data ex. metatranscriptomics in microbiota… • Integration or interfacing of tranSMART with in-house scripts ex. R, Matlab… • Support for legal and ethical issues in clinical data collection N.B. Restricted access as a function of the project partern’s data ownership . Specific needs for BIOASTER