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How to build a highly successful coaching practice on your own terms

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Pamela Slim presented at the San Francisco chapter of the International Coach Federation. Presentation includes new ways to think about your practice, Q&A with audiend

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How to build a highly successful coaching practice on your own terms

  1. 1. How to build a highly successful coachingpractice on your own terms Pamela Slim (@pamslim) escapefromcubiclenation.com #icfsf
  2. 2. Your Body of Work
  3. 3. What is at the ROOT of the work you do?@pams lim #ic fs f
  4. 4. What are youringredients? Which doyou want to SPICE use?
  5. 5. Solve complex problems – DavidBatstone’s commitment to end human traffickingwith Notforsale.orgBuild bridges – Kai Dupe and his work on thedigital divide for people of color at KaiDupe.comChange the world through powerfulstories – Nancy Duarte and her work withDuarte.comStrengthen the bond between parents andchildren – Marilyn Scott-Waters and herworld of free paper toys at thetoymaker.com
  6. 6. @diane_hunterBeyond Words.
  7. 7. Questions to Ask About YourBody of Work:• What impact do I want to have on the world?• Which ideas do I want to share?• What do I do well?• What do I want to learn about?• Whom do I want to help?• Which problems do I want to solve?
  8. 8. What are your Themes?@pams lim #ic fs f
  9. 9. Freedom Transformation Creation@pams lim #ic fs f
  10. 10. Whom do you want to serve?@pams lim #ic fs f
  11. 11. What do your people NEED?@pams lim #ic fs f
  12. 12. KnowledgeCommunity Inspiration Promotion@pams lim #ic fs f
  13. 13. What part of myBody of Work do I want to develop in next 2 years?
  14. 14. C onte nt S te w• C ooking u p a p ot of ju icy good ne s s to ke e p You r P e op le h e alth y and we ll-fe d
  15. 15. Your strengths.Your thing.Your people.Their problems.Your content.
  16. 16. It is perfectly OK have a“thing for now” as part of your broader Body of Work.
  17. 17. UNCLEAR?Get a gang member coach.
  18. 18. Personal branding is AMPLIFYING who you really are**Inspired by the rocking Colleen Wainwright (@communicatrix).
  19. 19. Choose the business model. and share the story.
  20. 20. Your Body of Work
  21. 21. Let’s stay connected!escapefromcubiclenation.com Resources from preso: Text 86677 Pamslim (space) your email Pamela Slim (@pamslim) Facebook.com/pamslim